Show me your Karo!

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  1. Your Karos are all stunning and I would love to own one but for the price I would rather put my dollars towards a bag..The rose shocking is drool worthy...
  2. Swift PM in vermillion

  3. Wow gorgeous!
  4. Ok I'm sold- I want one of these little guys!! Do they come in black often? That would make a perfect little casual clutch for me (plus I actually need a black clutch, while I DO NOT need another purse-stuff-bag).
  5. fashionphile has one! it's an ended listing, but i'm sure she'd be happy to relist it for you
  6. I just bought an orange chevre one. remind me to take a pic.
  7. whoops! i thought it was the PM you wanted.
  8. The PMs are cute, but I saw one at the boutique the other day and it looked like it would barely hold my Blackberry, let alone anything else! For makeup odds and ends PM would be great, but as a clutch I think it has to be GM. Although I'm in no rush either way, seeing as I so rarely go out (and I just inherited a fab vintage LV clutch...)!
  9. From my still anon. H Angel. :smile:

    I'm assuming this is the smaller model.

    p.s. this thread is "old" -- did you ever
    find a Karo that you liked, Kashmira?

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  10. The Houston boutique has a large Karo in black chevre. It's soooo gorgeous and would be a fab clutch
  11. By the scale of the objects around it, KB, I think yours is the large, GM.
  12. ^^We have the same one. Beautiful!
  13. Thanks for the tip, GGA!
  14. You're welcome!^