What Are You Releasing Back Into The Wild?

I never, ever thought I would let it go but pretty sure this week I am going to let go of my PSM. I've considered this a few times this year and sat on it to be sure. I think I am sure now.

The last few times I've carried it, I've found it to be fussy. I have determined that I am a crossbody bag kind of gal, but I don't like to wear this bag as a crossbody. The straps slip off of my shoulders and even on the shortest setting they're a little longer than I like.

Really hoping I don't regret this decision!! :doh:
I totally get it. That's how I feel about my yellow vernis Alma BB that I decided to sell back. I hope I don't regret this decision.

Scarves Scarf of The Day 2023- Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

Good Morning Scarflandia! What a beautiful blue week we had - thank you @AnnaE!

This week though… It’s time to address something important… something we’re all lacking…. 9 Necks!!

October 1 - If I ONLY Had 9 Necks!! Share your top 9 picks!

I’d be gentle, I’d be charming,
I’d certainly be alarming -
It would be really quite complex
I’d solve all the problems
And the conundrums!
If I only had Nine Necks

Oh I can’t tell you why
I have so many scarves
But then again - Snow White had Seven Dwarves!

Now wait,
Just a hot minute,
I thought the only limit
for silllkkks, was the sky?
If I only had Nine Necks,
C’mon -
what the heck!
My scarf drawers are a wreck!

I’d get lots of stares
And give lots of scares……

A common issue we all have… just one neck.
Like “One Ring to Rule Them All”, but not as fancy - cuz it’s just our necks - and we’ve only got the one…

But… what if we did have Nine Necks?
What would you wear?
All your Christine Henrys at once?
Your Annie’s all at the same time?
All your Pinks - well now let’s not be silly here… or just your favorite pinks?

I hesitate to ask “What are your 9 Favorite scarves”, cuz that would start a rumble in the closet (not as scary as a Rumble in da Hood, but alarming nontheless), and oh boy would there be a soft and silky riot pile to clean up!

But - what are your favorite Nine?
Can that even be answered?

To get us started - a favorite moussie!
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Lovely limerick-y intro!
Ad agencies are missing a gem here

Hermes RTW

Yes, I have the skirt and I really like it! I posted it a few pages back, post #3354. Since I'm a shortie, it isn't a mini skirt on me lol.

I also ended up with the silk tunic in this print as well.



880 - Actually Dior have made bags in embossed croc. The 61 is one, but the embossed pattern does not fool anyone having seen a real crocodile bag.

ceccetti - I am quite sure this bag is porosus crocodile. Depending on size (and year) the Diorama was also made from nile crocodile and alligator. Most small versions were made from alligator.

Post Your Balenciaga Finds

BTW I bought this weekender last week-I think it's Sapin but not 100% sure. I should have it this week. Has a stain on the bottom and I'm not sure how to get it out. I hope I don't have buyers remorse! :sad:
Doesn't look like Sapin to me. Zipper tape is too green. Maybe Pine? Not sure.
Here's Sapin. Neither is with me any longer. :facepalm:

Ode to the bolide

I have an evercolor Bolide 25. I love love love that leather. So much so I'm looking for other bags that come in that leather. Its softer than epsom so that corner caves in ever so slightly. On a small size it probably isn't a big deal but if you get a 30 you might notice it more. Having said that the leather is so soft and luscious I don't mind it. It has smaller grain than Togo and it doesn't feel as dry. Togo feels really dry to me.

The size is perfect for me. I don't carry a whole lot though. The handle drop is not large, smaller than a kelly 25. Probably similar to a Birkin 25 ( I don't know for sure as I don't have one to compare but based on measurements I've seen it looks similar)

Its lightweight. Really lowkey and has a strap if you're spending a longer time out and don't want to hand carry all day long. But my fav way is to hand carry this bag. I would want to add a few more colors.

Regarding wear and tear, my son just squished it with his grubby hands and smashed it in. It went back to normal after I pushed it back out. Didnt leave any marks but I have a darker color (moka).
Thanks so much!

ENGAGEMENT RINGS! What does yours look like?

Sure, here you go!

Sure! Please excuse the need for a mani and the old lady hands. :smile:.

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Definitely don't think you should reset, that is a beautiful classic setting! My mother has a similar setting from Harry Winston that I’ve admired for years!!! Her center diamond isn’t nearly as large as this one I think it’s a 3carat or in that ball park.

Authenticate This COACH - **see first post for format**

I'm confused yet intrigued on this bag. It is not in posession, something I am eyeing from a local seller. I went through the catalogs for the year of 1994 and did not see this bag. Nothing came up on Google for a search on "9962". Dimensions are roughly 9 x 8 x3.

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It's authentic and according to @Hyacinth 's post, it's a Mail Pouch from the 1994 Holiday preview catalog:

Hammered Gold Alhambra - Still a long wait?

It’s finally here! Ordered on 24/07 and received today!!

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Beautiful!! Please share some pics of it on if you get a chance! I see you also have the pave YG pendant - me too! Would love to see how they look together or hear your thoughts of wearing them together! I placed my order back in April and still waiting for it!!!

Birthday HAUL at the Dooney and Bourke outlet in Aurora, Illinois…

I did get a Florentine navy coin case off ILD eBay. Was $31 free shipping and $2 and cents tax. For a whopping total of $34.72.

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Those coin purses are so adorable! They soften up so nicely. I use mine to store my AirPods in.

I made my first purchase last night from ILD eBay! $75.46 with free shipping.