Lahaska, PA Outlet

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  1. thanks rm
  2. Havent tried this outlet yet? Is it far from jackson or ac? Anything interesting?
  3. Not much on the delete shelves or the clearance shelves today. You know it's slim pickens when there's one bag centered face front on each shelf! They did have about 6 teal op art sophias in small---red lined, 50% and a 20% coupon.

    The news is this: transfer boxes piled to the ceiling on the sales floor and in the back. Get your lists together and start calling, Coachies. 215-794-8777.
  4. Wow this has been dormant for a while. If anyone is interested lahaska has the large embossed suede Sophias at 50% and then 30% final price 206 plus tax. They had a few of them. They were redlined to 589.99.
  5. Anything else worth traveling for, Roro?
  6. Lots of MFF, of course. In the deletes, large and small sophias in brown leather; some Kristens in black patent and a signature Kristen with that funky hardware that I think was part of the new floorset in March--sort of a pink signature with pink leather trim. Not a Kristen fan, so I didn't pay much attention.
  7. Any leather Sophia deletes??
  8. This is my favorite Coach outlet despite the fact that it's super small and in the middle of nowhere. Today, it had more FP deletes than I have ever seen on its shelves. TONS of Sophias!

    Fabric in khaki, red, grey and black and in a multi-colored fabric. Leather in Mahogony (they told me, I did not see it)
    One small leather in bone--gorgeous
    Leather in large putty with the chains (sorry, not my favorite)
    Leather in small blueish grey with the braided handles.
    Suede from the winter in brown at 50% (all others are 30%)

    Lots of Mia Maggies in fabric similar to the sophias and in "C" pattern in leather. Also plain maggies in brown and (I think) black

    All of the deletes were 30% and a 30% coupon.
    No, they don't do charge holds, charge sends, or hold clearance.

  9. Same as Sunday - they do get good stuff -
  10. Almost forgot: the denim embossed Sophias were there in large and the putty-ish color ones were there in small. So pretty.
  11. Thanks for mentioning about the charge holds, etc.- that's always in the back of my mind since my outlets don't seem to get the good deletes much.
  12. Has anyone been here lately? Its about an hour and a half from me. Do they get a lot of deletes or no?
  13. No deletes as of yet
  14. I was there yesterday at 10am.
    kristin flaps, hobos and totes in all colors
    Gold poppy glams
    Lindseys chevron Magh Black and Navy
    Sophia Chevron Magh Blacka and Navy
    Sophia op art sequin
    Lindsey, Sophia, Abbie and Maggie Gunmetal
    Lindsey and Sophia and Maggie Croc Gray
    Sophia Op art gunmetal
    Sophia Black leather small - redline
    Poppy Liquid gloss Red - slim tote and hippie - redline
    Poppy liquid gloss large EW tote black and navy
  15. THEY HAVE ALL Kristins...NO Laila's..NO totes!!!!