Lahaska, PA Outlet

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  1. Dawnstacie....they had Poppy butterfly tote at Limerick last night!
  2. There were Glams with hearts today, a lot of peyton wallets, a metallic peyton shoulder bag, metallic peyton crossbody, melon peyton crossbody, darcy clutch in purple and in coral, large black drawstring bag

  3. congrats on your first post-now you will be addicted like the rest of us :nuts:
    I bought my 3 yr old daughter that apple paper weight (she picked it out herself and loves it) it was $7.99 in the clearance bin at mine and that was like a month ago!
  4. Thanks but my post was from September :smile:
  5. I went this afternoon. I don't get down there very often, so I'm not too familiar... is it usual for them to only have like 1 case filled with FP deletes? Anyway, I saw some black Peyton carryalls, Peyton wallets, a couple pouches, a swingpack, khaki sig groovys, orange/pink sig glam totes, 1 Poppy signature heart glam, a magenta patent glam, some black and grey leather spotlights, but that was about it. I also saw 1 jade Hailey which someone bought, 1 tan leather Madison shoulder bag, and some gold Ali (I think) bags. Oh & some Madison wallets, Poppy wristlets/wallets and winter accessories.
  6. Limerick has Sydneys
  7. CFC, What were the colors of the Sydneys @ Limerick?

  8. They said teal
    call and ask, I think they have the embossssed and the gray textured
  9. Hi All! Lahaska was packed today! I walked out of their with the watermelon coin purse, the star paper weight and the Leah embossed tote for work. My mom got the small leah bag that can go on your shoulder or has a strap to go cross body and she also got the straw tote. They had a inlaid claire for 30 percent off and then the 20 percent coupons they were handing out at the door. There had a wall of fb stuff including a borwn siggie maggie. Any questions, just ask and I will try to remember. They had a ton of embossed stuff and the new huge op art totes!
  10. I will be there when the doors open!!!!
    Making a returnn- I hope good FDs are still there
  11. crazy, what did they have?
  12. NOTHING really
    The maggies were gone ;(
    They did have one inlaid Claire
    and some poppy black siggy spotlights
    some groovys
    and one kahki book tote that I wanted but I left her
    they had alot of sneakers and some flip flops but NOT in my size - go figure

    MFF - tons of stuff on clearance
    One those Melon Brookes in med and large in clearance

    New MFF Daisy - cute but not for me
  13. Thanks crazy :smile:
  14. I just came back from Lahaska today and they were packed with FP merchandise and customers, so word must have gotten out! For deletes: lots of Poppy and Madison. I don't know the Poppy line, but pretty light pink and light blue patent totes and shoulder bags. Madison Hailey in walnut, Maggie in walnut, Audrey in spectator lilac and beige and the floral Audrey, too. Lots of marked down MFF as well. Madison and Poppy were 30% off full price and there was a 20% coupon. Everything was just put out last night and today was the first day with these deletes.
  15. Bump! I'm going on Thursday....I'll be sure to update this thread