Lahaska, PA Outlet

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I just returned from the Lahaska Outlet in PA.

    They had lots and lots of Zoes in the back ($128 with 20% coupon).
    Signature Stripe Shoulder Totes #F13548 were $99. They had those in green, pink and brown stripe.
    Pink and Green Hamptons Carryall #F13490 for 50% off.
    Small Butterfly Totes - 50% off.
    Op Art Leah Signature Tote - 50% off.
    Peytons in Green and Metallic Silver - 50% off $699 (I think it said $699!)
    Bonnie Cashin Canvas Totes
    Bonnie Foldover Bags
    A couple of Cricket bags - rose gold, white w/pink, tan.
    Coach sneaks - Most were 50% off, the rest were $79.
    Lots of Penelopes too.

    That's all I can think of for now. Hope this helps.
  2. No parker? No MFF Soho?
  3. Sorry, they had no parkers but they did have Sohos.
  4. any black leather penelope shoppers
  5. Just in lilac.
  6. #6 Sep 13, 2009
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2009
    First post, been lurking forevers.. my b/f will officially make fun of me til I die, I swore I was just looking.. I just heard, "are you posting something?! Did you lose your virginity??"

    Here's what was at Lahaska today around 11am

    -Japan exclusive wristlets, long wallets and small clutch wallets - khaki and pink
    -Japan exclusive key holder pouches

    -Sabrina Op Art small lavender and melon
    -Sabrina Op Art large in parchment
    -Op Art shoulder bag in melon
    -Madison slim envelope Op Art parchment
    -Madison checkbook espresso
    -Satin darcy clutches - coral, silver, silver and straw
    -Madison Holly lavender

    -Zoes medium and large, silver black, silver red, brass black
    -Zoe pouches patent green and rose

    -Cricket mini skinnys - khaki, sig/platinum, pink
    -Ali mahogany small flap
    -Ali wristlets mahogany white tang
    -Ali clutch papaya
    -Hamptons capacity wristlets brass black
    -Bonnie foldover capacity wristlets coral and gold

    -Parker wristlets
    -Parker perforated wristlets grey and green
    -Parker perforated shoulder bag - hot dog looking one
    -Parker perforated small wallet grey
    -Parker shoulder bags - white and tan hot dogs

    -Polka dot bangle
    -Multi colored butterfly bange
    -1 inch outline signature bangle - sv/bk and brass black
    -Whale fobs, lobster fobs, tattoo fobs, sherling boot fobs
    -Body Splash all three scents

    -MFF white madeline
    -MFF kisslock wristlets python and zebra
    -MFF hamptons bags with zebra and ocelot
    -MFF kira bags and wristlets
    -MFF men's collection
    -MFF new bags soho line
    -MFF mouse pads, legacy stripe mousepads, legacy stripe kisslocks, patent berry kisslocks
    -MFF paper weights - apples and hearts

    -Lots of sunglasses
    -No nice scarves... grr

    Didn't get anything, I was strong but there were lotss of gooodss. I wanted an apple paper weight but I'm gonna hold off til they go down in price.

  7. wow they had a good selection - that is my 2nd fav store - I usually go to Jackson and AC - did you get anything
  8. Nope was strong. Trying not to spend moneys til I start working again.
  9. Did they have any planners yet? Ugh, I am still looking for one but refuse to pay the boutique price! :smile:
  10. I was at Jackson and AC last weekend and they both have planners
    I just won one from ebay for $29.00 - the one with the turnlock
  11. I guess I should have been more specific! I am looking for the op art planner in black and white. I have been calling Lahaska, Limerick and Jackson almost everyday and they tell me no planners. But, we all know that sometimes the SAs don't look and just want you off the phone.
  12. Do you remember how much the Japan wristlets were?

  13. PM me and I will help you - I saw them at Jackson and AC -
  14. eekiepie: sorry I wasn't looking at prices just said to the b/f, "man, ladies on the forum need to know about this!"

    dawnstacie: they had op art planners in lilac. maybe they have some black ones stashed in the back, be persistent, use a style number when you call and ask them to look it up. whatever the number is make sure to add F to the beginning.
  15. Has anyone been to the Lahaska outlet lately? I usually go to Jackson, NJ but while I am away at school Lahaska is closest to me. Thinking of taking a trip out there on my next day off- anything new there/has anyone been there to report back on what they've seen? Thanks for the help ladies!!!