SAMORGA Bag Inserts for Luggage and Phantom: Pictures, Designs and Measurements ONLY.

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  1. can someone advised if c4 or c8 is better for the luggage? as well as the 4mm felt and making the height taller to sit flush under zipper, can someone elaborate more?
  2. HI! I am thinking of buying a Samorga in grey for my new Large Midnight colour Phantom. Could anyone advise measurements and types which better suit it???
  3. I want to customize a samorga for my black luggage mini :smile: but I am really confused what the differences between the various modells are, some just seem to be the same haha

    So what could you advice? which modell do you like? what colors are pretty in real life?

    What are other things I need to customize? reinforced walls and bottom?

    Thanks so much for your help, I'm kind of lost :shrugs:
  4. My samorga organiser finally came! It was good with the reinforced wall and bottom. Lightweight and stitching was good.


    Came in a big box with this wrapping.


    With flash


    W/o flash (brown colour true to this)


    The inside.

    Bought the brown one so as to complement my khaki phantom with blue piping.
  5. I ordered the C5 in dark grey, as I didn't want black or red and it seemed like a solid choice in the middle.
    [​IMG] with flash
    [​IMG] without
    [​IMG] playing around a little

    Kind of wishing I had asked them to make the base slightly smaller so it'd fit easier in and out of my bag. But overall really satisfied!
  6. So happy I found this thread! I got mine last week! :smile:

  7. So thankful for this thread! Just ordered a 11 X 7 X 9 black felt Samorga for my Phantom. :yahoo: I'll finally be able to use it as an every day work bag!
  8. I'm not a fan of the celine bag itself but the samorga insert makes it a lot better for me, it's like Christmas every day !

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  9. I don't have an Ipad but can the Ipad compartment fit letter-sized paper/slim folder? That said, can the mini hold "paper"?
  10. Yes I use my bag for school and the insert is perfect
  11. Thank you so much! Also the "felt" material, is it water resistant? Or does it absorb any "spillage"? How does it guard against water? What about pens? (I'm afraid of pen leaking).
  12. felt isn't waterproof.. just take care of it & you will be fine.
  13. No but regular felt is somewhat resistant (not waterproof which isn't what I asked), droplets pool first before being absorbed. I know it will be fine but if I'm paying around $40 for a felt organizer, I'd like to know the quality of what I'm buying.
  14. It wouldn't dampen so quickly it has a plasticky feel to it, I got the one that's reinforced to ease my mind maybe you can look into that as an option, it also keeps the base/structure of the bag well supported.
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