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After reading your experience, I'm frustrated. I'm travelling to London for 2 weeks in October and is going to apply for an appointment. If there is a lucky moment, that I've scored an appointment, I'll take the earliest EUROSTAR on the next day for the appointment. Is it a stupid thought?

Just be sure there are tickets for the Eurostar (tickets are now flexible though, you can change your booking up to 7 days before departure). It's Thurs today, and if traveling to London to Paris, I can't even get Sunday or Monday (21/22) up today, so if you leave it last minute you may not be able to get a ticket.

Chanel Prices and Stock in PARIS and other Chanel in Paris questions!

Because of your encouragement, I decided to give it another try today sans fiancé. My experience today was wildly different.

I had a fantastic SA, sweetest ever. I told her what I was looking for, and she led me directly to the classics. I ended up purchasing a white medium classic flap. I saw a couple mini top handles as well.

Lesson learned is every day here is wildly different in paris! The stock changes every day so don’t get discouraged. I would also line up 10 minutes before opening. It seems the best bags get swooped quickly. Thank you for the pep talk :smile:

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congrats! am so glad to hear that you had a nice experience the 2nd time round, and was able to get a bag you love.

your white flap looks really pretty and snow white. wear it in good health :drinks:

EU Chatting and Stalking

I don't see much love for this bag on here so I was hesitant to purchase it unseen. I'm so glad i took the plunge cos I am loving it!!! Its so versatile and can be worn many ways - fanny/bum/waist bag, long or short shoulder bag, crossbody, as clutch! I super love its overall vibe!!

Presenting my new to me Dauphine bum bag :loveeyes:

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Looks really good on you! And that’s great that it can be worn also as a shoulder bag, very beautiful!

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I finally brought it home.
Not really a great experience that I had collecting it but I truly love the piece and I am proud of owning it.
I hope it will help others to get a bit more feeling of what Pure Alhambra line really is. It's so beautiful in real life that it just takes my breath away even when I look at the photos. The motifs and dome shaped MOPs are just glowing from inside and changing colours - I just can't stop looking at them.
Adding a pic together with my matching bracelet - my little PA collection. I so wish I could get the matching pure earrings one day but this one is an extremely rare beast to find...

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Congratulations on taking the plunge with this stunning piece. I bet you will get so much joy from wearing it. Pure MOP pieces need to be seen in person to be properly appreciated. The curve of the MOP makes them glow as if lit from within. Good luck on finding the earrings. That would make an amazing set.

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So true. Especially here in Germany people have always been very careful with their money and at the moment they are even more frugal. Many luxury items don't get sold at all on the resale market. I wouldn't want to go through the hassle of selling anything luxury at the moment. Whatsmore, you always here stories of buyers trying to claim something went wrong with their purchase and honest sellers have to deal with the consequences.
True ! Irrespective of recession or not .. luxury is super hyped at the moment due to social media, it is not sustainable!
I think this is the best time to enjoy what we own already instead of thinking about next bag ❤️

What Perfume Are You Wearing Today?

Continuing with make up and lipstick inspired scents, I am sampling Chanel Misia EDP. I am getting a lot of iris today, with more of a subdued rose in this fragrance. While I don't find them particularly similar, in comparing the two, I find Lipstick Rose to be more rose-y and violet forward, and with a hint of sweetness that is not present in Misia. I have a mini of Misia and will continue to explore and share my impressions as I use it up.

How I love Misia, on my wish list

Porpora by T. Terenzi