Lahaska, PA Outlet

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  1. Last time I was there they had a few maggies, and sabrinas. Is there something you are specifically looking for?
  2. My b/f went this weekend to buy me a Slim Envelope wallet in sv/bk if anyone is looking for those...$56 :smile:
  3. I'm not looking for anything specific just wondering what they had- I had heard they did not get a lot of boutique transfers? But thanks for the input! I'll report back if I end up going.
  4. Lahaska, and Limerick don't get much out of the non mff lines.
  5. Ladies today there was a spectator Julianne in the pink-ish and blue colors! I carried it around for a while but put it down and by the time I left no one had picked it up yet..someone go buy it!! And for an oulet update there were lots and lots of MFF bags. Still some Zoes but not many colors. There were actually some FP deltes- madison shoulder bags, tribeca op art swingpacks, some ali's, I saw two Leah's, and some Parker still.
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    Last edited: Dec 26, 2009
    I just returned room Lahaska and they had great stuff

    Leather Sabrinas: Ginger and Gray
    Leather travel Sabrinas -: black and op art black
    Sabrinas: Op art white trim, linen, Ombra, (three differnt colors) Ikat Sabrinas, grass green (small)
    Madison Shoulder bags
    Julianne - grass green and op art with white trim
    Garnet - large and small - leather and siggy
    Zoes - tons
    OP ART Juliannes - black, brown, khaki, multi color
    Steel XL Juliannes in clerance
  7. Updates?
    I'm thinking bout going this week.
  8. I did not go this weekend
  9. Just went tonight

    They had a lot of poppy and poppy accessories
    Jewel zip wallets in teal
    1 pink waverly wristlet that is currently at FP
    Black patent Madison wristlets
    Copper Madison wristlets
    Copper Audrey
    Jade Audrey and top handle pouch
    Ergo pleated in a slate color that was a MFF piece, F in the creed
    Brooke wristlet in quartz
    Brooke wristlet op art cherry and khaki
    Large capacity stain amanda wristlet in sv/sv
    a few bangles in the case, some sunglasses

    lots of shipment boxes on the side :smile: wonder what's in them
  10. Thanks for the update, it has been awhile!
  11. Went this afternoon, they were giving the coupon at the door:

    All of these are 30%
    Periwinkle Audrey
    Jade Audrey
    Copper Claire
    Embossed LARGE CREAM Kristin Clutch ---$498 awesome find, if I wanted this I would be grabbing it up
    Alex coated totes khaki
    Poppy Starlet gold

    Lots of poppy wristlets, wallets

    1 Gramercy checkbook in the green 50%
    Cold weather accessories were really cheap
    2 Madison Graphic op art wristlets the orange and grey color from last year

    There was sunglasses and some jewelry in the case
  12. does anyone know if this outlet ships? I will call in the AM ...but does anyone know if they do?
  13. Went today...

    Kristin Darcy Clutch in Green, Purple $289 redline with 50% off
    Kristin Shoulder Flap Brown

    They were giving coupons out at the door
  14. bump Just back from Lahaska. First, they are givng out the 20%/30% coupons at the door. Second, they had TONS of boxes that they were unpacking. Apparently some is for a new floorset but many were FP deletes. Not a fan of the line but there were lots and lots of Peytons. I don't know much, but some swingpacks, wallets, satchels, drawstring bags and totes. So sorry but this line is not my thing so I can't be more specific. As of 1PM today the store was not crowded and they were unpacking lots of things.
  15. Hi All-
    I just called looking for the poppy butterfly tote, if any of you see it, please put it on hold under Dawn. It is for my bday! :smile: Here is the link to the bag, not mine:

    I spoke to Dan, who was amazing! He said that he had tons of peytons, poppy and one brown leather audrey.