pawn shop finds - photos of your pawn shop treasures


Nov 30, 2012
State of Aloha
Good deals ladies and you guys are very lucky to find the good stuff:smile: I went to the nearest pawnshop before it was my first and my last:P because I had a very bad and scary experienced it was not a bad erea to visit but oh my gosh I was browsing and a guy came up to me and he seems drunk and he does smell like alcohol:nogood: and asking me some ramdom question, I run to the manager and told him what happned they took him outside and they call the police after that I run fast in my car and drove home fast and swear that I will never go back there ever again.:panic::broom:
P.S I was at the pawnshop just because I was looking for the last seaon of the DVD True Blood:happydance: