Lahaska, PA Outlet

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  1. call if you want a sydney in metallic
  2. This morning: lots of MFF in the 50% section

    Others were 30% off
    NO coupon today

    Madison: audrey in cornflower
    maggie in cornflower
    exotic maggie in grey (just one at noon)
    maggie in sand
    small hippie in sand
    lots of chainlink--maggie, audreys

    I returned a Parker hippie in pink, an exotic carryall in bone and a julia tote in green.
    Also, a carryall in apricot

    (I returned them because the new clutch in one car trumped the new purses!)
  3. Found a black sydney and an xl Julia metallic hobo there. Also several Julia totes. The sydney was 50% off.
  4. Anyone been to Lahaska lately?
  5. I went yesterday around 3pm

    There were so many FP deletes a lot of them in clearance but no coupon
    Kristin large hobo in chalk yellow taupe and gold
    Poppy zip wallet/wristlet
    Peyton embossed fuschia totes
    Brooke white large
    Gramercy wallets zip around and small, small croc bone wallet
    Some poppy items - I didn't focus in on these
    Huge gold Kristin clutch
    Pink embossed rose swingpacks
    Kristin large wristlet in taupe, op art with sequins in brown with gold
    cupcake keyfobs
    dice keyfobs

    In the 30% they had a parchment carryall, parchment audrey and parchment maggie
    Cornflower audrey
    Some sand and parchment small hippies
    Large black hippie
    Some poppy items

    They also got the new MFF lines with ocelot and jewel accessories
    I saw the new Carlys they are small - green and butterfly print and 2 other colors were there

    If there was a coupon I would have bought something!
  6. Bump! just got the phone with Lahaska. Only inquired for Madison bags. They have the Maggie in Midnight and in Raisin.
  7. ^^Also, cinnamon Maggie.
  8. Update of what they had this morning:

    Embossed croc Audrey in purple - a few, and gray - just one, gray embossed maggie and carryall, purple embossed croc maggie - one of each, raisin and midnight maggies, croc Alexandras in lilac, metallic carryall, and a lot of FP wallets. I was so excited that it's all I can remember. It was quite crowded and they were handing out coupons.
  9. Went this morning: 20% coupon

    In 30% off: Maggies in parchment, midnight, cinnamon, perriwinkle and fabric also embossed in purple and grey
    Carryalls in cinnamon, fabric, graphite and embossed in grey
    Mia convertible shoulder bags in black, fabric and raspberry patent
    Alexandra in fabric and blue

    In 50% clearance:

    Lilac embossed alexandra--final price just under $200

    Got a madison wallet in midnight and a wristlet in raisin. Also two fish keyfobs for myself and my daughter. Left feeling virtuous---like I didn't spend a fortune on Coach last month.

    By the way, According to the manager Tanya, they do not expect to put out the Ashleys here until the 20th.
  10. Went this morning--20% coupon.

    In 30%--a Maggie in cinnamon
    Mia carryalls in olive, camel and ocelot
    Mia shoulder bag in eggplant
    Alexandra in berry in large
    Studded Alexandra
    Some op-art Alexandra
    Poppy denim shoulder bag and small bag
    Poppy backpack in blue sequins

    In 50%
    Some older Julias: signature and pale lilac
    lots and lots of MFF

    If anyone has any questions, feel free to PM me and ask.
  11. Hi All,

    I know this is still fairly new, but please let me know if you see the MADISON CLOVER PRINT MEDIUM WALLET style 44414.

    Thanks Ladies!
  12. There were two croc Maggies in black at Lahaska today. They don't do charge sends, or charge holds but they do 48 hour holds for merchandise. I saw someone looking for this in another thread.
  13. I just called, they have one left and it is only 30% off... no coupon today :sad:
  14. Coupon today though!
  15. I just called Lahaska looking for a particular bag. No luck for me, but they have the Mia Totes in and on display. Also, they have the new MFF Garnets out. Not really interested in either so I did not ask for colors, prices, etc. They do have a 20% coupon at the door. Also, for anyone interested, they open at 7am on Black Friday and claim no knowledge of any particulars of Black Friday discounts, coupons, etc.