SAMORGA Bag Inserts for Luggage and Phantom: Pictures, Designs and Measurements ONLY.

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  1. may I ask how u contact the owner? I have sent several requests but so far no reply from him yet... (one week plus) :sad:
  2. Hey everyone. I was wondering which Samorga insert is perfect for the Celine Mini luggage. I'm just a tad confused since there are 3 types of sizes to choose from :/
  3. Hi everyone! I need some help choosing a colour for my Celine mini. =) the bag is in chocolate/brown, and I'm hoping to get an insert with the same colour, so that it's "invisible" to everyone else. Do you reckon I should get it in brown or dark brown?

  4. Do you think a base shaper would be needed with the Samorga organizer to prevent sagging in a LV speedy 30?
  5. Could anyone please share what size samorga organizer would be the best for the Chanel cerf tote?
  6. For those you wish to consider a cheaper option for purse organizer, you may consider Cloversac. They don't make custom-fitting organizer so you expect a perfect fit but it is half the price and the shipping time is about 1 week. Another downside is it only come in red, black and beige. Following is picture of how it look like inside a Celine Medium Trapeze


    Following is how it look inside a Celine Mini Luggage


    As it is not custom-fitting, you can easily transfer your belongings easy between both bags
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  7. Does anyone have the exact measurements for the perfect sized Samorga organizer for a Phantom Belted Cabas in Medium? The measurements as per Celine is 14x11x8...
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