UK Chanel Club - Manchester Branch in Selfridges

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  1. They have been really busy. I have an item reserved but they haven’t called for payment details yet and already said they won’t be able to post it out until this week. I know they will as soon as they get time.

    Try emailing them, I always use email at busy times -

    Good luck!
  2. Thank you!

    Just emailed them. I HOPE they have the mini in stockk
  3. Hi, I just received an email to say they will be calling shortly. Let me know what colour and hardware you want and i will ask if they have it and to put it aside for you.
  4. I was in last Thursday and they only had 2 minis the orangey terracotta red with silver and a light blue I think with brushed gold hardware. Both at £2330 ish or thereabouts. I think they were caviar. There were no blacks. I asked about minis generally and they said they will continue to get various colours as and when which sounds right given it's a seasonal rather than a staple classic so to speak. Hope that helps

  5. Thank you so much! :heart: but they actually emailed me back and told me that they dont have any minis in black with caviar :/
  6. Did they not put you on the waiting list?
  7. No, they kept telling me they are not taking and reservations for this bag because its a classic and in demand etc. I think its SO weird. I have read about so many ppl being on the waiting list and etc, but whenever i call and check, the staff at Chanel is always telling me its not possible :/ So gutted...
  8. Looking for a good (nice) SA in this store!
  9. Does anyone know who has been in recently what stock of jumbos they have in? Thanks x
  10. Hey long shot but has anyone seen any minis in the Manchester store recently? Desperate for one for Christmas! Thanks Xx
  11. There’s a couple on the Facebook groups, PM me if you need a link
  12. I was in the Manchester store on Saturday and they have loads of minis in stock. Only lambskin but every colour from this season (black, red, pink, baby blue, royal blue) and I saw both square and rectangular. They had more in the back as well. Hope that helps!
  13. Thank you so much!! I live in Leeds but will definitely be making the trip over at some point this week or weekend now you have confirmed that. Thanks really appreciate it ☺️ will let you know if I have some success! x
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  14. Proud new owner of a black Lambskin chevron mini with gold hardware!! So happy! Thank you BlueCherry and kn85 for your help :smile:
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  15. Congratulations, I’m so happy for you and well done for getting one so quickly :tup:

    Do enjoy and hope to see it soon, I love chevron in the minis :love: