SAMORGA Bag Inserts for Luggage and Phantom: Pictures, Designs and Measurements ONLY.

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  1. ^ cottonblanc You're right! I never thought of that actually... and since my bag is so heavy itself, I am not going to put too much in it anyway (at the moment I only have my wallet, keys, pocket tissues, lippy and lip gloss in there and it weighs a tonne already), probably best to let the leather sag naturally!
  2. Thank you so much for the measurements!
    Will place my order now!
  3. How did you make the board? I'd love to know cuz I sometimes use a magazine as a base but it still curves at the bottom..
  4. Pretty simple. I place my Luggage on top of a compressed foam board (easily bought at stationery shops) and draw an outline of the bottom of the bag with a pencil. Be careful if your bag is lightly coloured. Then I proceed to reduce the size of that outline by a few centimetres and then cut the board.

    I would then wrap the bag in clear plastic and then put the bag insert on top of it. There you have it.
  5. thanks for all the recommendations! i have the red pebbled leather but i'm ordering the dark green one so it feels like christmas everytime i open up my bag haha, i'll be sure to upload pictures i ordered it reinforced
  6. Hi, just placed my order too!
    Paid total of $69 for it and hope its worth it

    May I know reinforced means its double lined?
  7. yes ! instead of the 2mm of felt, it's 4 so it'll better retain it's shape, i'm so excited please show me a picture when you get yours i'll do the same :smile:
  8. Oh my G! I am excited to see all your orders especially the reinforced bottom and the zipper on top for the Phantom. Can't wait to see your pics! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Thanks a lot! I'll look for a foam board and give that a try :biggrin:
  10. Does anyone know if you get a tracking number for the Samorgas once they have been shipped?

    I ordered mine on the 21 Nov and I still haven't received anything...
  11. When I talked to the people who ran it, he said I do not get a tracking number, just give them two weeks because they're sending it with Korean post not any special packaging
  12. I request for the tracking number and they gave it to me.
  13. That's so weird cause he told me differently what a douche !

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  14. :lol:

    I checked on my etsy account and it said shipped 26 November, so I am guessing that I should receive it sometime this week... *fingers crossed*
  15. Just got mine!

    Great quality and stitching! :biggrin:
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