Paris trip for Hermes

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  1. Any update? I just joined here and I am so anxious to know if you finally got one! Have follow up the threads for 3 days~! best best luck to you~!
  2. :yahoo: I finally got it at FSH on Monday!! Which is 40 in Etoupe. See the pix. Actually there were 35 in green and 40 in Etoupe and finally i take the 40!! Yeah!! :woohoo:

    But it is the difficult tour. I went to FSH in the early morning before it opened. But nothing at that moment. Then I rushed to GV and so nothing. But the SA told me that it should have something on Monday but no guarantee there is birkin and when. (I have pm flight on Monday and just back home today) So I tried again at FSH an hour later. It got one 35 and one 40!!:graucho: So I am lucky enough to get it!!

    I also think that if I really can't get it this time and I will make the order. However, 3 different SA told me as usual they will only allow to order in the mid of the year but not sure the exact time. Usually it is in mid of end of June. So all ladies can try to go Paris in mid or end of June.

    Thank you so much for all the ladies' advice for me!! :hugs:

    Wishing you all the luck as me to get what u like!!

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  3. A *huge* congratulations to you and your first Birkin!! You've got all the ladies here rooting for you and I'm sure that helped a little... ;)
  4. congrats!!!! it's nice to hear that after a long difficult shopping trip u finally found what u wanted!
  5. Congratulations! What a stunning birkin! I'm so glad your quest was successful!
  6. Congrats! Beautiful birkin,I am so glad you got it eventually.:smile:
  7. Congratulations!! Your 40 Birkin is absolutely gorgeous and in such a sought after color!!! Wear it in good health!!
  8. congratulations! Beautiful bag!!
  9. Congrats! :yahoo:
  10. So happy to hear your wonderful news. You really deserve this beauty. Congratulations!
  11. congratulations, so happy for you!
  12. Congratulations hello.ffl!!!! Looking forward to see your action pics. Regarding the order date, my friend told me that the SA at FSH told her that it will be in September but don't know the exact date but 3 SAs told hello.ff that they take order in June. Can anyone confirm this please?
  13. If one were to go for special orders from the FSH store, does it mean that u gotta pick it up personally, or can they mail it over to wherever u're residing?
  14. Congrats hello.ffl! Great bag and definitely worth the effort to hunt it down :smile:
  15. Congrats hello.ff! I am sooo happy for you. Your efforts and patience paid off. Etoupe is a versatile colour. You will definitely love her to bits. Enjoy her to the fullest.