SAMORGA Bag Inserts for Luggage and Phantom: Pictures, Designs and Measurements ONLY.

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  1. Love the felt color! Is it pink or burgundy?

    That's a smart great solution, just order 1 insert for Mini and Phantom. You can just take the insert if you want to switch between mini and phantom. Thanks for sharing!:hugs:
  2. Here are some pics of mine...

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  3. i just want to thank all who have posted on this thread. i recently bought a givenchy antigona (i just couldn't handle the wait of getting a luggage) and was interested in samorga organizers. since there was no information and didn't get a response on the givenchy forum, all the help on this thread enabled me to make the right purchase.

    thanks a bunch!!! :hugs:
  4. Would you mind sharing some pictures with your Givenchy and Samorga when you get it? Thank you!
  5. Sure...I got the V2 for the LV speedy due to the similar measurements in lavender. The shipping was faster than two weeks.


  6. Cool! Very organized! Thank you for sharing! :smooch::hugs:
  7. Hi bag twin!

    It's wine. :smile:

    I'm actually not that fond of the colour cos it's quite dull and less red than I expected - the colour in my photo is true (to my eyes) under tungsten light. I'd expected it to be darker and more red. Samorga's photos of the colour varied in the two examples I had when I bought it.

    Mixed feelings: I did choose this colour cos it was duller than say hot pink and darker than the lovely blues they had in stock, which I felt would distract me from my lovely bag haha. I also wanted to avoid visible ink stains, but one stain can already be seen in the photo. :x

    Yes on the mini-sized insert being flexible: although I don't have a mini this fits easily into my Longchamp Planetes. It will probably also fit a large PS1, which is the other bag I'm eyeing at the moment :smile:

  8. I actually love the wine! And of course, I love your phantom! :love::hbeat: It's subtle and not overpowering the beauty of the phantom. If you want some pop of color, I was thinking maybe bag charms would be pretty cool.
  9. I just tried to put it into my large PS1 and unfortunately it's a little too deep to fit as the opening of the bag is narrower than the bottom :sad:

    Thank you for mentioning the Planete though! I'll use it in mine the next time I need a little organization :smile:
  10. No matter how much I tried... I need a Samorga!

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  11. @redvelvetloubie I think u should get one. I've just bought a phantom recently and I refuse to start using it until I get my hands on samorga insert for fear of spoiling the insides. Customisation + shipping cost me SGD 105. Hope it's worth every penny.
    -11"w x 7"h x 9"d
    -zipper top
    -double layer for bottom and sides(2 x 2mm)
    -iPad pocket
  12. Hii..
    I just placed a c8 indian pink for my phantom medium, n it's costs me usd 89, hope it worth the price.. :biggrin:
    W 13", H 9" ,D 10,2
    Zipper top, with 2 zipper
    Double layer at the bottom
  13. I just received my custom Samorga for my Micro & i love it. The compartment are very handy.
  14. Did they gave u the tracking number? I kept asking for the tracking number and they said they will get back to me. But no replies till now. :sad:
  15. I didn't ask for it, but it took about 2weeks.
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