Paris trip for Hermes

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  1. Many thanks for all of your useful information!! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: Yes, I am on business trip in Zurich. Great!! I will have free time on my 1st and last day of my trip in Zurich. Yeah!! I should keep up to throw my positive energy. I MUST get my 1st Birkin next week.
  2. Keep us posted!
  3. I am now in Zurich. And I tried to ask Hermes shop here. SA told me definitely it is impossible to get birkin here. Even i will stay here for 6 days. However, SA from my home town HK me on Monday and told me that they have one brown color 35 kelly. actually kelly is also great to me. however, i am not in town and she can't keep the bag for me until i am back!!! Sigh!!!:crybaby: Anyway, hope get it in paris on sat or mon!! yeah!!
  4. Good luck Hello! and let us know how your hunt goes!!
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  5. I think you have great chance of scoring a 35 kelly in all kinds of color in FSH Paris even if you can't get a birkin.

    And there is a huge price difference between Hong Kong and Paris. Good luck ! :yahoo:

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  6. My parents just left Paris and went twice to FSH to look for an etoupe Birkin for me, according to the SA they only had a 35 gold Birkin (not sure about hardware/leather) available on tuesday and yesterday...I hope it's still there for you!! The price was 5650 Euros so I am thinking it could have been togo or clemence, best of luck to you!!!
  7. Thank you very much for fendibbag!! It is so encouraging you told me that. Pls bless me for my hunting!!:peace:
  8. I am also thinking of going to Paris for a Birkin / Kelly and have been reading this thread.
    Wish you the best of luck, hello.ffl!!!
  9. Late June-Early July is probably not the ideal time because that's when they have the sale in Paris, and travellers from all over the world will go to Paris so a lot more people will be competing for the bags.
  10. Hope you got it!! Keep us posted!!;)
  11. Finally i failed to get any birkin or kelly today!! I will try again in the late afternoon today!! But i bought a lot from Chanel because i was so disappointed!! Good Luck to myself.
  12. The best of luck, hello.ffl! I'm sending you lucky hermes vibes. :peace::sunshine:
  13. I don't know which SA told your parents that, but I was there on both days and was told there were none except the ones croc with diamonds. I don't really care for those sales people in that store. You don't know whether they are telling the truth. Your best chance is to go to the store George V. They are helpful. I got mine on Wednesday morning. Good luck to you!

  14. Good luck with your Birkin quest, I hope you find your dream B!
  15. Congrats on getting your Birkin!!! You know I thought that FSH would have more in stock so I did not even bother to tell them to go to George V :Push:!! Both times they went they were directed to the same young SA as soon as they expressed interest in the birkin (supposedely she even checked the computer) but she said the etoupe was the most popular color therefore very hard to find, they did not ask to see the gold since I was not interested in it, but the SA confirmed to have it both days. On a happier note, which color/leather did you get, please post pics!!!:smile:
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