Alhambra Pendant: Sweet vs. Vintage

Thanks to everyone who kindly commented on my previous thread! I ordered a sweet hammered gold pendant a few days ago but then had a fear that the vintage might be a better option. I then ordered the vintage in gray MOP to provide a real contrast to determine which looks best, and it arrived today. I’m definitely leaning one way but am curious what everyone else thinks, especially because I’m so new to VCA. Thoughts? (Please note that I’ll be lengthening the winner since I wear a lot of round neck tops.) Thanks as always for your input!



New Chanel Sunglass Case

I ordered a new pair of sunglasses last week. I wanted a pair of totally black glasses. They're very nice and i really like them but.....the case is soft fabric. I think that's rather odd. It's well made but soft and I don't think it will protect the glasses. Am I being too whiney about this?? I want a hard leather lovely Chanel eyeglass case. Have any of you received this type of case? What do you think?




What order should I do my surgeries if I plan on going to 2 different clinics?

So I want to do a jaw reduction/v-line (and maybe a zygoma not too sure yet although prob not) at one clinic and eye + nose at another clinic. What order should I do the procedures in? How much time should I allow myself to rest before doing the surgeries at the other clinic. And how long would you recommend I stay in south korea?

The reason I am not doing all surgeries at one clinic is because of what each clinic specializes in.

How to make my eyes larger without touching my monolids?

Hey, Asian guy here interested in enlargening my monolid eyes without any kind of double-eyelid surgery (including most 'monolid revisions' marketed towards guys) because I really like my current eyelid shape!

That being said, I feel like they could be slightly bigger. Kinda a rare operation so there's not a lot of information on this.

I was wondering if epicanthoplasties + lateral canthoplasties might achieve what I'm looking for? But I've also heard a lot of Western ps surgeons advise *against* lateral canthoplasties in particular. Does anyone here know anything more about this?

Review of my translator Ryan!

I did non-incisional double eyelid surgery in Korea and asked for Ryan to help translate during the consultations

I had a lot of trouble trying to book consultations because I didn't speak Korean, and they didn't really reply to me when i did whatsapp or kakaotalk in English. so ryan called the clinics for me, made the appointments, and booked them all on the same day so that its more efficient. when he booked the appointments, he took into account how long the consultation will likely take, the amount of travel time(taxi one time, and subway for the rest) from clinic to clinic and how early we should arrive to the clinic so i could fill the forms. Traveling overseas for a vacation, planning all the itinerary is sooo stressful, its a lot of work, so Ryan doing all that for the surgery was really helpful. I could turn my brain off for a bit, have nice glances at the scenery, and just follow him around LOL. if u guys been to Korea as a foreigner, u will KNOW how stressful it is trying to navigate through the subway and using navermaps/kakaomaps for the first time

during the consultation, he helped bargain the price to a lower one. for me, I didn't really mind the price of surgery or services as long as I had a good experience/surgery/outcome. for example, one clinic quoted me a price, however the doctor would be going for vacation after my surgery so another doctor would have to take over for stitches removal. Ryan brought this point up for me and made it muchhh cheaper. (i ended up not going to this clinic but i really appreciated the help since I knew that meant he would be advocating for me in other appointments)

as this was my first time going to Korea and getting any form of cosmetic surgery, i really didn't know what to expect. I did research a lot, but most of the English research involved biggg clinics like banobagi that I wasn't really interested in. he gave me an overview of what he expects from clinics and briefly his experiences he's had with clinics he's encountered. his clients mostly consist of foreigners seeking cosmetic surgery so he is familiar with the double standard that can come. he's soo nice, and although work is work, he is also a friend. he does his best to advocate for us, and even tries to research some good places to go to for eating or activities.
when i went to the first appointment, I had a bad experience, the doctor and staff seemed quite rushed, they didnt really talk about what I wanted, and the quote was very expensive. ryan was very frustrated for me as that's not how appointments should be. he reassured me that there will be other good clinics to go to (which there was! i got my surgery elsewhere!)

Ryan handles all the phone calls for me and quickly informs me of the situation. prior to arriving to Korea, he did his best to fit in a consultation from one of the clinics i was interested in!
in a different clinic, the initial consultation was good, however we informed them that we have other consultations to attend to. throughout the day, the clinic called ryan 5+ times! and even texted him, asking if will be having the surgery with them and that the available slot is very high demand and to let them know ASAP. almost each time, they emphasised giving us a discount if we come in. I was like ooooo discount oooooooo, but ryan wasn't impressed. his reasoning is, why do they keep offering discounts when they could have given that price in the first place? something isn't right. and i agreed, it is quite fishy. so he handled all the phone calls with them, spoke to them nicely but firmly. for me, i get quite timid with phone calls and confrontation, so if i was the one who answered them, i would have probably took the bait and got a botched surgery LOL

I ended up going with mindspring (its located in the outskirts of seoul) for partial incision(mostly non-incision) double eyelid with ptosis correction. i have very thick and heavy eyelids, so I've always believed i needed a full incisional method to remove excess skin and fat, however the consultant said that my eyes are predominantly thick skin and not as much fat as i think. and recommended the non incisional method. this surprised me bc i didnt even think that was possible for me. what really convinced me was that they showed before and after pictures that looked just like my eyes!, even ryan thought that the 'before' looked like my eyes and the 'afters' look like what i want. during this consultation,i didnt see a doctor, ryan kept asking them where is the doctor and the consultant said that they've been working with the doctor for 10 years, i know what he's like, trust me, ill handle everything. it sounds very sketch at first, but idk why, i didnt feel scared. after the consultation, we felt a bit stunned. the consultant was not just a regular consultant, they are higher than a consultant, maybe a secretary ?? idk. we left he clinic feeling stunned but intruiged. we discussed and he shared that he had a similar experience with another local clinic (only saw the consultant, didnt see the doctor, but the consultant is knowledgable++ and higher in position)

throughout the day, he reassured me, and emphasised to follow my heart, which i really appreciated

even though there's probably in-house translator and staff that can speak basic English, you don't know if they are on your side. having a third party translator that can back you up and emphasise what you want and what you don't want is important I think. lots of things can get lost in translation and communication. this is a surgery, so I didn't want to be cheap and skip out on having a Korean translator there

his kkt is ryankim13 !
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RTW Dior SS2023

Hello, I don’t have any Dior RTW but I am obsessed with this new map print! I have two book totes so I think I am going to get the mitzahs in white to satisfy getting something with this print.

How do these pieces hold up? I don’t like to baby my clothes too much as I actually want to wear and enjoy them.

This all white map motif outfit is to die for! FC84697A-2C7B-4BB7-8EF2-AC56A0C0E7C5.png


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Pochette accessories vs metis?

Which casual cross body?

  • Pochette Metis

    Votes: 19 86.4%
  • Multi Pochette accessoires

    Votes: 3 13.6%
  • Prada re-edition

    Votes: 0 0.0%

I’ve been looking to add a cross body for everyday to my collection, but struggling with my options! I want something functional and versatile. Not too bulky (found the metis to sit a little low and bulky on my hip but still love it every time I see it out in public).

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Buy or Not

Buy or not

  • It’s a beautiful bag! Buy it

    Votes: 3 23.1%
  • It’s a beautiful bag but too trendy

    Votes: 7 53.8%
  • It’s a beautiful bag but not suitable for women in her 50s and 60s

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • It’s an ugly bag! Don’t buy it.

    Votes: 3 23.1%

This is a Delavaux Brilliant. My bags are mostly serious and classic pieces and this bag caught my eye because it looks fun.

My concern is if it is trendy or not. It is pricey so I don’t want to resell because I lose a lot of money the last I did. I buy bags with the intention to keep forever.

I am almost 50 so does it look too young for me? Can I still carry it in my 60s? TIA!


Help me choose a tote - Tod's vs Serapian

Hi! I'm looking for a convenient underarm tote for all seasons. I'm hesisating between:


Both are very similar but would love your input!

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Do you use a card holder in your WOCs or the built-ins?

How do you store your cards and cash in your WOC?

  • I use the WOC card slots. Duh lol!

    Votes: 28 68.3%
  • I'm a card holder gal/guy. I use separate card holder!

    Votes: 15 36.6%
  • I'm a magician and squeeze in a wallet!

    Votes: 1 2.4%

For fun I'm curious how many people use the built in slots and how many use a separate card holder or wallet with their WOCs.

I find myself using my card holder which I guess is illogical considering it's literally called a wallet on chain LOL!

Vintage Chanel Restoration/Spa

Does anyone have a good place for a vintage classic flap restore? I think I may need just some cleanup and a repaint, but am also looking to have my other classic flaps spa'd for just small dings.

Everyone seems to love Leather Surgeons, and I have honestly had the worst experience ever provided to me from them. Any recommendations on somewhere I could send my bags?

Got necklace lengthened & getting it sent back to me has been a circus

Took a love necklace to NYC flagship store while traveling there for work (thinking this would be the most efficient way to get my necklace lengthened) and it's been done for well over a week and every time I call customer service - no one can determine if it's been mailed. I've had multiple people call me, say it's shipped, say an emial confirm with tracking will be sent - only to have none of that happen and customer service tell me (today) nothing's been shipped. I get they're busy and my item isn't worth $10,000, but wouldn't you think this process would be less of a cluster F given how expensive this stuff is? I never had this issue with Van Cleef.

End rant...
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Mini Bags + iPhone dilemma (not fitting) IDEA!

I was wondering about an idea I had for those of us that use the extremely small mini/nano size bags that don’t hold a phone. If you have a cellular based Apple Watch, and you don’t want to wear it on your wrist (I wear rolex) - is there any type of case that you could put your Apple Watch in? Like without the strap to avoid bulkyness. like a little slim holder of some kind that makes the Apple Watch face easier to hold in your hand when you take it out to look at? Like a micro sized iPhone? please tell me something like this exists? Is this a dumb idea? Is this something everyone already does? Lolol! Help! 5CB0C61D-BAD2-467F-A4D3-D9297BA581EE.jpeg

Work Outfit for New Job?

I recently landed a fancy new job in the finance sector (which is new to me) and I’m struggling to figure out what to wear for the first day. I’ve worked primarily in the non-profit sector, prior to this role, so I’m stressing a little bit. I want to come across as polished and put together, keeping in mind the fact that regionally, people tend to dress fairly casually where I live.

I would appreciate any feedback on these two outfits!

Outfit No. 1

Outfit No. 2

Multiple client profiles?

Just dropped my watch off for service - and sales associate said that I have multiple profiles (my maiden name and my married name) and that there isn't a way to link/combine them. Wondering if anyone else has had this issue? Seems a little silly to me - same phone number, same email address, etc. (All items have purchased at the same boutique - NYC flagship.) I have a very "basic" collection, so it probably doesn't really matter, but still...