Is this what luxury is?

Friends, I have had a hard bunch of days. Busy at work, emotional roller coaster with my family and heath issues (both ups and downs), very little sleep, daily travel to different towns almost every day this week, surprise schedule change that left me in one set of clothes for 2 days and a night, and listening to my mom groan in agony all night from cancer pain.

It's been a lot.

Then, there was this moment. At the end of my work day, saying to myself, "whoa," just "whoa." Know what I mean? After a lot of lot...whoa.

One deep breath, and without even thinking, my eyes landed on a little something special. A little worse for wear, but rare and beautiful. And without a thought, I dove towards it and grabbed my LV Speedy BB Vachetta Mono. Grabbed it, pulled it to the center of my face, and drew in a deep sniff.

That amazing smell of nice leather. It was so calming.

I gave it a few whiffs, felt calm, and put it back down.

If anyone else was in the room, I wouldn't have done it. But in that short and private moment, I took in that wonderful smell and it was nice.

I guess that is what luxury is.


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My Rhinoplasty at NANA

Hello! After finally navigating my way around this forum I decided to post my review of my Rhinoplasty!

First and foremost this is something I spent many years considering so it wasn't an impulsive decision that I'd just up and decided to act on one day, years of planning went into this and luckily one of my best friends was along with me on my journey. I'd never been particularly happy with my nose and it posed a lot of confidence issues in my day to day life just because I'm on the more petite side and there was NOTHING big on me apart from my nose. My tip was droopy and I had a longer structure that was accompanied with a hump on the bridge.

A few years ago my friend and I started a master-sheet of various Korean based plastic surgeons and the names they were associated with, alongside the estimated cost after virtual consults and separate docs of before and after pictures just so that I could go back at the end of the day and physically see which styles I'd preferred to which I narrowed down a significant amount of potential surgeons. Once I had a general idea of who I wanted to choose from we used Unnie and Purseforum to pull real, honest reviews and collect outside intel and eventually I was able to narrow down my choice to NANA and take their suggestion on the surgeon that'd be doing my nose. Dr. Lee Seung-Jae.

On a whim I pushed up my surgery date significantly, from December of 2024 to February of 2024 and booked a flight from America to Seoul.

As excited as I was my nerves were shot though luckily the building was easy to find and relatively close to where I was staying, alongside the helpful translators that helped guide me through everything and were always a message away if I'd needed them. I think the hardest part of the entire process was not being able to eat the night before surgery since I'm a big snacker.

The day of my surgery I was able to meet with my surgeon and show him my reference pictures and talk him through what I disliked about my nose along with what I wanted to see as an outcome. He was realistic from the start with me which I appreciated and didn't tell me something just because I wanted to hear it which I was most afraid of because I knew that posed the possible threat of either getting my hopes up or giving my end result a pinched look which was what I didn't want. He was able to walk me through what my structure would allow and also told me he'd do everything he could to give me what I wanted without requiring a revision.

When I was taken back to the surgery rooms I was slightly taken back because everyone had a set pace and was hurrying along but it was short lived because before I knew it I woke up with a crick in my neck and my nose stuffed with packing.

My translator assisted me out once I was able to walk and get my thoughts together, helped me get my medication and also offered to help me with a cab back to my airbnb.

The very first day post op I remember sleeping nearly the whole day and only being woken up by my friend to take medication and eat what I could, I also LIVED off pumpkin juice, it helped with my swelling significantly. I purchased a neck pillow to keep me from sleeping on my side. Sleeping elevated and on your back is key more or less.

Day two - five post op I was out moving around with no pain at all. Honestly it was something I was worried about because on various other threads everyone always talks about how they wondered why they did such a thing to themselves and that they're in a large amount of pain but I literally felt nothing aside from a pesky drip after my packing was taken out on day two. I really didn't even bruise as much as others which the nurses had commented on and I'd like to thank the pumpkin juice for that. (I'm proud of it.)

Everything was fine until my sixth day when I requested to go in for my nose to be cleaned, two of my stitches dissolved faster than they should've and I had to have them re-sutured by a different surgeon because mine was out. I was put under local anesthetic and that hurt more or less the whole process did and by the end of it I was a nervous wreck, shaking so bad my water was spilling from my cup but I felt better after!

I'm currently two months post op as of a few days ago and I'm so happy with my results, I tape my nose eery day to help add support and reduce swelling.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out!


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Monthly, Seasonally, or Occasionally: What's Your Handbag Purchase Pattern?

Hi everyone! I’ve been inspired by the variety of handbags showcased here and it’s got me curious about our shopping patterns.

How often do you add a new bag to your collection? Are there many of you who find a new gem to add every month, or is it more of a seasonal or occasional treat for you? Whether you buy new, second-hand, or even buy in order to resell, I’d love to hear about what drives your purchases.

How do you decide when it’s time to buy another bag? Looking forward to hearing about your experiences and learning from all the different approaches!

Cartier D’Amour Discussion

Let’s discuss all things D’Amour!

I love this collection. I have the rose gold with pink sapphire necklace and bracelet. I purchased them from Cartier, and I just bought the white gold bracelet with diamond from the Real Real. Upon receiving the WG diamond bracelet I noticed it’s not the same length as the sapphire bracelet.

On the Cartier website, the description for the white gold bracelet in size small and the rose gold bracelet with the pink sapphire is identical in terms of length and the size of the stone.

My bracelet is slightly shorter and my stone seems slightly smaller. Help!

Does anyone own both of these bracelets and can you speak to this?

It’s possible that the white gold bracelet was resized but it seems so insignificant that I’m wondering if this piece is actually authentic.


Birkin 25 in Craie Togo- lifestyle mismatch?

Hello! I have the opportunity to buy a Birkin 25 in Craie Togo with GHW. I know this is everyone’s dream bag from what I’ve found on Google🤪, but I’m wondering if I’m just trying to make it work for me. I’m a WFH mom of a 2yo wild toddler woman. We go to church and out to dinner every week, but not a ton of outings. Am I going to destroy a light colored Birkin with a toddler…?!😵‍💫 I’m also 5’10” but very slim (with small wrists) so not sure how to proportion will look on me.

Thank you for your thoughts! I’m overthinking and stuck in my own head.

Celine Triomphe quality control

Hi everyone, I just bought the medium Triomphe bag. I love it! I was wondering if these stitches are normal. What do you think? All 4 edges on the inside are the same.


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How do people become qualified to be able to 'authenticate/verify', please?

I myself am a professional appraiser, because of the work situation, every day appraised 100 to 200 bags, practitioners for several years to accumulate a wealth of experience. And I often assist the customs and commercial investigation department of my country to identify the authenticity. (Certificates of authentication can be provided).

In the forum sometimes help some friends in the “to be verified” post on the “real / fake” reply is often deleted. This means that I am not certified by the forum. How can I get certified in the forum or cooperate with the certification?

Thank you very much to everyone and the forum staff!

A 2nd BA in SG to upsize

Hi, anyone can share experience in getting a 2nd BA to increase their 1st BA’s size?

I had 380cc 5yrs back. Gone from a small B to BigC or small D after my BA w Allure’s Dr Ho.

I really love bigger boobs n is now greedy to upsize to a DD size. I wld be also getting a Mommy’s tummy makeover at the same time too..

Would appreciate any information on a 2nd BA.

TIA. ❤️

Bought my new Pearl Crush

Hi lovely people,
I purchased my first Chanel bag from Fashionphile. Previously my all Chanel bags are from the boutique so I’m happy but anxious at the same time 😬 I want to buy a mini rectangular pearl crush in a fun color because bored of my neutral colour collection :smile: couldn’t get my hands on(no Chanel boutique near me have to go to manhattan)So I finally bite the bullet and bought a yellow bag. It’s new with hardware stickers attached,with box,dust bag and retail tags. Price is total with NewYork tax 5900$ personal shopper was asking for 10% for any Chanel bag.
But when I saw this bag I love the fresh and vibrant color of this beauty. Such a pretty color 🌞 what do you think?

This is my first time buying a preloved bag hope that I can trust Fashionphile authentication system :graucho: Do you have any experience with FP after Chanel microchip installation?
Always share my experience with PF :drinks:thanks in advance:smile:


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My plastic surgery journey with ab plastic surgery + things they don’t tell you getting surgery

Hi guys, I recently had plastic surgery done with ab and I’m still recovering(day 4 post op as of writing this post)

I think my nose was done really well, I specifically asked to not make my nose really straight and to have a curve with a round tip, IMG_5526.jpeg
Obviously it’s too early to tell, but I kinda can see it. I used silicone and rib because the results I wanted couldn’t be achieved with just rib. They used rib to support the tip and make it taller and silicone to enhance the bridge but not make it too straight.

I can’t tell with the eyes but a friend said that it was it’s healing nicely.
The consultant pushed me to get epicanthoplasty, but I wanted to get lateral or lower canthoplasty. I asked the doctor and he was honest and said that there is no point in getting that done because I don’t have much skin so there wouldn’t be a large difference. So I asked if I should get epicanthoplasty and he also said that there wouldn’t be a big difference. It’s not that it can’t be done just that there wouldn’t be a difference so I appreciate that he told me straight up.

The things I didn’t know about getting surgery:

For me, the surgeries don't hurt that much, I just feel really sore all over. BUT be warned your throat is going to be so painful (if you’re doing general anesthesia). I could bearly whisper for 2 days. It was worse then the worst sore throat I’ve ever had, i cannot emphasize how sore and dry my throat was. ON TOP OF THAT, because I had rhinoplasty, I had to breathe through my mouth when I slept which made it worse. I do feel better now, drank some electrolytes, used throat spray and louzgenches. Maybe it’s just me because I haven’t seen many reviews talk about this. Out of everything, my throat was what was killing me. Honestly, the surgeries is a no biggie, I could do it again but because of my throat, never again lol.

Also something else I don’t really see people talk about, because the surgery was so long, they needed to use a urinary catheter(I think it’s because it’s to prevent infection). They insert it and remove it while I’m sleep(thank god). But peeing for the first time when I got home was a weird sensation. Afterwards it was also weird. I kept getting up every other hour to pee and i only pee-ed alittle but realized that I needed to “push” all the pee out. So I kept getting up because my bladder was full and I wasn’t emptying it out fully. I’m sensitive to that feeling so I constantly woke up. Granted I was drinking a lot of water but pushing to pee was also kinda weird. It’s more “normal” now but the first 2 days was like that.

My tips for if you’re planning your surgery:
Bring electrolyte powder(preferably 0 sugar)
Throat spray
Honey(if that helps you)
Pee pad(if you think you’ll wet the bed)

What's your Goldilocks Hermes bag?

After over a decade of collecting Hermes bags, I have finally found my Goldilocks Hermes bag.... :drinkup:

I tried so many bags, but there was always something.....
My first bag was a B35 in gold w/gold hw and in togo.... Amazing color combo, loved the gold hw, but wayyyy too big and too heavy. 😫

From there I got a B30 in Soufre. What a ray of sunshine but it was in epsom leather which doesn't age well in Birkin style IMO. 👵

Still loved the B30 size as it was so wearable and versatile so collected quite a few more of those in various colors and leathers.
After some time, I felt the B30 was too big as my things were swimming at the bottom....

Next I tried the B25. The B25 was sooooo adorable :cutesy: but mostly a hand-held bag. My SA offered me quite a few of those so one B25 turned into four in what seemed like a blink of an eye... :whut:

In between the sea of Birkins, I was offered a Sellier Kelly 25. This bag was beautiful in Rose Azalee and I only wanted Sellier, buuuuut at that time, I was not a fan of mixing metals and I had a strooooong preference for gold hardware. This Kelly had palladium hardware and after carrying it, I discovered it was quite restrictive in size. :girlshocked:

Then I was offered a Constance 24 and happily added that to my collection as it's an amazing shoulder bag and I can actually wear it crossbody. I :heart: my Constance bags but something was missing.... something kept me on a H-unt for the Goldilocks bag.... :broom:

Ironically, I already owned the Goldilocks style of bag for me, it was just not in a color that was super wearable so I didn't pick her up enough to realize just how perfect she really was. Eventually, an opportunity to acquire another bag in this same style, but in a neutral combination, presented itself and I jumped on it. After wearing THIS bag for a few weeks I realized she was my Goldilocks of Hermes bags!!!!!! There was NOTHING wrong... nothing missing. SHE IS JUST RIGHT!

My Goldielocks is a Sellier Kelly 28!!!!!!!!!
She is the perfect size. Not too big, not too small... She has a stunningly beautiful silhouette
.... She stays structured so not slouchy, no fussy floppy sangles
.... she's super practical, goes with everything, lightweight, can be worn on the shoulder or crook of the arm
And, bonus....when I'm worried about pickpockets, I can close her :P

I would love to know.... WHAT IS YOUR GOLDILOCKS H BAG??????? Have you found her/him yet????

Kelly 28 swift leather

I’m sorry if this has been asked before but does H make Kelly 28 in swift leather? I have seen a few Kelly 25 in swift on reseller sites but not a K28. I recently came across a Lindy 30 in swift and it was just so supple and beautiful! I want to put a K28 swift on my wishlist but wanted to make sure that it is made! Thanks!

Coach convertible clutch question.

I recently added these two bags to my collection. They both seem to be the convertible clutch but the strap and hardware are completely different! Even the interior zipper pulls are different. Im very intrigued now. Does anyone know when Coach altered the strap style? Im guessing the blue bag is older but neither has the glued on registration number, both are just embossed NYC bags. If anyone has any info Id love to know more about them. Thank you!


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