Paris trip for Hermes

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  1. I went back again to FSH this afternoon and i saw someone watching a 40 birkin in brown. I just came across the SA which I met this morning. And he said that he has already told me this morning there was 40 but I am looking 35 so it is not for me. But if there is no 35, i can also get 40, which is better than none. Actually I have the same mother lauguage of this SA. But I don't know why I haven't heard he said there was 40. Unlucily, this was the last one and the man took it!!! Sigh!! I really expect on Monday!! :s
  2. I'm rooting for you, Hello.ffl.
    I might go hunting for a Birkin in Europe before price increase too.
    Best of luck!!
  3. You know what, I think you should try a different SA on Monday. Avoid the same SA if you can. Best of luck!
  4. Big hugs winging their way to you to wish you luck on Monday, I really hope you find a birkin :hugs:
  5. hello.ffl, best of luck of Monday! And I agree with Roxane, find another SA to help you. Please keep us informed.
  6. good luck!

    Is FSH open today?
  7. I agree...try to find another SA....good luck for Monday!

  8. Hmmm, I'd stick to the same SA, because to a new SA, you would be just one more faceless customer in the neverending line asking about a Birkin :smile: Some of the SA's seem to automatically say NO, no Birkins, not bothering to check the inventory. This SA already recognizes you and quite likely remembers your previous visits. Good luck!
  9. Definitely they are closed on Sunday. So I can only try my luck tomorrow.
  10. There's going to be a price increase? When?
  11. No way there can't be ANOTHER increase? Haven't they increase it in January already? With the European economy like that, and their price increases, Hermes would be up for sale very soon!
  12. I think Hermes has cut production of Birkin bags now - I heard somewhere that they have actually halved their output and only make Birkins to complete the PO and SO before the summer holidays start. I hope something comes available today in 35 for you.
  13. Dear hello.ffl did you consider to order Birkin from main shop in Paris? I ordered my in February (you can choose colour, leather, size as you wish) and it was already ready in April, just arrived few weeks ago. I think two months is not a long time to wait for your bag and you can have the one you really want not just the one which is available or maybe not at the shop. Anyway wish you good luck to find the Birkin as fast as possible but ordering is not so bad idea...I think.:smile:
  14. ^^^ Not all SAs allow customers to order Birkins or Kellys, even repeat customers. It really depends on the luck of the draw when it comes to finding an accommodating SA.