Rare/Discontinued Alhambra pieces

Hi all, I wanted to create a thread about rare Alhambra pieces which are either no longer available or very scarce in production.
Over the years VCA experimented with a lot of different stones applied to the Alhambra line, so I wanted to share some results of my research. Whatever is listed is what I found in my research and at very least I saw photos of these items.

Vintage Alhambra

1. Chrysoprase - in YG: VA earrings, 10 motif, 20 motif necklaces, 5 motif bracelet. Still occasionally produced, I saw some pieces from 2021.

2. Coral (pink and white) - in YG (not aware of pieces in WG): vintage earrings, 2 motif earrings, 20 motif necklaces. No longer in production.

3. Tortoise shell - 20 motif necklace in YG (the only item I am aware of). No longer in production.

4. Jade - in YG: 1 motif VA pendant, VA earrings, 10 motif necklace, 20 motif necklace. No longer produced.

5. Turquoise - in YG and WG: VA and MA earrings, 2 motif earrings in YG, VA ring, 10 motif, 20 motif necklaces, 5 motif bracelet. Currently only produced in very limited quantities in YG and WG alternating pave.

6. Lapis Lazuli - in YG: VA earrings, 2 motif earrings, VA ring, 10 motif, 20 motif necklaces, 5 motif bracelet.
Currently only produced in very limited quantities in YG alternating pave.

7. Sugilite - in WG: vintage earrings (the only piece I heard of).

8. Pink Opal - in WG: 1 motif pendant, 5 motif bracelet, 10 motif necklace. No longer in production.

9. Letterwood - in YG: MA pendant, VA earrings, 5 motif bracelet, 10 motif necklace, 20 motif necklace - standalone or with alternating hammered. No longer in production.

10. Rock crystal - in YG: 5 motif bracelet, 20 motif necklace. Limited production.

Odd items: dangling onyx earrings in YG, dangling hammered earrings in YG.

Pure Alhambra:

1. WG + GMOP: earrings, 1 motif, 9 motif, 14 motif necklaces, ring, 4 motif bracelet. No longer in production.

2. WG/YG + diamond: earrings, ring, 1, 9 and 14 motif necklace, 4 motif bracelet. No longer in production.

3. WG + onyx: 9 and 14 motif necklaces (I only saw these but probably other items would be available as well). No longer produced.

4. YG + MOP/onyx: ring, earrings (sweet size limited production, VA not produced), 1, 9 and 14 motif necklaces, 4 motif bracelets. Onyx not produced (except 1 motif), MOP limited production.

5. YG/WG no stone: 4 motif bracelet, 9 motif necklaces, VA size earrings (YG).

Lucky Alhambra:

1. Lapis lazuli, turquoise, MOP, GMOP in WG: ring (butterfly and BTF with MOP), long necklace, lucky butterfly necklace, 2 motif earrings with MOP and TQ, 4 motif bracelet.

This is my list so far. I will gradually add some pictures as illustrations for the items. Please feel free to chip in with additional information and pics of your rare darlings! I would love to grow this list and make it a nice reference for others.

Paloma Picasso Thread

I’m surprised there isn’t a thread for Tiffany designs by Paloma Picasso. I feel that, compared to Peretti and Schlumberger, Paloma doesn’t have as many creations. But I think she warrants her own thread.

Personally, I am a big fan of her graffiti love collection. I have the diamond love ring, in both white gold and rose gold. I alternate rings depending on what color metal I’m wearing, I used to want the pave love pendant as well, but thought it’d be too repetitive. I’m glad I didn’t get it, because I feel like that would be too much love. But I still randomly think about the pendant from time to time. I think her love design is also the most copied. I was at Saks a few weeks ago, and in one of the jewelry cases, there was a ring with love written in thin diamond script. It looked like a sister version of my love ring. Personally, I’m not a fan of the dainty look anymore. But I make an exception for the love line, because I think it’s very stylized, it has good presence vertically and horizontally, and it wouldn’t be possible to recreate Paloma’s handwriting with bigger stones.

Anyways, Paloma, daughter of Pablo Picasso, still has some designs that are in circulation: melody, loving heart, graffiti, olive leaf, and the studio and hexagon lines, which I think replaced the sugar stack collection. I’m hoping this can be a space where we can share her designs, both old and new. And that I can discover some new pieces from her that I haven’t seen before.

(As another side note, I felt that the new vine extension to the Victoria collection really cannibalized on Paloma’s olive leaf collection. The fact that the vine pieces draw from the same type of naturalistic, leaf motif. And that vine and olive are concurrently available for sale at Tiffany. To me, they fill a very similar aesthetic niche for botanical inspired jewelry. Even though the vine is available in platinum with larger diamonds, I feel it’s too similar to olive to warrant having its own pieces.)


Awesome experience at LV!

Hi all, I went to LV in White Plains, NY to bring my 2.5 year old Victorine wallet in. The leather had rubbed off on the button, and I wanted to get it repaired. They took it and told me the wait time was about 8 months. They did say it probably wouldn’t take that long, though. Afterwards, I bought the new Carryall (thoroughly recommend it).

Barely a week later, I received a call from LV telling me that they had decided my wallet was defective and that I could come in to replace it! Just for a rubbed-off button, which I was even happy to pay for! I went in today and the SA couldn’t have been nicer—he got me a cold Perrier, put out all the wallets and card cases. I also looked at charms. I bought the Victorine when it was much cheaper, but they gave me the full price and i exchanged for a card case and a new charm! Everything was wrapped impeccably.

I couldn’t have been happier with my experience there, and I’m stunned at how they stood by their product and went out of their way to treat me well even though I was only doing a small exchange. I know their quality has apparently dropped recently, but this restored my faith!

Side note: They are opening a new, huge, gorgeous store in the Westchester Mall (NY) on the 19th; they advised me that it will have a lot of hard to find items, as well as ready to wear. I’m going to have to padlock my bank account!

Chanel SPA Service exist or not?

Curious to find out if Chanel provide spa service for their bags like hermes spa at all?

I have bought quite a few classics many years ago from Neiman Marcus but they’ve been sitting in the box. Noticed they did not even age well sitting in the box either. Debating if i should sell them as they are so discounted in the resale market and it might not even make sense to sell.

Does Chanel offer spa service to refresh the bag at all if I still have the receipts( from more than 10 years ago.)

Thank you!

My calf reduction with Dr park Oz clinic

Hey everyone, been lurking at calf reduction threads for some time now and finally bit the bullet and flew to Korea to get calf reduction surgery with Dr. Park. It’s been a while since someone posted their experience about this so I thought I’d document my journey here. Dr. Park’s prices are not negotiable so I didn’t get any benefits or discounts of posting here. Purely just sharing my experience and filling in time gaps while I’m in agonizing recovery lol.

A bit about me, I’ve had big calves my whole life. It got worse after I did some dance and ballet in University. I’ve always had people tel me to not do muscle resection due to the complications afterwards so I tried everything else first. At first I tried calf Botox, got up to 250 units per side and didn’t last. I tried RF with Dr Liu in California in 2018, again didn’t see much of a result and the recovery was brutal. I went to PBC last year for liposuction and they said they can do some lipo on my calves so I did that too in addition to RF again… literally zero difference. Disappointed and deflated, I reached out to Dr Jong and Dr Park, as they’re the two names popular for muscle resection. Both very professional over email. Dr Jong’s incision appears to be slightly longer than Dr Park, and give I keloid scar like there’s no tomorrow, that was why I chose Dr park. Also the drain that Dr Jong used post surgery sounds like a nightmare since I’m a huge coward when it comes to pain lol.

I flew to Seoul two days ago and met with Dr park for a consult. He speaks English so that made things easier. His staff doesn’t speak English though. He answers questions in a very matter-of-factly way and tells you as it is. I was already decided on the surgery before I came anyways so paid the total
Amount and then prepped for surgery the next day.

Surgery was done yesterday. I couldn’t sleep since 5am and was up all morning. I got to the clinic around 930 and waited while his staff settled in and got me changed into gown. They started an IV with some fluids. I was anxious as helllll. The anesthesiologist was an hour late which really didn’t help my anxiety. When the anesthesiologist finally rolled in, they got me in the OR in fetal position while he did my spinal anesthesia. I think some people find this painless but it was SO painful for me. He also couldn’t get it the first time after poking around so he had to do it again. I think the nurse noticed I was in agony so they put me to sleep first before he tried again. Thank god.

Woke up about 4 hours later. Legs still numb but my right leg was starting to hurt. Dr Park came to check up on me and let me know the right leg always starts to hurt before the left one… not sure if this is related to the spinal anesthesia? Anyways they gave me some IV NSAIDs through the IV, which had some burning sensation in my arm but the nurse massaged it away. To be honest I don’t think the IV painkiller helped that much lol.

The nurse got me up to start walking. It was PAINFUL but I sucked it up because I wanted to go home. I walked like a penguin who had a stroke around their clinic and then she took me to the washroom. I was surprised I could actually walk right after surgery because when I tried to get up after my RF procedure with Dr Liu in 2018, I dropped immediately to the ground.

Anyways after a couple rounds of walking, I convinced them to let me go home. Being complete illiterate in Korean, I had no idea how to call for a taxi. Dr Park actually drove me back to my Airbnb! That was super nice of him. I wobbled my way up to my suite. I was starving by this point so much that I was nauseous, so I stuffed some fruit and crackers down my throat, took a hydromorphone which I brought from my country hehe, and then went to sleep.

I did wake up every few hours due to the pain and would take another painkill. I alternated between the painkiller the clinic gave me (which I’m pretty sure is an NSAID), and my own hydromorphone. The NSAIDs aren’t really strong enough for me.. so thank god I brought my own pain killers.

It is now 3am so I’m gonna take another painkiller and try to get more sleep.

Update again later :smile:

Useability and functionality of the backpocket pochette for the Birkin (backpocket pouch)

The advanced search for the Backpocket pochette that can be bought for the Birkin did not have any results, so I thought I open a new thread (@Mods: if I oversaw one, please redirect).

I have been eyeing the backpocket pochette for some time (not for me but for my sister) since I find it appealing but I don’t know about its functionality. It is the pouch that can be bought for the Birkin which serves as a backpocket. I know that it comes in various colors and leathers (Togo as well as Swift leather). Yet, I don’t find any guides on the usability of the pochette and its wear (the pochette as well as its impact on the leather on the back of the Birkin).

It is meant as a gift for my sister’s milestone birthday (thankfully she is not following this forum - she always turns to me to for advice and knows that I have my sources :wave:) and I don’t want to gift her anything that is turning out to be not so great (especially for her beloved Birkins). Thus, any expert sharing their experience is highly appreciated. Does the backpocket pouch leave marks on the back of the Birkin after a while - especially on leathers like Swift or Box. What is the maximum that you can fit inside the pouch? Do you love it still or do you regret buying it? Is it worth the $1000+?

Thanks in advance!

Toiletry 26 is now $1,080?

The Toiletry 26 is now $1,080? I know the sides are black leather now, but WHAT? WHAT? Would you buy at this price tag?

I'm glad I got mine in 2018 before the pandemic, even if I haven't used it at all because I couldn't travel. Now everything I own is a keeper. This inflation has gone through the roof!!! :shocked: :angel::huh: louis-vuitton-poche-toilette-nm-monogram-travel--M46037_PM1_Worn view.png.jpeg

Thinking of getting facial contour surgery (V-line + zygoma). Ideally want facial shape of guy in last pic. Do i need it? (21,M)

I always felt insecure about my wide jaws and wide cheekbones. I feel like I will look a lot better with a k-pop style V-line face, and maybe some rhino. I already did online consult with DA hospital, EU Surgery & Arc Clinic and they all recommended me Jaw surgery, Zygoma reduction & maybe genioplasty.

PS: I've already tried masseter botox and it didn't make a big difference for me
Photo ID.jpg






Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 10.18.24 am.jpg

Static Nails?

hi everyone,

i'm seeing so many ads for static nails for some reason- wondering how it is? is it really long-lasting, chip free for 10 days? i guess their thing is glass nails

i guess in general - i'm not sure if more expensive nail polish is better than less expensive nail polish so wanted to get some opinions and reviews before i buy.


New Blue Agate Bracelet - Please Help!

I just brought home this beautiful blue agate bracelet but I’m now in a panic. To those who have blue agate, would you please kindly let me know if it is normal to have these tiny little specks throughout each stone? I’m terrified I may have damaged them because I was wearing sunscreen when I wore the bracelet out of the boutique. On some stones it’s more pronounced than others.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!





I finished this morning and am fine with having less. After collecting for twenty years, downsizing homes and having my taste change, now was the time to do the final give-away, donate and sell purge.

I ended up keeping 12 Alto's, 2 travel weekenders, 5 wallets and 3 florentine.

I ordered tags for the remaining bags to keep everything marked in their blue D&B bags. If anyone has found I good organizing system, I would love to have you share your ideas and I could implement them before I finish organizing my smaller collection.

Hope all of you are well!

Need advice about Bellechasse vs St Louis

Hi all, I got the grey Bellechasse a few days ago in London. I waited in line for 1.5 hrs to get a St Louis but when I tried them on, and the Artois, it just didn’t feel right to me. I didn’t like the sizing of the Artois or the canvas of the SL (felt sticky to me). The SA also told me he never recommends the SL to customers who plan on using it more than once a year because he always sees customers returning unhappy after just 3 months. I saw the Bellechasse and it seemed like the best option at the time.

Fast forward a day and I’m second guessing myself. The B, while terrific quality, is a bit more polished and ladylike or businesslike than I was looking for. I wanted a light casual tote. Of course I still want a very durable bag though. Secondly, I realized that my stickiness issue with the SL could’ve just been due to the display item being heavily handled. And I can’t stop thinking of the SL! I went back next day, waited in line again for 1.5 hrs, only to then learn about their no refund policy (only exchange)!! The SA was also shocked I’d want to return the B as she said it’s hard to find and the SL is everywhere. I was too frazzled to think about my options so I left without trying to exchange it.

What should I do? Keep it and wear it in good health? Or return again, wait in line again, and exchange it for a SL + wallet (I don’t really need)? It’s about a 500 pound difference between the 2 purses so I’d have to throw in something to make up the difference. I only have 2 days left in London.


Louis Vuitton Maxi Multi Pochette Accessoires LOVE IT Club!

I purchased this new handbag M20920 in the CLAIR color and ended up going back for the FUSCHIA color. I love that my iPhone Pro Max 13 can fit in the front pocket with my Loopy phone case! I will post photos soon! I just wanted to see if anyone else LOVED this new bag like I do?!

For the love of Louis’ and for the love of pochettes! ❤️

World's most expensive car

The Rolls-Royce Sweptail with a glass roof was the world's most expensive car at $13M in 2017.



Then the Bugatti La Voiture Noire was the world's most expensive car at $19M in 2019.



And now Rolls-Royce Boat Tail is the world's most expensive car at $28M 2021.



The Second $28 Million Rolls-Royce Boat Tail Is Inspired By The Mother Of Pearl 2022:

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