Louis Vuitton Maxi Multi Pochette Accessoires LOVE IT Club!

I purchased this new handbag M20920 in the CLAIR color and ended up going back for the FUSCHIA color. I love that my iPhone Pro Max 13 can fit in the front pocket with my Loopy phone case! I will post photos soon! I just wanted to see if anyone else LOVED this new bag like I do?!

For the love of Louis’ and for the love of pochettes! ❤️

World's most expensive car

The Rolls-Royce Sweptail with a glass roof was the world's most expensive car at $13M in 2017.



Then the Bugatti La Voiture Noire was the world's most expensive car at $19M in 2019.



And now Rolls-Royce Boat Tail is the world's most expensive car at $28M 2021.



The Second $28 Million Rolls-Royce Boat Tail Is Inspired By The Mother Of Pearl 2022:

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First Chanel Haul in Years!

Got this haul from my recent trip abroad! Haven’t shopped with Chanel in a while because of the price increases. I was torn between this trendy and the Chanel 19 in white. I got very lucky with stock where I went. I decided to get the trendy because the SA said those are much harder to come by. Wondering if this is true for not only the trendy but also the classic beige slingbacks? Anyways, miss sharing hauls here and posting on the Forum!



Exotic Capucines Mini

Hello, my SA offers me a Mini Capucines in Sahara White (sort of like Himalayan). What's the pros and cons?
Does it have a good resale value if I am thinking to sell it in the next 5 years or so? I have no doubt on Hermes, but I have doubt on LV & Dior.
I've never seen Exotic Capucines for sale in this pattern, so I really have no clue.
Dior also has one similar like this, so I am debating which one I should go for.
Your inputs are greatly appreciated! :flowers:

What the...Coach bags have faces now?!

Decided to check out to see if they have anything intersted coming up for all. And what do I see on the front page are bags with faces on them! Are 12 year old designing these bags? Really drove home why I was once a Coach super fan and left years ago. Coach cannot seem to find its identity and just tries winging it year after year.

Exotic Lady Dior

Hello, does any of you have the Mini Lady Dior in Himalayan? What's the pros and cons?
Does it have a good resale value if I am thinking to sell it in the next 5 years or so? I have no doubt on Hermes, but I have doubt on LV & Dior.
I've never seen it for sale in this pattern, so I really have no clue.
Your inputs are greatly appreciated! :flowers:

Scarves How do you "break in" your scarves

Hi All -

I have a small but growing collection of H scarves. I love wearing them but I don't get to do so that often. As such, my scarves are still quite stiff and don't really tie as easily or nicely as I'd like - particularly when I try to wear them in my hair.

I've read lots of threads about cleaning and care - but I'm specifically looking to see if y'all do anything to proactively soften your scarves. Is it just repeated wear that softens them? My oldest scarf is 5-6 years old but I've probably only worn it a handful of times. Ditto all my others. Even my Twilly's, which I wear most often and always in my hair, are still quite stiff and don't lay as nicely as they should/I've seen on others.

Needless to say, I've never cleaned any of my scarves. They don't have enough wear to have warranted it.

Any tips or tricks are appreciated!

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Bag pillow when storing classic flap?

Just purchased my first Chanel classic flap last a newbie to the brand and have been reading a ton about how to store the bag etc....

I just ordered a pillow off of etsy:

Should I be concerned about using this in my new classic flap? I was using a t-shirt before ordering this...after reading about different fillers I want to make sure this won't damage my bag in anyway!

Appreciate any advice/input!

Earring post turning color

I bought sweet onyx earrings at the boutique in December. I recently noticed the posts are changing color, almost looks like they are tarnishing. I brought them to the boutique and spoke to the manager. She said she would get back to me, though hasn’t yet.

I know it’s something with my ph or something that’s making them turn color. I have to assume they aren’t actually tarnishing. Does anyone have experience with this OR with VCA changing the post from yg to wg or platinum?

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rhinoplasty and non invasive face shaping in korea

hi everyone, i am sort of new to purse forums. I am planning on having rhinoplasty, a chin implant, and buccal fat removal or facial lipo. I originally wanted to do facial contouring but I wanna doing something less invasive. I am currently currently still researching on clinics to go to so if anyone has any recommendations on clinics to check out our clinics that you have had good experiences with please let me know. Also if there are any to avoid also please feel free to share.

clinics that are currently on my list:
NANA, DA, Atop, Girin, Miho, Apgujeong Seoul

Does my nose look fake? (Rate my rhinoplasty)

Hi everyone!!!
I got my first plastic surgery (rhinoplasty) about 3 months ago in korea. I wanted a tall, slim nose which I thought would help my face look more oval. I was really satisfied with my decision until now.......
I went on a date with a guy and he asked if I got my nose done on our first date :/// I asked him if my nose look that obvious, he basically said he just can't imagine somebody with my face having a nose like this naturally.....

I specifically asked from the surgeons, I want a nose that would suit me, now I'm distressed!! I asked from some of my friends the same question, even they said it looks good, it kinda looks a bit sharp for my face?! What do u guys think? Do you think my nose look unnatural or don't suit my face? I'm seriously considering a revision now, Or am I overthinking?????



Lou Camera bag help

Hi guys, i am thinking of getting this bag for everyday use and also for travelling. Initially i thought of getting the Mini Lou but i think the size is too small and the chain strap maybe a bit too dressy for everday use because my style is very simple and casual. So i think the Lou Camera is more suitable for me. I have a few concerns tho. Please help me if you have any experience with this bag.

  1. Is the strap too long for a 5'1 ?
  2. Please share your opinion and thought about this bag please. Any wear and tear? Do you recommend getting this bag?
  3. Do you have any issue with this part?. I saw on youtube some people have issue with this part; the strap small loop hole and the hardware that hold the strap. And if the bag gets too heavy will there be any issue with this part?

Thank you so much

Apple Leather Handbags

My friend introduced me to a brand called Tocco Toscano that makes luxury leather handbags, and they just introduced a line made out of apple leather. What does TPFers think?

I'm interested in their Mia Crescent bags but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be part of this apple leather line.

Double Unboxing - First Gucci

Dipping my proverbial toe in the Gucci pond! My first Gucci items, courtesy of my amazing hubby that took me shopping to the outlet mall that I haven't been to in 3+ years (just really too far and out of the way for us and it's so hectic there, so I avoid it like the plague!).

Totally in love with the GG Marmont matelassé mini bag in Banana :loveeyes: I had to clean up the hardware significantly with Brasso, but it was worth it (saved about 40% off retail). Thanks for letting me share!

20220814_174944.jpg 20220814_175044.jpg 20220814_175324.jpg 20220814_175339.jpg 20220814_175619.jpg 20220814_180837.jpg
20220814_180847.jpg 20220814_180926.jpg 20220814_181253.jpg 20220814_181047.jpg 20220814_190311.jpg 20220814_190437.jpg

Final LV bag…which one?

I’m thinking of buying one more Louis Vuitton bag, hopefully before the next price increase. I have been thinking of the Speedy B25 in DE, PM in Emp noir, the Oden PM in Mono Black, the Bagatelle in black or the Boulogne. My current bags are a DE Speedy B30, a mono PM, DE Neverfull Mm, DA Totally MM, DA PA and a Twice in Noir Emp. So basically looking for an everyday, functional bag that I can carry in unpredictable weather. I do love a top handle bag especially with an outside pocket and A crossbody strap. The Speedy has been on my mind ever since I bought the 30! Please, thoughts? I’m having a difficult time deciding. I don’t live anywhere near a boutique unfortunately Thanks for any input!
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Need advice. I lost my pave ring, help!

Hi Guys, I just purchased a Cartier pave love ring last month. It was stunning. I made a post recently and was so happy to have it.
I bought it on my wedding anniversary and was planning to wear it as a wedding ring .

Well I lost it. YUP. I am so mad at myself, it was not insured . :sad:
I wore it before I could insure it and I lost it. I don't know it I left it in a restroom somewhere or it was accidently thrown away. My husband and I turned the house inside out looking for it. I have the rest of the jewelry I wore and I honestly have no clue what happened to it. I do not remember taking it off at all. Very odd.

Should I repurchase it? With tax it was 8k. I had been saving to add the pave JUC ring and some other jewelry and if I rebuy it would cut into that. My sa says I can return it if we find the original.
I have been upset since I lost it.
I just inspired a friend to buy the same ring. She bought it and it looks great on her. In can't even look at her insta lol. I want my ring back!!
I hate that I would be spending 2 times for the one ring. My husband says to do what I want. The extra money is stupid tax for being not responsible.

I don't have unlimited funds and what I have is it for jewelry for the next few years. Ugh. I have no many things on my Wishlist and if I buy this, then one has to go.

Has this ever happened to anyone else? I know I should have insured it before wearing. I have beat myself up for 2 weeks now.

Question about size for small LOVE bangle.

I currently have the regular YG LOVE bangle in a size 20. I thought it would fit ok since I had gained some weight in the last few years. But when I got it, it was really too big, but I kept it anyway.

I’m thinking of getting the small RG bangle to stack with it, but concerned about the size. Should I get the same size so it’ll sit flush with my regular bangle, or get a smaller size?

I bought the small YG JUC in a size 18, and even though it fits really well, my LOVE bangle tends to go over it a lot. But not too bad.

What do you guys think?