UK Chanel Club - Manchester Branch in Selfridges

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  1. Not sure if it is too early to ask. Anyone got any info on when the winter will start in Manchester?
  2. Hello,

    I am going to Manchaster within next two weeks with a plan of buying 2.55 Jumbo Caviar SHDW.
    Could you tell me about the availability of this particular model from your own experience?

    Many thanks!
  3. Winter started with Pre Fall back in June. In a few weeks they start with Sping in the form of the Cruise collection.
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  4. Good luck! My advice is to call before you make the trip to check availability and if it is the day before they will be able to reserve the item for you if it is in stock. 0161 838 0699

  5. Thank you Chanelite... Time to visit the Manchester Boutique soon:smile:
  6. I have emailed Manchester chanel 2 days ago and no reply. Anyone have any contacts derails of a great sa to help me out please? Looking for old boy chevron with rhodium
  7. Can you send me the details please?
  8. Has anyone been in today for the Cruise launch?
  9. At busy times it can be many days before they reply to emails so it's best to phone. If you're enquiringly about a few items they may ask to call you back but they always do.
  10. Phone them. Quicker than emails. Maybe the person has left If it's a personal one? I got my Christmas card from the Manchester store with a selfridges email address. Do u have that?
  11. Chanel winter sale in Manchester starts 3 rd January in selfridges
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  12. Thanks! I heard the same last time I was there. Do you know if costume jewellery such as brooches are included?
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  13. What was the sale like? I totally missed it. Which shoes went in? Is it over now?
  14. Its not possible to send e-mail. Have they changed the mail-adress?
  15. Does anyone know whats available in the store right now? I have been callling a few times but no answer. And then I called selfridges, and they told me Chanel might have turned their line off because of "christmas rush".

    So if anyone knows/or have seen, mini bags in caviar leather (Classic flap) i would love to know! i really want to get my hands on one of the minis.