Lahaska, PA Outlet

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  1. #61 Aug 4, 2010
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2010
  2. ^^^ the embroidered one came in two sizes the small which was antique rose and eggshell which were $428. the large never made it to public release it was an LE, baglady owns one. it was $798 and came in bronze and a purple color, but there were only like 28? made and they sold fast so i doubt it was at the outlet?
  3. Thanks for the info.
  4. yupp the embroidered audrey also came in those colors too and some accessories. it was made for the opening of the shanghai store in china so it was available regular release there but here in the US we only got a few and they were all LE
  5. ^^you folks are correct--the bag was not $600. That was the price of the exotic carryall. Sorry, Coach overload.

  6. Jackson has some
  7. No problem. I know what Coach overload is like. Sometimes there are just so many bags and people grabbing at them that it's hard to keep track of styles, colors, prices, etc. The SAs aren't always helpful, so any info from a TPFer is always appreciated. :smile:
  8. OMG what!?!? in what color?
  9. When I was there they had antique rose (yesterday)

  10. 428 less 30% less 20%
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    Was at Lahaska yesterday.

    - Small Madison hippies
    - Maggies in cornflower, sand, apricot, embossed bone and embroidered maggie in antique rose
    - Haileys in apricot
    - Julia totes
    - Poppy hobos and groovy
    - Peyton carryalls
    - Madison wallets
    - Julia wallets and wristlets

    After typing out the list, I realize I can't remember most of the items except the Madison bags as I was too busy looking at them...:sweatdrop:
  12. I just got back and same things as above - but did not see maggie in antique rose.
  13. There was only 1 antique rose Maggie left on the shelf yesterday. Seems likes someone brought it home eventually.
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    Edit: Oops... posted in the wrong thread :P