Joyous June 2024 Purchases!

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Super unexpected purchase but when the universe throws a LV at me for $1000 less than retail on who am I to resist?!:biggrin: Super cute outdoor pouch that has a denim summer vibe to it that just might be a perfect grab and go bag. I love that I can put my car keys in the front pocket and keep them from scratching my phone and other slgs. Happy weekend everyone!
Such a cool piece!!
Congratulations on your score 😊

Scarves Scarf of The Day 2024 - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

Thank you for a wonderful week, I always enjoyed seeing your collection!

Looking forward to this week and hope to see Coco @Cookiefiend !

Wearing Les Folies du Faubourg today, I think it's the new season's "everything bagel"!

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What a happy scarf! I think I need to spend some time inspecting it carefully to discover all the delightful images!

@Cookiefiend, thank you for the warm welcome and hosting us for what promises to be an exciting week!

I thought I’d share a lovely discovery from my recent trip to Martha’s Vineyard. I came across a charming shop that repurposes scarves into various items. It was created by a fellow Hermes scarf enthusiast, and I found it truly captivating. Think of it as the ‘everything bagel’ of scarves—there’s just so much you can do with them!

From the archives:
L’Ivresse de l’Infini
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From the store:
When I saw the espadrilles, I was in disbelief recognizing the L’Ivresse de l’Infini design 😀

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By the way, I think my Super Silk Quest gavroche is perfect for this week's theme since it goes with everything. I'm wearing it on my head today because I've been biking around sightseeing all day—though it’s definitely going to need a wash after this!

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Wow! What a fun store! So much creativity! Love that CW of Ivresse

Happy Sunday,
I’m still away from home and only brought 4 scarves, 🧐😅so I’m sharing Animapolis from the archives. I love that design so much that I have it in 4 more cws. 😜plus one in the 140 silk. So many cute designs on it!
I’m worried that the new season Les Folies will be one of these for me. My wallet is shivering in fear.
Excuse my ‘artwork’, here!
This below is from Jan Bajtlik website
But I think that you are wearing Cosmographia, not Animapolis! What a wonderful way to wear the scarf as a top… especially for summer!

Good morning!
I am Sorry I could not join last week, but enjoyed ‘s intro and your gorgeous scarves - many sisters and twins in the realistic design category.
I also love the everything scarves and hope to be able to show some this week - and Thank you @Cookiefiend for kicking off the theme 😊
My sotd might not go with everything, but I find it fits every occasion. Today I go from Press meeting to other meetings to an entire evening of teaching and this lovely Old reliable will support me all the way. It will also be the only Siesta I will have…

Sotd Sieste de Paradis
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Wish you a great Day!
This is such a lovely Sieste… I love especially that the trees are green

Finally some sunshine to go with Splash Park twilly!!

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Wonderful twilly! What a happy pop of color!

Which scarf features a guitar, drum set, disco ball, sailboats, motor boat, seagulls, mermaid, starfish, envelopes, signal lights, bubbles, anchors, dancers, clouds, and so much more?

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My scarf of the day is Hermès Flagship.

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Definitely an “everything” scarf! Love this red CW

Today with Le Robinson Chic ... it goes with everything:

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Such a wonderful design! I’ve always meant to identify all of the scarves represented… This is a marvelous CW and one I have not seen often… Looks amazing tied

Happy Monday, dear Scarfies. My Everything Bagel this morning is Eleftheria, chosen especially by my grandlittle who found a castle, a rainbow and a host of other things on it this morning... (twins with @Maedi and several others!)
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A soft beauty… gorgeous tied like this

SOTD is Au Fil du Carre. It’s got a bit of everything: horses, fish, birds, jewels, fans, and because it is a Faivre design, lots of cute lil monkeys.

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Wow! Never realized this design had all those design elements in it! It is fabulous tied

The world (well most of it) has four seasons, winter summer spring and fall, encompassing alllll that Mother Nature can throw at us. Which is everything!

What has an orange
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Flowers esp Lilly of the Valley
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Leaves galore
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And a snowflake?
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Why Le Sacre des Saisons of course!
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Amazing! I tried it on at the boutique in two different CWs and passed in favor of my first En Liberte… Had this one been available that day I would’ve taken it as well… It is genius worn with the striped top

Updated: Rhinoplasty at Kowon Plastic Surgery

Hello everybody, my apologies for not responding to comments and messages. I turned off my notifications for PF, due to school. I’ll hopefully be able to get back to everybody in my PF inbox and comments.

With that being said, here is my 4.5 month update for my rhinoplasty with Kowon. Honestly, I am still pretty happy about my results :smile:. I will upload some pictures too.

-Scars are less visible for sure, but I am still applying scar gel to both my ear and nose. I would advise you to buy an extra tube there in Korea, though I was able to buy some scar gel from Shoppers Drug Mart (Mederma brand) and see that it is available on too. The texture is different and it does leave a white film, so if you’re picky, maybe buy a backup or 2, if you enjoy what is sold at Kowon/Korea.
-The scar is more apparent on my ear than on the sides of my nostrils. I am prone to keloids on my ear , which I’m thinking is maybe why it seems more raised? That being said, it has diminished significantly.
-Jude checked in on me recently and I will most likely reach out to Kowon to show them this update too.
-Around the 2.5 month mark, I feel is when the inside of my nose felt less “stiff”. I could make normal expressions way earlier on but I’ve heard that you will always feel something internally regardless? At this point in time, my nostrils don’t feel stiff and I can flare them like before. That being said, while the tip feels less stiff, it still feels a bit hard. I still refrain from laying my face flat on any surface. When my tip is pressed onto anything (don’t do this lol!), even like a pillow, it does not feel right haha.
-so far, no deviation or significant changes. My nose still drips from time to time, but definitely way less than when I first got the surgery.

Tips and reflection:
-Overall, I’m still very satisfied with my procedure at Kowon. If I could redo my choice, I would still choose Dr. Kim, and still choose to have a rhinoplasty.
-Before opting for a rhinoplasty, consider your lifestyle and what lifestyle changes you would have to make, in order to accommodate the fragility of your new nose. For instance, if you like playing sports and never really cared about collisions and injuries to the face, I personally think that even a ball to the face could really affect your results.
-I’m still experiencing changes to my nose and I was told that it takes 6 months to a year for it to fully settle, like the internal swelling. Interestingly, my friends who I see every month or 2, mention how I look different each time I see them haha. Keep this in mind, if you’re struggling with the recovery process.
-I want to acknowledge how my experience definitely leans more on the positive side. That being said, make sure to do your research, go for as many consultations as you feel comfortable with, master your haggling skills, and plan out your trip with some extra time, just in case things don’t go as planned. Seeing how some others on the forum haven’t had the exact same experience across different doctors and clinics, I think it is a good idea to possibly imagine how you would handle not being given the results that you wanted (emotionally, financially, how it may affect your career/work, socially, etc.).
Hi thanks for your detailed post! Do you mind sharing the brand of scar ointment you used in Korea please

Rhinoplasty revision from silicon to rib cartilage. Any advice/experience

Can u tell me about the negative reviews ?

My rib rhino feels super hard and narrow but I would be ok with that if it wasn't for my damaged columella. I now have a deep scar that never healed and looking for reconstruction in Korea. My doctor was a total botcher and caused me necrosis.

Here's my list so far for consultations: JW, The Plus, Cohen, Dr Jang @ ASAN hospital, Shimmian, and BT.

If you haven't, join the KKT group for rhino and they will have a lot of ideas for you!
Do you mind sharing where is your scar?

William and Catherine, Prince and Princess of Wales

Thoughts on Kate attending State Banquet tomorrow?

Commentators say the Palace haven't ruled it out....
I hadn't heard this but I don't think she will. It's quite an intensive occasion with all the meeting and greeting and talking and being on show constantly that I think it may be too much. It would be fabulous to see her there but her medical team may veto it.

Hermes in Toronto

I was in the store two weeks ago on a thursday morning, so much people, and I saw some bags being shown, one of them was a white shade b25 for sure. So yes, I also feel like there are more offers this year as compared to the past.

Also the journey to scoring a QB really depends from person to person, you may spend a little less on this bag, and more on the next and so the wait, or you may spend more on this bag and then less on the next. Building a good relationship with the sa is very important, but I doubt it is a determining factor. It also depends on the bag you want, even though the toronto h store gets more neutrals than colours, but most people also want neutrals... I asked about ebene/chocolate and cassis this year, my sa said they almost never I modified my wishlist to something more attainable within the year.
Yea it was the same case for me for Graphite and Vert Amande, I kept it on the list but I also have Noir there (I have to have one Noir bag from H 🤭), and heard they haven't gotten Etain for a very long time...

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle thread

Are the tendrils her own hair or fake? There was a trend here several years ago when teenagers were using coloured clip in side bangs.
My tendril theory. She is always playing with her hair, and usually has a middle part. So, the tendrils are a result of breakage when she pushes her hair around. Now, there are bobby pins and hair spray …