Show me your Karo!

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  1. The GM size is 550 Euros in Germany-- which includes the VAT. Good luck with your search!
  2. My Karo GM in lagon....LOVE!:heart:

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  3. mrssaparkles, I just saw this. May I ask you: what are the measurements of your Karo MM? is it bigger than GM? what is appox price? Thanks ahead. :heart:
  4. My Karo GM in chevre rouge vif karo 001.JPG
  5. Weren't these discontinued? I did the euro/us conversion and that comes to $860US for the GM size. Is this correct? Does the leather (swift vs. chevre) make a difference? Thanks!
  6. The only problem with swift is the soft, buttery texture. A GM Karo has a hard sitting up straight when it's got very little in it, whereas a chevre Karo won't have that problem as much.

    I believe they are discontinued for the European market, but they are still being sold in the US. Why the difference is beyond me because every SA in Europe I've showed mine to has found them superior to the Be-Bop.
  7. I want one too!! :drool:
  8. THanks--primarily I'm interested in chevre, but I was wondering if there were a cost difference in the two leathers. Sorry for being unclear on that. Would boutiques ship this item?
  9. I believe boutiques in the US will ship a small item like this. If you have made previous purchases with the store, even better!

    The most recent prices listed in the Current Prices thread of the Shopping subforum don't list a difference, but have a GM at $740 and a PM at $690, or thereabouts.

    There have also been a couple of threads in the shopping subforum from folks sharing images of Karos from their SA's. They are happy to offer SA contact info if you PM.
  10. amytude, I bought a GM in swift at $750 recently, a PM(donot know what leather) was $710 as I asked.
  11. stephanie, to answer your question that you posted in the
    shopping thread. When I go out I use my Karo to carry
    my wallet and a lipgloss. :smile:
  12. Well, after much looking, longing, and waiting, my Karo collection is complete. Violet GM and Orange PM for a summer/spring rainbow and a Rouge H GM and a Bleu Brighton PM for a fall/winter rainbow. My Rouge H looks a little beleagured so her summer replacement came just in time.

    All were charge/sends since there is no H boutique near me. The GMs were $740 and the PMs were $690.

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  13. Wow a rainbow to match the seasons:amazed:
    love the violet
  14. Colors are so gorgeous and only Hermes does a rainbow like this
  15. I am aware of that this thread is very old but I started it and a lot of people helped me with pictures of their Karos. Now when I have a few, I thought I could share a picture:


    (vert anis, violet, bougainvillea and framboise)