Show me your Karo!

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  1. bella-what a fabulous Karo and great pics!
  2. Such handy little things, those Karos...!
  3. Whoa!! You got it!!!! Congratulations!! It's a beauty!!! Enjoy!
  4. Kashmira, your "rainbow" is stunning--thanks for sharing. I love all those colors.

    I always feel I can be bold in the colors inside my purse, when I'm more conservative in the color of the purse itself.
  5. I:heart: the colour!
  6. kashmira, we are Karo cousins!

    Here's a picture of my one-year old Violet MM Karo with my one-day old Violet PM Picotin. (Note the difference in violet hue.) They are both Violet Chevre Mysore but yet with different skins, different hues show up.

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  7. Gorgeous Picotin mrss! Congrats!! What's the second colour, on the handle? RS?

  8. ^^ Yes, ms piggy. It's Rose Shocking.

    PS: Our SA still has 2 lovely bi-colour Picotins, if you are interested. Our manager hardly orders Picotins by the way, so they are few in numbers.
  9. Interesting! Looks like the new violet is shade deeper than the old(er) violet mysore. Reminds me of Lilach's comment about Amethyst croc being a shade darker than violet croc - could be why Hermes renamed Violet croc to Amethyst croc!!!!!!

  10. Oh wow! Gorgeous mrss I am so loving purple right now and the violet wow!
  11. mrss, you bought the nicest of the lot!! I was tempted by the white/rough vermillion one though... :sweatdrop:
  12. LOL! ms piggy, I didn't see what you saw! She must have brought out this one, just for you, to give you a total of 3 options!
  13. I guess she did, it's a PM in white clemence with rouge vermillion on the handle. Very very pretty and fresh! But rather impractical to maintain. Imagine the jean transfers :Push: The Ebene/Cyclamen was lovely too.
  14. So pretty, MrsS! I always love the way colors sparkle in chevre!
  15. Your Karo and Picotin are gorgeous mrss. I love the RS on the handles.
    I have an RS agenda and I got the little carmencita in Violet, because I loved the colours together.