SAMORGA Bag Inserts for Luggage and Phantom: Pictures, Designs and Measurements ONLY.

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  1. Gorgeous! Love the blue color!
  2. I received my Samorga 10 days after it was ordered (for my Phantom, pictured above). I love it and it keeps everything in easy reach. The only negative is that when I have nothing in the bottom (like when I am shopping and I remove my Chanel wallet) and things are inside the side pouches (like my iphone, note pad, etc) the sides of the Samorga fold in and I have to reach in to unfold it when I put my wallet away. It isn't a deal breaker, but it can be a PITA. I love that it keeps the inside of my Phantom clean. I plan to order another Samorga for a Luggage I have on order, but I will definitely go for a bright color next time.
  3. I noticed that too! I got the type with the middle, removable compartment (see my pics above) and when I do not have that in, the insert folds into itself. So now I just keep the middle part in to prevent that from happening. As you said, not a big deal, but minor issue.

    I wonder if fettfleck has the same issue, since she special ordered her insert with double felted walls.
  4. Does the middle part come out on all the models or do you have to customize like that?
  5. Oooh, I like your insert ALOT! I also have a Trapeze and find that it can get rather heavy even though I try not to carry so many items, but I notice that you carry about the same as I do. I was just wondering...did the insert add any more weight?
  6. Per Samorga, they have 2 types of standard inserts: C1 with the middle removable velcro part and the C4 which holds bottles.
    In my pics, the removable part is holding a pink grocery bag and pink Chanel wallet. That part can be removed so just have open space. Nicolas'Mommy and jeggie both have the C4 bottle type.

    Thanks! I did not notice the insert itself adding any weight since it's made of felt, which is pretty lightweight. I DID notice that my trapeze is a lot heavier now that I can hold so much more stuff, as the insert allows me to be more organized and find things easily.
  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Samorga C8 insert for my Mini Luggage. The size is perfect and the various pockets, especially the iPad one, are so useful. It doesn't add any weight and makes carrying my Mini so much more enjoyable.

  8. Does anyone know or have a Samorga insert with a reinforced bottom? I'm wondering if it can be customized with a cardboard bottom insert, kind of like how they have for the LV Speedy bags. Also, does anyone know if the top can be customized to include a zipper closure? I think that would be ideal for a phantom and would make me get a phantom over the mini luggage.
  9. YEs you can include a zipper closure. I thinks that's a must for phantom! at least to me,, it's a big deal. I think a reinforced bottom is a good idea 2! I'm gonna add that for my custom order!!
  10. I am so glad there is this thread as it has helped me greatly with getting an organiser for my new Phantom! Just wrote to the seller, so hopefully, I will get a reply from them soon.

    I'm ordering the C5, but I can't decide on colour... should I go for the black, lavender or Indian pink felt? My Phantom is a black leather and black on the inside too...
  11. May I know which size should be the correct one for Small Phantom?

  12. I just placed an order for the C9 organizer in Hot Pink after seeing this thread. So excited! I was using another bag organizer for my Celine mini luggage but this one looks sturdier in terms of maintaining the bag's shape. Cant wait to receive mine!
  13. I just made a custom order for my phantom and the size is W11" x H7" x D9". If you tell them it's for a small phantom, they will give you the correct dimensions. I ordered the C4 style (has pocket for ipad) with reinforced bottom and sides, no round pockets inside and with zipped top. I ordered lavender since my bag is grey...but I was highly considering baby blue or hot pink...they are all so pretty!! I can't wait to receive mine and excited they have a zippered top option for phantom now :smile:
  14. ^^ Strawberryazn, when did you place your order?

    I placed my order for the C5 yesterday (it took me forever to work out the difference between the C4 and C5), with your exact specs as well, but I got the wine colour as I wanted something a little darker but still with colour!

    The seller is so friendly too and really quick to reply!

    Another thought that just crossed my mind is, I wonder if it will be even better to have cardboard or a plastic sheet between the two reinforced layers at the bottom for more structure?
  15. I reinforced the bottom of my Luggage with a board I made myself. It definitely helps for the Luggage but for the Phantom it is better if the bottom caves in slightly as the base is definitely more like a square and it looks more relaxed if it bent a bit. Just my 2 cents.

    I love Samorga! Quick to reply and very accommodating. I got mine customised to fit my discontinued Small luggage and I chose forest green! Tempted to order one for my Cabas too!
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