Photos of your WHITE gold Cartier pieces

So I don’t know if you can tell but this is my vintage Menotte that’s not plated and has a more steely glow; my Lanieres bracelet that was recently repaired and plated (which I should have told them not to), and my new JUC ring in white gold. To me the Lanieres and JUC are bright and silvery while the Menottes is a grayer, more subdued color. Hope this helps!



Prince Harry and Meghan Markle thread

Lol - there is a video on Insta. She walks onto stage and tries to grab the microphone off the lady who introduces her who does not give up the microphone. She then grabs the award…. This is like the polo all over again.

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then she gently shoves the lady out of the way

Update of Chanel Australia II

Same here, was told by the sales associate that it’s close to impossible to get a mini flap in Australia.. unless you’re a VIP with an extensive spending history. I did see a couple of patent leather ones in the boutique a few months ago. Still waiting to get my hands on a black mini but I’ve kind of given up :sad:
Yes, they told me this too, she said a certain spend amount but I forgot what that was. Something ridiculous. Would you consider the resale market? They go like hot cakes!!

The SA said there were some Tweed ones available too.
I can't believe the minis are over 8k now!

Involuntary Coach ban support group

Because of Chihua (who rarely has time to post but the one time she does, she enabled me :lol:), House and WE, I impulse bought the black Manhattan earlier today. I went to return something at the outlet and on my way out, thought why not walk into MK? My first time ever in there. Saw the bag and fell in love with it and bought it. Really love the iridescent hardware all over the bag and perfect size for me. Immediately felt guilty for the next few hours. So I braved Fri rush hour traffic to return it!! I didnt want to keep it any longer in case I changed my mind. I didn’t ask you ladies for advice because I know you gals love yours.
I am so impressed! But I totally get that feeling. Sometimes I get a funny feeling after I buy something and feel better not going through with it/returning, etc.

Share your favorite Amazon purchases!

Most of us use Amazon at least once a week, so I thought seeing the items you buy and can't live without would be great! There are so many items we purchase for our house and lives, and some are the most random, but we wind up using them the most of anything we own. Let's make a little Amazon community here on tPF!!

I'll go first with our favorite Amazon purchases over the past few months:

This broom is the best if you have pets that shed! We use ours every single day and it works on carpets and rugs as well as floors!

This is the tea I drink almost every day and love, it's a nice black tea with some really nice extra flavor!

I use this hair wax when I want a more slicked back bun but it also works on Millie's hair because her hair is so curly and gets kinda crazy when I pull it back for her!

These reusable water balloons make for a great gift and endless fun! Our kids use them all the time!

If you have kids who need allergy friendly snacks (Millie has food allergies, so we think about this a lot), these Goodie Girl brand snack packs are so tasty! both of our kids eat them happily, and me too ha!
I purchased that broom after seeing Vlad’s recommendation. We have two cats, and it works fantastic to corral all that cat hair:yes:

Influencers and Hermes

Not to mention Mr Coste instagram, I may be the minority but the only thing I enjoy about his account are the flower arrangements.
I’d like to see ordinary people enjoying their Hermes on a daily basis, no matter their job or income, rather than looking at people all dressed in costly “uniform” (is it all Oran sandals-Cartier love bangle-VCA bracelet combo right now?), botoxed gone wrong and lip injections faces who just show off their acquisition but are not dissimilar to serial hoarders, it is just more costly.
I’m not a huge fan of his IG account either, but the one thing I will say about Mr Coste is that at the very least he occasionally does work the floor at Fbg. When I was there with my husband last year, he was with the SAs and management when the doors opened first thing in the morning to greet the clients with appointments. He was helping the couple in the room next to me, going back and forth to get boxes, and he did stop and chat with everyone who wanted to meet him.

I think people who go into detail about a new (or old!) piece that they totally love and are thrilled with is more interesting and often much more informative than someone who just got a whole bunch of items (this is actually a great reminder for me to go more in depth about older pieces which I love and use all the time).

As a (very side!!!) side note, their flower arrangements are indeed fabulous and I believe they use a company called Chauvin (
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ISO: Please help me FIND!

Not directly a bag question, but does anyone know where to find the same size chain shorteners Chanel gives out with WOC's? All the ones I have come across are really big and damage the leather. I'm looking for the smallest size, as closest to the Chanel ones. Thanks!!

I bought these from Amazon in 2021 and have had no issues in my WOC. $8.99 on Amazon. IMG_7993.png

Lt. Colonel Johnny Thompson of the Scots Guards and Handsome Men In Kilts **Appreciation Thread

Hi there, longtime lurker because English is not my first language. I'm French though and I think there is a bit of a misunderstanding here, you shouldn't rely on Google Translate so much. In French, the word écuyer means both squire and equerry, it was meant as equerry there and wasn't in any way disparaging. They got Jonny's rank wrong but BFMTV is not the most reliable news channel. Back to the lurkdom.
Thank you for helping us learn! You are so very much appreciated.

Will my SA not

I hate returning anything bc it’s a sign I didn’t consider the item carefully enough in the first place before purchase. I also think environmentally returns are terrible for businesses and encourage a kind of careless consumption (I’m speaking generally and not of this specific case)

I’m also very conscious of the fact that consumers are IMO irrational when it comes to demanding virgin merchandise, so items that once would have been easily accepted for return may not be able to be resold.

So the whole exercise of shopping culminating in a return becomes a personal and pointless irritant to me.
I don’t recall making any returns, but I imagine if I did, I would easily find something to replace it, and knowing me, the substitute would cost more.

This is a long way of saying, don’t overthink it, but if you are a new client, I wouldn’t make a habit of this either. No SA wants a high maintenance, indecisive client, and only you can know where you fall on that continuum

ETA: I understand that this is not the original coat of your other thread, but honestly, a shopper should be sure of a purchase without consulting strangers, esp when you are spending thousands. I don’t mean this to be critical of your inquiry, but rather to emphasis the level of conviction I have about an item I buy that costs a fortune . JMO good luck!
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What Handbag/Purse Are You Carrying Today?!

Thanks Minda!
Sadly she got a chance to go out because I didn't heed your multiple warnings about putting my pens in a case. I accidentally put my green Le Pen in the front inside pocket of my new Le Pilage neo without the top on and it bled to the outside. :sad: I got a lot of it out with alcohol and water but there are still places I need to try to clean. Fortunately most of the stain is covered when the flap is snapped.
Sorry to hear that also, must have been quite upsetting. Glad to hear the alcohol helped and didn't further ruin your bag (my handyman unknowingly got some small paint splatters on an expensive leather sofa recently then without telling me, attempted to remove it with alcohol which also removed the color and left light spot on sofa). For what its worth, I have heard that hairspray works on helping remove ink from fabric.