Paris trip for Hermes

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  1. Incredible luck and good timing! I think the bag was meant to be yours! :biggrin::biggrin:
  2. Congrats and enjoy your good find especially on a popular colour!!!!!! All that hard work paid off ... makes me want to go to Paris now. :woohoo:
  3. hello.ffl I am sooo happy for you!!! CONGRATULATIONS on your gorgeous Birkin!!!!
  4. Definitely there were 3 SAs told me that the order will be accepted in June. But they told me that they couldn't tell exactly which date because it didn't confirmed yet at that moment. They told me that in generally the order starts in mid of the year which is June every year. The exact date in June depends on how the order went on for the previous year. That was all they told. Does anyone try to make the order this month? And can tell us what is exactly going on?? Actually this was all the SAs told me......I'm not sure it is true or not.
  5. When I bought my birkin, the SA gave me only the tax refund form and the credit card payment receipt. He didn't give me any official receipt from Hermes. I think it is quite strange. Is it normal??
  6. happy you got your Birkin!! Congrats!
  7. The tax refund form is like the official receipt of Hermes because you keep a copy of it.

    Now, they even do away with Cites and print the exotic information for certain leathers on that tax refund form because that's all you need to show the authorities when you leave the country if the need arises.
  8. I think it is much proper to have an official hermes receipt!! :graucho:

  9. I think so too! :P

    But Hermes does their own tax refund and have the appropriate Letterhead etc on that form (which is different from all the rest who uses Global Refund etc...)....
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    Last edited: Jun 17, 2009
    I got the information from my friend who just came back from Paris yesterday. She told me that the order taking was started. She made her order last week in FSH. She ordered baby jean 35cm birkin.

  11. Thank you for this, I'm wondering if this was a normal walk-in?
  12. Congrats! My favorite color!!

  13. For how long do they accept orders? I'll be in Paris toward the end of November, and would very much like to place an order. Also, do they accept SOs from walk-ins? I would like to get a 35 B with contrast lining if possible.
  14. congrats! she is a beautiful timeless color, and chic too!!
  15. Perrrrrrrfection!! :nuts: Congratulations!! :woohoo:

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