Paris trip for Hermes

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  1. I will travel to Zurich and Paris next week. And I die for a 35cm Birkin for long time so i will get one whatever the color if it is available. Because I think i am lucky enough to get one even for any color. I really love Birkin and this is my dream to get one. Indeed want to have my 1st one next week. Anyone can help to tell me the higher possibility of getting one in Paris or Zurich??

    I always heard from friends that many SA will hide up the bag. And need to ask SA. Any skill for asking a Birkin??

    Many thanks for all beauties!!
  2. Thank you very much for your message. However, I will only stay on Sat and Sun in Paris. :crybaby:

    Just go and try my luck!!
  3. Hi hello.ffl! I think you will definitely be luckier in Paris, but make sure to get to FSH really early on Saturday morning, as it gets horribly busy as the day progresses (I was there last saturday afternoon and even the SA commented on how it looked like an ant house! If I were you I'd try to get there before open.
    Once you get in, make sure you go directly to the bag counter and ask the first available SA you see for help. Make sure you keep your options open in terms of colour / leather combo.
    If you are unlucky at FSH make sure you try George V as well. It is a 5min taxi ride away and well worth the trip, as I found out when I was looking for my first birkin.
    Another place you may want to check out is Catherine-B in St Germain. They sell used H and Chanel, and on Saturday they had a large number of birkins including a 35 BBB with GHW and a 40 Gold [courchevel, I think] with GHW.
    Sunday is totally hopeless for birkin hunting as Hermes is closed... sadly!
    Good luck!
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  4. Thank you very much for your helpful advice. :P Sure I will go to the shop at 10 around the shop opens.

    Did you see any 35 birkin last saturday when you were in FSH??
  5. I was there very late, around 4pm, so I didn't see any birkins on the counter besides from the try-out models which are not for sale. Bear in mind that in Paris, except for very special times, there are no birkins in non exotic leathers on display, you have to ask the SA to look in the system to see which ones they have in the back room. IE, don't be discouraged if you don't see what you want outside ;)
  6. :ty:I will ask SA for that and really hope i can get one!!! :yahoo:
    Actually i will stay in Zurich for a week and just stay 1 day in Paris for my birkin hunting. Hehe......I am really desperate for getting one so I will buy in Zurich if it is available. Don't wait for my stay in Paris. I am worried that i will miss the chance!!
  7. If you don't mind buying from a consignment shop, give the boys at Luxury Shops a visit whilst you're in Zurich, they have beautiful inventory.
  8. What and where is Luxury Shops?? Thx!!
  9. google it... I don't want to seem like I'm advertising for the boys!
  10. I've seen the website from Luxury shops and they sure have beautiful items, including scarves.. But just wondering if Luxury shop is totally fool-proof, at least to the untrained eyes? =P
  11. Hi, LittleH!! Do you know they will have stock replenishment on Monday?? If yes, I will consider to extend my stay in Paris until Monday.

    Many thanks for your help!! :P
  12. They usually get refills everyday, depending on the production stocks. If you can, stick until Monday night, that would help!
  13. If you are there for business trip... call the Zurich branch [+ 41 44 211 41 77] in advance and ask to speak to the manager and tell them what you are after, say you are there a week, the company you work for and details of how to contact you. Go in on your first day and leave your business card, this is to give them comfort that you are not a reseller looking for stock. If you are lucky and they like you, they can put aside a Birkin for you. I know this as a Banker friend at Dresdner tome me that she did this 2 years back and got her Birkin this way.

    For Paris, unless the SA knows you, they do not hold any Birkins back from customers - but they have plenty available most days though reading from here, they do appear to be slowing down.
  14. my sister in law got her first Birkin from paris last month..... it was a 40cm gold togo just like she wanted...... it wasn't on display but in the back..... i believe she got it from hermes on george V.... she was very surprised how easily she got it since everyone kept telling her it's very dificult to get one... i guess she was lucky.... i wish u luck....