Show me your Karo!

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  1. I've got an orange one like Kallie Girl's.
    Ok, just read the entire thread...there are lots of us with the orange Karo...I've lost track. Is it quadupalets?
  2. Thanks for asking Kelly_Birkin:flowers:. I love all the different Karo clutches that have been shown in this thread but I decided that I wanted to have a violet Karo PM. It took a long time to find one, but now it is finally on its way to me and I hope to receive it next week:yahoo:.
  3. Kashmira - Am so glad you are finally getting your violet PM Karo. :yahoo::yahoo: Don't forget to post a reveal!!
  4. My violet Karo PM:love: arrived earlier this week and I am so happy for it- I just love it!!!!!

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  5. Kashmira-You finally got it! How beautiful!
  6. Kashmira, its gorgeous!! :heart:
    I am so pleased for you, I know how badly you wanted your Karo, and no other colour would do!!
    Cant wait to see your updated rainbow pics, that will look divine with all your other goodies.
  7. Kashmira !!! great I am very happy for you ;)
    congrats you finally got it!
  8. Thank you valencia, Nola and Raz:flowers:.

    Raz, pictures of my updated rainbow can be found here.
  9. You finally got it, hooray! She looks gorgeous, Kashmira- well worth the wait. Enjoy!
  10. Hey, there it is!! It's beautiful :heart::heart: It's going to be a beautiful addition to your rainbow! :girlsigh:
  11. Such a gorgeous colour!


  12. We're at least up to quintuplets at this point . . . I've got an orange one too.

    But, after seeing Kashmira's yummy violet one, I'd be more than happy to trade!
  13. Worth The Search!
  14. Yay! You finally got it!
  15. Here's my Karo (GM lagoon swift), which pales in comparison to Violet!! :heart::heart:
    I've just recently cleaned out and changed bags. Karo got a cleaning as well and is a little empty as a result. A good thing!


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