Instant reveal - Speedy Soft 30 :)

Does anybody know when this bag was launched? I was actually looking for the all leather speedy that is suppose to launch in January and I came across this one. I purchased immediately in Noir and it is perfect~. I have had several speedy's that I have bought and sold over the years, but this one is really nice. I appreciate the suede interior and the empreinte leather is so amazing. It is a perfect daily bag.
It was launched June 28th and was sold out in my country the same day. I flew to another country to get mine. I wanted an all black leather speedy 30 with gold hardware for a long time :smile:

Help me decide Loewe Bracelet or Celine Folco

I have a black Celine Folco that is my perfect bag. Looking for another small crossbody in camel and decided I wanted the same in brown. DH thinks it’s a waste to get the same exact bag.

Fell for the Loewe bracelet in warm sand and it’s so cool and casual. It hugs my body and is so modern. However its delicate and im worried the pleats will fall out. I have some Loewe accessories so it is more cohesive with what I have but the saddle bag is so classic and the Celine in particular is durable. I prefer the lighter color of the Loewe. What should I go with?

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I prefer the black color! But you should get what you think goes well with your wardrobe 😉

Breast Augmentation in Singapore - My Journey

When I was researching and planning for my surgery, this forum helped me a lot to prepare and know what to expect. I'd like to thank everyone.

I had my surgery on July 25, 2024 (22 days ago), at Wansiri Hospital with Dr. Kasemsak. I started reaching out to the clinic about a month before, and my liaison, Bombam, who is very fluent in English, made everything go smoothly during the preparation and planning. I must say they have the best customer service. She ensured I booked the nearest hotel and even offered to drop me off at the hotel after the surgery.

Before the online consultation, I was asked to send some photos and measurements. I had only one online consultation with Dr. Kasemsak, and he explained everything in detail, even before I asked him questions. I had uneven breasts due to scoliosis, a history of fibroadenoma (removed), and mammary gland hyperplasia. My goal was naturally enhanced-looking breasts that'd fit my inverted triangle figure. During the online consultation, Dr. Kasemsak said a C cup would suit me well (my natural breasts were small B on the right and full B on the left), so nothing more than 300cc, but he'd have to measure in person to know the exact size.

I arrived in Bangkok 2 days before the surgery and had my eyelid and chin procedures done with another doctor at the hospital a day before. I love how the hospital has a lot of doctors with their own specialties. I even visited a dermatologist while I was there.

I met Dr. Kasemsak 1 day before the surgery for a consultation. He measured and drew on my body. I'm so glad he spoke excellent English. He said my breast sizes differed significantly, so they'd require comparably different ccs. I was opting for Motiva Joy, and with my BWD of 13cm, I could fit up to 450cc of demi implants. However, he explained that the bigger the implants, the more apart the nipple heights would be from one another.

The doctor and staff then used Crisalix to simulate how it would look on my body. I'm so impressed with the technology nowadays! The 295cc (right) and 195cc (left) looked good on the simulator, but they prepared several sizes for the surgery.

On the day of the surgery, I was admitted to the hospital at 10 AM, and the surgery was planned for the afternoon. The room was so comfortable that I didn't mind staying longer at the hospital lol.

Right before the surgery, Dr. Kasemsak came to see me for the final consultation. He said it'd be either 195cc or 215cc for the left breast and that he'd decide during the surgery. I ended up getting 295cc (right) and 215cc (left). During the post-op visit, he explained that the nipple heights looked more even with the 215cc.

I stayed at the hospital for one night and had no complaints about the facilities and services. I even got a free hair wash and a deswelling IV drip. I was given a supportive bra before discharge and was told to wear it for at least 3 weeks, though it would be better to wear it for a full three months. I could take it off for a few hours if I had any events or parties to attend. As long as I wore the supportive bra, I could sleep on my side (which I haven't done yet because it's not that comfortable).

I could shower normally because they put waterproof plaster on the wound. I received painkillers, antibiotics, and deswelling drugs to take at home and was instructed to come back for a follow-up 6 days after the surgery.

I must say the pain and discomfort were way milder than I had expected. I could go shopping for a few hours every day. It was uncomfortable since my chest felt tight, I had shortness of breath if I walked upstairs, and there were palpitations if I rushed, but I only needed a little time to sit and rest to feel better. I love that there were no restrictions on the range of motion for my arms. I tried on many outfits (though I ended up not buying most of them because the swelling and bloating were real!).

I returned to the doctor for a follow-up 6 days post-op before flying back the day after. He said they look very good at the moment and I should see the final results in a few months. The wound looked great, and I could start using silicone gel sheets 7 days later. They used the glue method for the wound. I can always contact them if I have any questions and can just come back for a follow-up anytime I happen to be in Bangkok.

I paid 249,000 baht for everything. There were no additional charges for all those conveniences, including the extra painkillers and muscle relaxants I requested during the follow-up appointment.

They're still not perfectly even but not as swollen anymore. I hope they’ll look much better after the drop and fluff.

I posted a more detailed review and update on my private Instagram, feel free to check it out. My account ID is my username + "en".


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VCA ~ Van Cleef Arpels Discussion thread!

Hi experts, I bought a carnelian 5 motif bracelet recently and all the motifs have air gaps when looking under direct light. I sent it back and got a new one and the same thing happened though I feel like the gaps are smaller this time. I am keeping it since the air gaps are unnoticeable when wearing. I also owned a vintage size MOP necklace for many years now but the motif doesn’t have any gap at all. So I wonder if air gaps are more common for carnelian or this is just VCA quality nowsaday. Thanks

Influencers and Hermes

Jessie posted this a few days before she got her B25. I appreciate (and agree with) her perspective on the H journey being an intentionally slow experience, luxury being a treat for ourselves, how other brands encourage you to purchase every season while H focuses on you taking the time to enjoy what you have, and how constant unboxings evoke a "fast fashion" mentality.

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2024!

So I got some shoes today one is a Franco sarto flat. I'm a 8.5 w and I ordered both 8.5 and 9 w. I was so excited for them out it's rare to have wide shoes let alone wide shoes I like. I first tried the 8.5 way too small the 9 fit better still tad snug on my left foot which is wider. The other pairs were naturalizer and ordered in the same sizes. I was disappointed by them they look to have a somewhat cushy soul and a foam heal. However they were very uncomfortable on I also felt like they were narrow too. The naturalizer shoes will go back I'm 50/50 on the Franco Sarto. I'm going to try them on in the morning and see how they feel on my wider foot.

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I remember when they used to do a good range of narrow shoes which I miss… especially the Stuart Weitzman. I’m still wearing some from the AS sale in 2015… if you ever travel to Europe the standard width of shoes is wider than the US. So consider trying on shoes that come in European sizes. If you are a 9 try a European 40. The Italian brands in particular run wider…

Game of Thrones Prequel: House of the Dragon on HBO

I kind of started the thread for season 1, but I'm having trouble keeping up with season 2 plot. Lately, I'm suffering from dizziness and forgetfulness due to lack of sleep and perimenopause. And watching this show just gives me a headache.

But I still want to finish. I think all the men are stupid: Daemon, Ser Criston, Aegon II, Aemond. To simplify, this whole show is just about Alicent against Rhaenyra. It's all about the women.

Thigh liposuction experiences in Seoul

Hi, can I check how many days you stayed in Seoul for the whole procedure? And how you contact them before deciding to go ahead with them? Is their ig im_clinic ? Thank you so much!
Hello! I communicate with them through Kakao chat! This is their open chat!
I stayed 2 weeks in total cause I also did Rhinoplasty

Chanel Fall-Winter 2024/25 Pre-Collection Act I (24B)

I am loving so much in this collection too! I have reserved the longer turnlock cardigan, but the price…ugh! AUD 9k. :shocked:
Ugh I know. At this point it’s been standard for them to price cashmere with fancy buttons at this level. I was looking at resale options for similar style with turnlock buttons, and they seem to be pretty high too. It’s such a classic piece so I’ll make a decision when I try it on.