Lahaska, PA Outlet

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  1. Will be here soon! So excited!
  2. Call before you go - a very smalllllllllll store....but there is a store down the road about 25 mins in Flemington NJ
  3. Wow! They had Lindsey's and Sophia's in chevron?! That gives me hope that they may get some at my outlet, I have always regretted returning my black chevron Lindsey
  4. Wow! Flemington has a Coach outlet now. I lived up 31 in Clinton.
  5. Yep. A few years old!!!
  6. I should be able to stop by tonight, I'll post what I find!
  7. I am headed there to. We might meet!
  8. Cute store, but no Madison. Had a few Poppy bags. Wasn't a total bust though I did learn they were instructed to not give out information about bags coming in and so forth. Apparently they had a really bad experience and encourage shoppers to come in the store and purchase from floor stock.
  9. That must be somethin new, I usually call b4 I go to make sure they have the items I am looking for. I just called there this week lookin for a certain item and they looked it up! Glad it was not a bust! Since that store is in the sticks, they sometimes get good items.