pawn shop finds - photos of your pawn shop treasures

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  1. I love pawn shops. Hubby and i will take a full day and hit all our fave shops in a row. I have several things in layaway at the moment because I was too successful recently. I can go months and not find anything then find tons all at once. Pawn shops are getting more pricy now though as they are getting more popular.
  2. that and because most of them are posting on ebay to get rid of faster. so they know there's more of a calling out there.

    regardless, finding anything at a pawn shop to your liking is rare so you have to grab it before it's gone—which could be the next day!

    when i saw that cartier love ring i literally pondered over it while i was there. but finally i knew, not only was this an excellent deal, it was so RARE to find something like this even in my college town, in a pawn shop—and RG too like my bangle. it was meant to be.
  3. Visited my pawn shop today but I wasn't lucky. That's the secret of pawn shop finds: you should visit regularly and decide quickly if you see something gorgeous. Like your Love ring Lana! It's really amazing.

    I was lucky at the Cartier store though!!:graucho:
  4. Omg!i can't believe you found that in a pawn shop!! My birthday in on April 1st ( big 3-0) and I really want a piece from Cartier for it!! ( I am leaning towards the chain love bracelet in RG) I am going to start going to pawn shops now to see what I can score!!!! Maybe I can find my future Cartier bracelet a friend !!!!
  5. Very cute and what a great deal!
  6. Your pic is very tiny so we could not get a good view of your pendant. Congrats! What a great deal you got. so j:biggrin:ealous.
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    My soon to be E-ring...IF he doesn't drive me mad first! We've already picked it up just needing sized.



    ETA until we can upgrade to this bad boy, which he's totally okay with doing down the road!

  8. Congrats soon to-be engagement! What a beautiful ring! What ct weight for the center? Make sure you have it independently appraised.
  9. LOVE it when that happens! :P It was fate...and so great to get a deal!
  10. great finds
  11. Totally jealous!
    Gorgeous jewelry, girls!!!
  12. Interesting thread and its the first time I have come across it, too bad I am not able to see most of the pictures as they have been deleted.
  13. LOL!
    You usually have such good luck!
    What, pray tell, did you get at Cartier???
  14. hi i found a 10k pendant with chatln as well but can't find any other info on it. this is in north vancouver bc
  15. Looking at all your fab finds makes me want to head to the nearest pawn shop. :sweatdrop: