Show me your Karo!

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  1. Beautiful Karos! I just saw a violet GM today, which was lovely and vibrant, but I decided on Framboise for myself. This is my first Hermes leather tidbit (I've stuck to the scarves till now), and all the pictures in this thread were really helpful in making up my mind to go for it.

    The cell phone picture is terrible, but it's such a lovely color in person.

  2. Wow, it's pretty and looks so much like red. Where did you find these lovelies??
  3. Germany-- the Berlin store had the Framboise shipped in for me from Hannover, but they have the Violet Karo in house at their Ku'damm store. At least, I'm almost certain it was violet-- I didn't ask, but it sure looks more like violet than any other purple swatches I've seen on here.
  4. Wow, amazing to have such a hard decision to make between framboise and violet! Thanks for the info :smile: Any other sizes/colors available?

    Congratulations on yours, it's a beauty.
  5. Thanks :smile:

    The German stores can only get Karos from other stores in Germany, so I only know what's available in Germany as of today. The very patient SA checked the computer for every color the Karo comes in, and other than the violet and framboise, the only ones she pulled up were black and noisette. I'm sure those are beautiful, too, but I had wanted the framboise in the first place, and was amazed that they actually had one available.

    As for other sizes, I'm not sure-- one of the other SAs at the Berlin store said they'd only ever had the GMs, so maybe the PM wasn't ordered in Germany.
  6. Wow, the karo is just gorgeous!
    Do you think the German stores would ship to Vienna/Austria too?
  7. Oh congratulations on your first H leather accessory. Your Karo is lovely. I think this is one of the best accessories ever!! I have used mine as a clutch purse and was very happy with the way it went from purse accessory to actual purse!!
  8. Anna123, I'm not sure if they would ship, but it's certainly worth your calling and asking, I think-- the SAs at both Berlin stores have been really helpful and friendly to me, so hopefully they'd do their best to work something out for you as well.

    And KallieGirl, thanks! I'm really excited about the Karo's versatility, and it's absolutely the perfect size and shape to be a clutch. The leather just looks so rich that it almost seems a shame to hide it in a handbag! It really is too bad Hermes is discontinuing it-- it seems so incredibly useful.

  9. I have the Karo PM in Framboise also. I've never seen it in the U.S., but bought it from a British seller. You're correct-photos don't show the beauty of the color. I have a Vermillion and they are definitely different.
  10. Thanks calexandre!!
  11. Where you the one, who won the ebay auktion a few weeks ago? :smile:
  12. All the Karo colours here are so beautiful. It makes me want one...
  13. I've had mine for awhile so it would've been many weeks ago (seller was F***** F*****). I love it!
  14. kashmira - Your Violet Karo is gorgeous!!! I am so glad you finally got her.

    calexandre - And your Framboise Karo is a beauty as well.

  15. calexandre, you are so lucky to get one. How much did you pay for it? I am looking for a GM in rouge vif or cyclamen