Need advice about Bellechasse vs St Louis

Hi all, I got the grey Bellechasse a few days ago in London. I waited in line for 1.5 hrs to get a St Louis but when I tried them on, and the Artois, it just didn’t feel right to me. I didn’t like the sizing of the Artois or the canvas of the SL (felt sticky to me). The SA also told me he never recommends the SL to customers who plan on using it more than once a year because he always sees customers returning unhappy after just 3 months. I saw the Bellechasse and it seemed like the best option at the time.

Fast forward a day and I’m second guessing myself. The B, while terrific quality, is a bit more polished and ladylike or businesslike than I was looking for. I wanted a light casual tote. Of course I still want a very durable bag though. Secondly, I realized that my stickiness issue with the SL could’ve just been due to the display item being heavily handled. And I can’t stop thinking of the SL! I went back next day, waited in line again for 1.5 hrs, only to then learn about their no refund policy (only exchange)!! The SA was also shocked I’d want to return the B as she said it’s hard to find and the SL is everywhere. I was too frazzled to think about my options so I left without trying to exchange it.

What should I do? Keep it and wear it in good health? Or return again, wait in line again, and exchange it for a SL + wallet (I don’t really need)? It’s about a 500 pound difference between the 2 purses so I’d have to throw in something to make up the difference. I only have 2 days left in London.


Chanel Price Increase

Does anyone know the amount of the increase in US? Would they be bold enough to do another ~$1000 increase??? Why am I even asking that? Of course, they would be. I was chatting with my SA the other day and she didn't even bring up the topic of PI.
Same! I asked my SA about it, she completely ignored me and its not usually her! So I got the point, they probably didnt want to talk about it? I dont know.

Authenticate This COACH - **see first post for format**

One more if I may, sorry to take up so much of your time :sad:, but I'm truly grateful for the service you ladies provide.
Item: Coach Vintage Sonoma Flap Pebble Grain Leather Small Crossbody Bag Red 4919
Seller and site where listed: wearforless_7 on ebay
Comments: This seller seems to have a mixed reputation on tPF. Also don't quite know what to make of the stains.
Another opinion: I think the stains aren't just on top of the leather - they have damaged the texture, like a burn or a chemical burn.

Post prices of Korean clinics here!

I got surgery four days ago and still have swelling. But it doesn't hurt and itchy. I agree with you that there are not much reviews about him, but he is very professional abundant in experience. I don't know about rhinoplasty at Miho, but they are famous for rhinoplasty as I know.
Hmm i’m considering between Dr Yoon Sukho or Dr Sohn Wonil for rhino..I just haven’t seen that many reviews on them on here. May I know why you say they’re famous for rhinoplasty?

Scarves Scarf of the Day 2022 - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

I am sharing a grail that required patience, but in the end, my research and the scarf coincided very nicely! In 2020-21, I was collecting three artists, among them Aline Honore, whose work I already loved. When I saw Sieste au Paradis on this thread I was totally smitten and knew I had to find one. I saw many beautiful colorways but the pictures were often hard to trust and the prices were far far above my own "Grail Ceiling" (don't ask-- this can be a somewhat mutable #). One day as I was going through Instagram accounts I saw this particular cw and I could not get it out of my head. Sadly it rarely appeared. I kept checking and lo and behold one morning it was there! I hesitated not at all. Then I wanted more Sieste! I adore @Maedi's beautiful pink and the beautiful neutral beauty that @Agrume has posted as well as @Croisette7's cws but...Last April on TRR, the gorgeous pink, blue, lavender 140 appeared! So I added a big sister to my beloved 90...If there is anything this grail hunt taught me it is that obsessive research and single minded searches can pay off. I learned so much looking at everyone's mod shots!
View attachment 5590299
View attachment 5590300
it is so gorgeous with the beige shells. And thank you for your kind words.

Your new Coach: a mini-reveal thread!

I had been looking forward to getting a new bag to commemorate surviving a rough few months for me. Maybe a custom Rogue or something not Coach, if I couldn't get what I wanted made. But then these faces showed up and I knew my special bag would have to be one of these! After a shipping delay and a long ride through town, my new friend showed up and I couldn't be happier!

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New Boheme bag

i've purchased 2 goyard bags that weren't available in store before and both required a full deposit and came within the timeframe that was told to me, meanwhile i've been put on plenty of "list" at chanel and never heard back, so i like the goyard approach for bags that i actually want to purchase.
That’s what I am worried about!! I’ve seen in the forum that Goyard has been taking full payments for the boheme, while mine isn’t taking any :sad:

Ode to the Lindy

Hello ladies and gentleman,
A month ago I bought my first lindy in mini size and I like it so much!
The style is growing in me and I decided that I need one more in bigger size. I’m 172 cm but skinny completion so I think what size should I request. E.g. I own B35 that I use as a business and travel bag to carry my laptop but at the same time sometimes I feel that it looks too bulky for me. When I travel I also feel that B35 is not the most comfortable bag ever because it’s too heavy and you can not carry it other way as only top handle. So I want to have a second travel/business bag that I can carry on a shoulder but that will fit my essentials which are rather ipad or laptop for that meetings/ travel occasions.
My questions are: 1) is lindy 30 will fit my laptop 22*30 cm (MacBook Pro 13 inch
2) is lindy 26 will fit my iPad 25*18 (iPad pro 11 inch) (from lindy 26 measurements that I found in internet it will be just fine but I want to have a practical experience)
3) is lindy 30 is heavier in clemense rather than in swift
Will appreciate your answers!

1) Your MacBook will not fit. I have a lindy 34 and my MacBook Pro 13 inch doesn’t fit at all. Even putting it inside sideways is a challenge. It also can’t close and May possible damage the leather if you carry it open because it will alter the natural form of the bag. Here’s a photo: 043496A8-2AEC-4003-B3EE-A426C2DA3981.jpeg
2) Sorry I wouldn’t know because I don’t use a lindy 26, it looks cute as a day bag though!

3) clemence will be heavier than a swift for sure!

Hope I was able to help and good luck!
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Earring post turning color

Hmm this is interesting, I've never seen any of my branded jewelry be labeled and stamped as anything other than 18k (if it's gold) and to me 18k feels sturdy enough as an earring post but not recommended to sleep in as it can bend or warp. Perhaps other VCA veterans can chime in.
I only know the connectors for non-luxury gold jewellery is usually not made of 18k gold. I am not sure if it is the same for any luxury earrings as I do not own any of them.

rhinoplasty and non invasive face shaping in korea

Although I had ptosis correction at Miho, the price was reasonable and all the staff are very kind, Dr. Yoon Jeongwon is very professional and good too. When I contact Miho through whatsapp after surgery, Stella answered so fast and very kindly. I don't know about rhinoplasty at Miho very well, but they don't push surgery or paying deposit. They are honest I think.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle thread

Same here. I think the porn pics are doctored.

Was she ever a yacht girl? I am undecided. I think if she was offered a yacht trip to be company for rich guys, she would not refuse because she is a social climber and would see it as an opportunity to network. I think she would do that on dry land too, hence the photos of her sitting on that old man's lap. And I believe she was pretty decor for Soho House to keep around. But I don't see any of this as her primary occupation. She made enough to live on, and when she didn't, she had people she could sponge off. She was never in desperate straits.
I have a hard time believing the yacht girl stuff too. She’s a social climber with a very inflated opinion of herself. She found being a suitcase girl humiliating and didn’t go to those parties with the other suitcase girls. I don’t think she would stoop to being a glorified call girl. But that’s just my feeling, who knows.

Anesthesiologist Question!

Hi everyone,

I’ve been unable to find this info elsewhere, I’m wondering if you can weigh in on how it works in Korea.

Why is it bad if a clinic doesn’t have their own permanent anesthesiologist? I’m assuming they’re not allowed to just not have one for procedures requiring things like sleep sedation, so I think I heard smaller clinics have them come in on a per surgery basis? I’ve heard people saying they’d never ever go to a place without it’s own anesthesiologist, but it also seems like smaller specialist clinics with only one doctor would be better for specific procedures, but don’t have enough surgeries daily to have a full-time anesthesiologist?? So why is it a bad thing?

I’m mainly looking at liposuction clinics and it seems many also aren’t classified as actual Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. But someone in this forum said that was a formality to do with paying fees? So I’m not sure how to tell what is a red flag regarding anesthesiologists either.

Basically, I am hoping to tell which small clinics are unsafe (even if they have piles of positive reviews) based on their anesthesia procedures. I would really welcome and personal experience or tidbits of info you’ve come across!
So I heard that hospitals don't employ full-time anesthesiologist to save the cost.
The problem here is, most of the fatal accident at plastic surgery clinic is anesthesia accident.
If there's anesthesiologist at emergency, it is possible to solve the problem, but when there's no anesthesiologist, fatal accident happens because of the slow process.
There's good things about small clinics, but residing of anesthesiologist is very important for the safe surgery. and I searched about liposuction as I was interested in it, and some of the doctors who do liposuction were no board-certified surgeons.
There's advantages and drawbacks in small clinics but I think safe anesthesia process and surgery is very important. This time, I searched for hospitals for double eyelid surgery by checking whether there's full-time anesthesiologist or not.
I think it is very important part for the safe surgery.

Pics of your Louis Vuitton in action

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Mini Miss Marple has left the house and came to work with me. She’s doing a good job brightening up my Monday- I feel like I have a lovely bouquet of flowers next to me. :flowers: Hope everyone has a great week!
Your Miss Marple bag looks so beautiful sitting on that shelf! I imagine avery welcomed distraction :smile:
Miss Marple was one of my favourite heroes too. I love the films with Margarete Rutherford :smile:

How to go from 50+ to looking 20+ with plastic surgery rejuvenation.

Here is a skull at 35 vs 80 years of age. Really scary to think this much facial bone loss occurs as we age, especially in the mandible. With extreme bone contouring in Korea, what will the surgically thinned mandible look like when much older? Will the lower face simply collapse? Will one need a jaw implant but which surgeon would do that for a 70 year old? Is having a small face with bone cutting in one's 20s putting one at risk of facial collapse in one's 70s or earlier? Is having a mouth full of crowns over shaved down tooth pegs putting one at risk of becoming edentulous and hastening mandible bone loss? Icon Jaclyn Smith is 75 years old. Life is certainly not over in one's 70s. One needs strong facial bones as a scaffold for the facial structures and soft tissues. Sigh. Maybe I should not have shaved my chin with surgery as my jawbone needs all the bone it can get as I head into my 60s in 3.5 years time.