Lahaska, PA Outlet

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  1. Today they had a few good finds...nothing spectacular. There was a penelope lilac leather satchel (pilot) but it was damaged. Lots of black/white tribeca, alex coated canvas totes in black/white, madison holly bags in tan, poppy bags...don't know the names bc I'm not into poppy (sorry!). One parker tote (put on hold for crazyforcoach09) and one pilot alex in raspberry and addison diaper tote...which I bought :smile:
    Loads of MFF and not so popular FP wallets/wristlets on clearance.
    On a side note....there was a woman there who was FREAKING out about the limitations on buying signature/leather bags. She had her drivers license taken and info copied by the manager. I have never seen this happen at my home outlet before so it was quite a scene to behold!
  2. Went today around 11. One Tribeca in Peony, One Kristin Checkbook wallet in Peach. Some glasses and blue/green poppy jewelry in the case. Otherwise they had some of those Ali bags from last year in Rose Gold
  3. Had to search to find this thread. Wanted to bump it because of the talk of FP deletes for this weekend. Just came back from Lahaska--only FP items were Poppy at 30% off of full price and then 20% for the coupon. They do expect more and anticipate: Alex's, Waverly's, Peyton's and Kristen's purses and accessories but did not have details. Left empty handed for the second time this week. Sigh!
  4. Anticipate as in this weekend or next week Roro?
  5. According to the SAs, this weekend. I think the shipment was due in on Friday and would be put out on Saturday. I would definitely call first.
  6. See, I never know what I want and I've never called and gotten anything I want. Sigh. I'll pop in mid week to see if anyone's got buyer's remorse and returns some goods. Thanks though, love!
  7. Went yesterday. There was black poppy pocket hobos, some of the kaleidescope pink small poppy wallets and long poppy wallets.

    Everything else was MFF.
  8. anyone intersted in a silver metallic sydney, I have on hold here until tomorrow
  9. Lots of poppy here today along with some Madison: Hailey in sand, Maggie in cornflower, carryall in sand, apricot and exotic bone. Embroidered flower maggie in rose.
  10. was there anything good in clearance
  11. Does Lahaska have a jewelry counter? Anyone seen Le-Tan jewelry yet?

  12. They have a small one
  13. Almost no jewelry today at all. Basically the jewelry counter was filled with sunglasses. In clearance most of the bags were MFF--the convertible Zoes and lots of Leighs.
  14. The Embroidered Flower Maggie are in outlets already? What was the price?
  15. ^^30% off retail then 20% off that. Full price was $600.