UK Chanel Club - Manchester Branch in Selfridges

  1. I know that you have a UK Chanel Club on here but I wondered if anyone was interested in starting a northern specific branch, seeing as there is now one in Manchester (I have seen a few comments on this forum from people living near me so perhaps there is some interest)?

    The problem is, is that I really want a wallet on a chain ... at the moment, it is out of stock and although I have left my number with the SA, I doubt I will get a call judging from number of mistakes she took when taking my number!!

    Plus, it is getting EMBARRASING the number of times I have been in recently.... he he....

    So I wondered if this could be used as a way of PFers posting either:

    1) What stock you have seen in the shop as a way of advertising when something new comes in


    2) Posting a specific item that a PFer is looking for and someone else can post when they see it in the manchester branch (such as the wallet on chain for me?) and price etc

    3) Recommendations on which SAs are more helpful etc?

    What do you think? Is there anyone else interested in starting this northern specific thread?:yes:
  2. is there a number for this branch? I am interested in checking stock too.

  3. I was quite excited about this concession opening but after them messing me about on a very simple matter and being, well, useless I think I'll stick to dealing with Bond St. They are lovely and very helpful there in my experience.
  4. Hi Loony
    That has been my impression of the SAs too! Glad I am not on my own. But I like being able to try on the handbags and see and touch things - I cant be faffed with having to get things sent to me and then return them if they dont look right.

    If you do happen to go in and see that they have a wallet on a chain - can you alert me?

    And lothlorien14 - just go to selfridges website and get the 0800 number and then ring exchange square selfridges and ask to be put through to chanel boutique. Thats what I do when I have rung them.... but as I said, the SA I spoke to made so many mistakes with just taking my telephone number down, I think the best thing would be for people who are visiting the branch to just report back on what they see or look out for stock that other people want......

    What are you looking for? I will probably be going this Sat and can take a look for you if you like?
  5. Oh and btw, Loony - are they your cats? They are gorgeous!! Is the black one an oriental? I have a bengal cat. But thats prob starting a different forum!! he he
  6. I actually feel the same way about the SA's too!! Before Chanel I used to be in LV quite often and I know that one of the SA's that used to work in LV has moved over to the Chanel store, but I don't think I spoke to him much, but heard from my own SA in LV that he is very specialised in his work hence Chanel wanted him to work there instead, he is called Matthew. I myself haven't really dealt with him.

    I think the 'older' women that work there are quite friendly, my husband dealt with her and she was pretty nice.

    But I did ask my LV SA about who in Chanel is more likely to be as helpful as he is!!! :graucho: As I think that he is definately the best! And he said few weeks ago that a girl named 'Ying' who used to work in Flannels is moving over to Chanel, and he did say she is the nicest girl ever, and will try her best to find me what I want. I did see this 'Ying' couple of weeks ago, not dealt with her yet as I didn't have anything I wanted in mind then!
  7. ooooh thanks for the tips brendating. I think I have spoken to Matthew (he was the only male SA as far as I could see) and he seemed nice. The girl I spoke to on the phone just seemed really ditsy! If you go into chanel before i do - can you let me know if they have the quilted wallet on a chain in stock? he he

    From now on, when ringing - I will ask for specific SAs - thanks!
  8. neenabengal, I'll keep an eye out for you, have you got a pic?

    And yup, those are my cats - a choc point Siamese and a brown Burmese. They are gits :lol: Benglas are stunning cats!

    I thought the Chanel SAs in Manchester were certainly friendly enough (when they do finally acknowledge you that is ;)) but they just didn't seem all that competent, unfortunately. Maybe they are just experiencing some teething issues while the concession is still new. Boyfriend was getting really annoyed with them last time we passed by so I had to promise him that we'd go to Hermes where the service is always very nice :lol:
  9. Hi Loony

    I LOVE your cats. They are gorgeous!! Here is my bengal, Neena - looking about as happy as yours to have her christmas outfit on... he he he - we are thinking about getting another bengal this year. Did you get your siamese and burmese at the same time - if not, how did they take to each other? Bit worried that my spoilt bengal may not take kindly to another kitty??

    I am a bit shy about pics of me - but will get around to posting one at some point. How often do you go into the chanel shop?

    I completely agree - the SAs take ages before they will acknowledge you. I dont know if this is a training thing (been told not to give hard sell to people, let them make their choices slowly etc) or whether it is a snobby (I dont think you can afford chanel) thing..... perhaps I will try that out and dress up on one occasion to see if I get quicker service....?

  10. Talking about bad service...I was in Florence recently and went into Prada looking for some boots; I was the only customer in there and the SAs outnumbered me 8 to 1 and yet STILL everyone ignored me. I do wonder how they ever sell anything...

    As for a northern Chanel club, I think that's a fabulous idea. My brother has just moved to Manchester so I predict many a trip to Chanel :smile:
  11. OMG, that's absolutely adorable :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: Where did you get that costume from? I'd love one! We got ours 6 weeks apart but they were still kittens so they settled in okay after a few days and have been pretty much inseperable since.

    I tend to go to Manchester every couple of weeks or so but I don't mind keeping an eye out for things if people are looking for certain things.
  12. Hi Loony

    Not sure where Neena's chrimbo outfit was from - it was a present from my boyfriends mum. We would love to get another kitten but not sure how Neena would take to it now (she's 3 and pretty spoilt!!)

    The photos of your cats make me smile everytime I see them! Are you going to take a different photo of them to put on purse forum?

    There seems to be a lot of people who have photos of their cats on this forum - perhaps a chanel and cats thread should be started! lol

    If you do happen to go to chanel within next few weeks - can you ask if they have a lambskin quilted wallet on a chain, in black, in stock. I think it is part of the timeless collection? (although not sure). Many thanks!

    And on another note, for any marni fans - there seems to be some fantastic marni bargains to be had at Selfridges manchester. My mum bought me a shift dress in technical type fabric today which I had been eyeing since it came out - marked down from £485 to £75!! Bargain. V happy girl!
  13. Hello this is the Manchester Chanel no 01618380699 is anyone still interested. Rang them this morning not impress with the SA she doesnt know what she was doing! but I wil def go for a visit soon!
  14. Damn I only just read your post now!! I did go to Manc Chanel before just to waitlist on those purple and blue reissues and the 2 SA's (one which was also another SA from LV previously named June) were taking my details down and they didn't seem to understand me when I said 'reissue?' Kinda hard to explain when they don't know what I want to waitlist for. But at least they did admit that they are new and not too knowledgeable with Chanel at the moment.

    Otherwise I would have asked about your wallet! They probably won't know what the heck I'm on about like!

  15. Brenda - your message made me laugh!! Perhaps we should gently nudge them to sign up to this forum - I am sure in the long run, they would get more sales if they showed more enthusiasm and knowledge about the bags they are selling!!!

    Hope you get the bag you are on the waitlist for!!