SAMORGA Bag Inserts for Luggage and Phantom: Pictures, Designs and Measurements ONLY.

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  1. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics please!

  2. Thanks! I have been holding off but now it's time to order so I can start carrying my Phantom girl more - I hated scratching the inside suede with my stuff so have been reluctant to take her out (plus the rain in LA these days!)
  3. Oh that's great dustcollector... looking forward to pics soon... which one did you get?

    KariW, that the same reason why I haven't started using my Phantom too, the suede is too perfect at the moment for it to be ruined!
    Have you sprayed a waterproof to your baby? My SA sprayed mine before sending it out to me, so it gives it that little more protection. But as Phantom with its open top, I'm reluctant to use it in the rain too, as I am so afraid of it becoming a water bucket.. LOL...
  4. Thanks for sharing, I think I need 1 for my Micros. I want a black w/ 2 ipad insert on both sides instead for more structure. I've been using a Purse to go for a long time now & it has softened a lot & just collapses. Do you think Samorga is more sturdier than the Purse to go?
  5. I just got mine too and I happen to be carrying my mini luggage so I put it in instantly :biggrin: I kind of wish I hadn't ordered the one with the bottle holder since I don't really carry bottles in my bag and that extra space would have helped. Otherwise its great so far and a lot more structured than the organizer I was using before!
  6. can we get some pics of the recent arrivals?
  7. I'm also waiting. I can't seem to decide how to design the organizer. I'll be on Vacay in 2 weeks, even if I order now, it'll probably won't arrive before I go.
  8. Thank you Fettfleck for the great detailed information about your insert. I just placed my order and hope this will protect my new bag.
  9. I received my insert last Friday for my large Phantom. Will post pics up tonight.
  10. Hey ladies, does anyone know if they will extra charge for custom orders?

  11. I think it depends on what you have made... if you are reinforcing or an added top, it will be extra, but if you are removing a pocket or requesting for a different colour it might be the same.

    It's probably best that you give them an email for a quote with the style number closest to what you want. They are really friendly and reply back to you quite quickly.
  12. Thank you very much, I just placed an order.:smile::biggrin:
  13. Okay... my two cents about the Samorga insert...

    I got the C5 customised to have the zip cover (for my Phantom) and double reinforcement for shape.

    The insert arrived in a massive box, which I thought, "wow... must be heavy", but it wasn't, it was very light in weight for its size. It came beautifully wrapped in tissue paper as well.

    Quality is magnificant! The felt is a stong and sturdy material and with it at 4mm, you get a lot structure, but still feels light as a feather. The stitching was also perfect done, so there was no wobbly or hanging strings anywhere... so no complaints in that area for quality...

    As for the top, it's great to have the zip top for security measures, but i'm finding that it so difficult to pull open the zip when I have the bag on my arm, since the bag is so heavy. I think it will be much better if there was two zipper openers, so it can be opened in the middle and half way rather than the full length (if that makes any sense). I have the back iPad pocket too, which is inside of the lid rather then outside, so the bag definitely needs to be on a flat surface before you can open up the insert in full and pull out the iPad. I am going to see if I can alter this myself.

    The pockets and compartments are really well made as well, so I have been able to put a lot of loose lippies and things in them without them falling to the bottom of my bag...

    With my customisation, I think mine was about $90, which is rather expensive, but given the quality of it, it is definitely worth the dollar and wait (which wasn't too long at 2 weeks).
  14. Oh my G! $90?

    Can't wait to see pics! Glad that you love it! Thanks for sharing!
  15. Here's mine in my small croc phantom. I ordered the insert for the mini so I could slot files in the extra space outside the insert, and it's worked out quite well.

    It's super light and durable.

    One thing phantom lovers should note tho, even a smaller insert prevents the wings from folding in. If I wanted to carry it wings in with the same items I'd need to remove the insert.

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