pawn shop finds - photos of your pawn shop treasures

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  1. sounds gorgeous, black jade. i can't wait to see your ring once you get it off of layaway.

    i am so tempted to get a tennis bracelet myself, because there are many of them at the local pawn shops here, but i'm holding back because i know one day i will get my mom's gorgeous yellow gold tennis bracelet. so for now, i'll just admire from afar.

    in the meantime, i have been looking around every now and then (definitely not as often as i was before) and i even saw two stainless steel vintage rolexes that are exactly what i've been wanting at one pawn shop. i couldn't believe my eyes. any time i see a rolex, it's always a ladies' version and yellow gold mixed with SS, which is exactly what i don't want.

    i am very adament on the stainless steel men's version and preferably a vintage—something very simple and non-blingy. but, i was being good and walked away from it since i am still unemployed and really shouldn't be thinking about buying a rolex at this point.

    one day though.
  2. :bump:
  3. Does anyone know of any good pawn shows in North NJ?
  4. Or MA?
  5. oh, i have to believe there are tons. just whip out the yellow pages and take a look, and you can determine if you feel they're in a safe area or not. tbh, you'd be surprised how you can find really good stuff in the seediest of pawn shops. sad, but true.
  6. I have some jewelry that was given to me by people I'd rather not have in my life, so I just want to get rid of it haha.

    Thank you!
  7. I love pre-owned goods, but the pawn shops in my city are in the most dangerous areas so I tend to steer clear :sad:
  8. I don't have pics unfortunately but I have to tell this story.
    I went with my friend at the beginning of the summer to my favorite pawnship (where I still have that layaway mentioned above) because she was looking for an engagement ring. She's been married 30 years but never had an engagement ring because she eloped as a teenager.

    We saw a beautiful ring with a center diamond of 1.25 carat, two additional side baguettes, I forget the specs exactly since it was 3 months ago, but I remember that they were good specs. I didn't know the cut, but it must be great because this is a SPARKLER. It was sparkling in the dim lights of the pawn shop. Anyway, she fell in love and asked her husband if she could have that ring. He bought it for her and within the return period went to an independent appraiser to see if it was worth the price he paid ($5,000). She told me yesterday that it came back appraised at $8,000.

    She's very happy with her ring.

    Just thought I'd log in to tell that story. I myself haven't bought anything for several thousands of dollars at the pawn shop (only several hundreds) so I was glad that she had such a happy ending to her story.
  9. WOW they r stunning!!!!!!! :nuts:
  10. omg... i think this thread is dangerously delicious.... HAHAHA
  11. I just went through all 20 pages and feel the sudden urge to find any pawn shop close by to where I live.....I'll report back if I find anything interesting!!!
  12. haha me too! I was just looking at this thread planning a time when I can leave the kids with my hubs to go pawn shop shopping! hehe!
  13. Any good pawn shops in RI? All of you ladies did so well that it makes me want to scout a good bargain.
  14. wow...i love this story! that's an amazing deal. i only wish you could take a pic of her ring. think she'd let you? :graucho:

    regardless, it sounds gorgeous and i love hearing stories like this where someone saved several thousand dollars on a gorgeous piece of jewelry.
  15. these are awesome, keep 'em coming. i went into a vintage jewelry store (Pippin's) in NY today, saw a lot of cute diamond solitaires among much more funky stuff.