SAMORGA Bag Inserts for Luggage and Phantom: Pictures, Designs and Measurements ONLY.

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  1. Hello lovelies!

    I know that there is already a thread regarding the inserts but I got lost in the thread looking for the specifications and designs.

    For those any of you who got the SAMORGA inserts for Mini Luggage, Phantom, and Trapeze, would you be so kind to include the specific measurements, designs and pictures? I got the impression that you can customize the designs and measurements. It would be extremely helpful for people, like me, who are interested in getting the inserts.

    Here is the link for the SAMORGA insert at Etsy.

    Many thanks! :smile:
  2. I ordered a customized bag insert for my Luggage in pebbled camel leather with the purpose of stabilizing the bottom and the wall of the bag as I dislike the way it slouches. The insert was made for me without the inside-inserts as I think they just take space away and with double felt for the walls to provide more stability.

    1 x C4 type in brown
    - Without 2 round pockets.
    - 4mm felt for both sides

    Size provided from their listing (I did not alter the size, only the style of the pockets):
    Width: 29.9cm , about 11.8 inches.
    Height: 20.3cm, about 8 inches.
    Depth: 16cm, about 6.3 inches.





  3. I have the Samorga bag insert for my pebbled camel Mini Luggage as well...

    Just the standard one on their etsy page, I didn't even think to customise it but wish I had done the same as fettfleck - double walls for more stability. If I haven't filled up my insert full of kind of just slouches with the bag?
  4. I'm sorry to hear this as it sort of defeats the purpose. Have you tried hanging your bag overnight (on a hook designed to hang a bag at a table in a restaurant)? I was wondering if that would keep the bag in shape rather than putting it directly on a table.
    Maybe it would work like a retainer for teeth after the braces come off!:biggrin:
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    I had a custom Samorga insert made for my small Phantom: 11"w x 7" h x 9" d. It fits perfectly. I wanted the height of the Samorga to hit just under the inside zipper of the Phantom. My bag is khaki with the blue trim and the Samorga is the brown felt.


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  6. My samorga insert for my trapeze is finally here!

    It was a custom order to fit the trapeze, include ipad pocket and I wanted the insert to fit right under the zipper. The felt is nice and thick so it keeps its shape nicely.

    Here are the specs and some pics:
    Dimensions: W10" x H5.9" x D4.5"
    Color: baby blue.
    - Middle part/ velcro type (C1)
    - incl. 1 ipad pocket

  7. Just a quick re-post of the standard dimensions of the Samorga bag insert for the MICRO.

    Width: 23.4cm , about 9.2 inches.
    Height: 19cm, about 7.5 inches.
    Depth: 14cm, about 5.5 inches.

    Shown below is option C13 in dark grey felt.

  8. Good idea! Thanks for sharing girls!:smile::smile:
  9. I love your insert!:smile: i also need a pocket to hold the ipad. will that also fit on phantom and mini luggage? TIA!:smile:

  10. Gorgeous! Love the Tiffany Blue! BTW, may I ask did you apply a leather protectant with your pink timeless? is it caviar? i was worried about color transfer and getting dirty.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing!
  12. The seller, Samorga, has standard sizes made for the Mini already and also readily does custom orders to fit the dimensions of whatever bag. For the trapeze, I just measured the dimensions and they made one to fit. I believe an ipad can fit in both the phantom and the mini so if the listing doesn't have it already, just ask them to add an ipad pocket. Hope that helps!

    Yep, it's the yen wallet in pink cavier from 2011 and no, I did not apply any protectant on it. I use it daily and it's held up pretty well. No color transfer, but the puffy CC looks a little used/rubbed. The leather on the key holder is more beat up since I throw my keys around all the time. :shame:
  13. hi fettfleck, ive got the same problems as u and am looking for solutions to stop/prevent my luggage from slouching, am curious to know if the bag inserts really improved the overall look of the luggage; less slouching and more structured? cos the inserts look quite soft..

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    Hi Dears,

    I am wondering do these add more weight to the already heavy celine luggage?

    TIA! =)
  15. Thank you all for sharing your Samorga!

    I haven't had the time to think of what do I need. How long did you all lovelies get the insert after you ordered them from Samorga? Are you happy with your chosen design? Or do you wish you have some additional design? For me, I love how it organizes all the stuff.