pawn shop finds - photos of your pawn shop treasures

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  1. So, Bagladyseattle, have you worn those sexy things yet!?!?!?!? LOL!!
  2. Jenbuggy85. LOL! Yes, I wore it yesterday w/ my hair up of course. If you are in WA, me and you would have blast going pawshop.
  3. i actually went ahead and took them off layaway. i ended up changing my mind. so for now, since i have been unemployed, i haven't been going to any pawn shops—it's too tempting. i'm trying to be as frugal as possible. but i promise, when i do start going again, i will post my finds for you all.

    sorry, i haven't been back to this thread in a while, otherwise i would have responded right away.

    i live in fort collins. GO RAMS!!! ;)
  4. :goodpost: and very true!

    wow black jade, your ring is gorgy!!! :drool: you got an excellent deal. thank you so much for posting. i am so happy to see this thread has continued with more comments and pics. keep 'em coming, ladies!


    i agree completely. even though i have never been a fan of the marquise shape, i still think it's classic and beautiful. i also like my pear shape (my mom's e-ring that she gave me last year) for that same reason—the point of the pear elongates my fingers. my original e-ring is a emerald cut, and even though it's gorgeous, i still prefer the pear.

    you know what, you should have made an offer. just because the price on the price tag is there, doesn't mean it's firm. that's another huge advantage of buying your jewelry at pawn shops—you get to make an offer, and you'd be surprised how they'll be willing to accept it especially if that particular ring has been sitting in that case for a while. they just want to get rid of them. i think they sometimes overprice their jewelry knowing people will always make an offer.
  5. wow jen! gorgeous! i love this set. looks beautiful on your hands, too. gratz!
  6. wow. these are just stunning, baglady. those are the type of earrings i am also in the market for, but unfortunately they're never at the pawn shops where i go. maybe when i get a job i'll get lucky.

  7. onegirlcreative: No worries!! I'm in Boulder but my little sis lives in The Fort. She goes to CSU. Headed up there for the holiday weekend!! :yahoo:
  8. how fun!!! we're going to a 4th of july party at the lake, and that's pretty much it. pretty low key, which is how i like it. we may take my daughter to the fireworks display at city park, but that'll be as we wind down for the evening.

    btw, i used to commute to boulder for work for a year. i love that city. small world.

  9. Totally!! Have a fun weekend!! :biggrin:
  10. Pretty love it!
    And congrats!
  11. Baglady your jewelry is gorgeous! I live in the north end of Seattle by the Highlands/145th and Greenwood area so there are plenty of pawn shops around. You definitely are inspiring me to get out there and do some searching!
  12. thanks, and you do the same!

    btw, any good pawn shops in boulder? i need to head down there one of these days just to visit, and figured if there are any good ones in the area, i'd check them out.

    i found a few decent ones in longmont, and have gotten a few really good pieces there.
  13. I haven't found any good ones yet. I went to one in Longmont as well, but while I was there a couple came in looking for a gun that was stolen from them and found it!! Yikes. If I find a good one in our area, I will for sure post it here. I love treasure hunting. :smile:
  14. Last Sunday, I just scored two pairs of hoops, one is half way diamond and the other is plain big gold hops. I will post pics shortly.
  15. Look forward to seeing!

    Thanks everyone for the kind comments on my 5-stone.

    I am not searching pawn shops right now because I have a ring on layaway, a beautiful marquise and I am trying not to see other things I like until I pay that off. I don't want to post photos until I pay it off either! It seems like I shouldn't put it up until it's actually on my finger. I won't be done paying until early next year! And of course lots could happen between then and now--there's many a slip between cup and lip, as the old people used to say!

    Me and my mom went shopping about a month ago. She got a beautiful gold bracelet for $300. She also got diamond rings for herself and my niece, $70 apiece. They were beautiful rings, the old cut diamonds were only 15 pointers but they were in illusion settings that made them look much bigger and the rings were beautifully made. I'd say WWII era. I couldn't find anything similar selling on the web for less than $500.

    Unfortunately I didn't take photos and my mom lives quite far away.

    She has me looking out for a tennis bracelet for her now.

    I do always go to the same shop where I am sure they do not 'fence' (accept stolen goods).

    bye for now.