pawn shop finds - photos of your pawn shop treasures

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  1. it's nice to find this thread. I likes to shop in pawn shop also, to find something antiques. Good luck to all treasure hunters :smile:
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  3. i haven't posted in this thread for quite a while now, but i wanted to come in and share with everyone what i found in a pawn shop last month.

    i've had my RG cartier LOVE bangle for 4 years now, and i've always wanted a matching LOVE ring, but just never really thought about it and never wanted to pay full price. until i walked into this pawn shop last month and saw it!!!

    it was in the front display glass case with the certificate of authenticity just staring out at me. i couldn't believe my eyes. not only was it a LOVE ring, but a RG LOVE ring with—get this—a pink sapphire. of course i had him pull the ring out and it fit me like a glove. i honestly felt this was meant to be. this was meant to be my ring. even he couldn't believe it when i showed him my RG love bangle.

    the cost? it was only $800. i immediately put it on layaway since i really don't need it right now and i figured i'd wait a few months and just add money to it here and there (and until i break the news to my husband lol).

    as soon as i got home i looked up the same ring on cartier's website and saw that it was selling for $2100+. what a steal!!!

    i promise as soon as i pick it up i will take pics and post here for you all to see.

    see, you really can find secret treasures at a pawn shop.
  4. This is so cute!
  5. Omg it was there waiting for you! Totally meant to be, I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see the pics when you get it!
  6. Oh my! RG with a pink sapphire sounds beautiful. What a find! It brings back a very bad memory for me though :sad:. My husband were shopping and came across a black Birkin for...1200. My husband said to get it, but I was unsure of shop, authenticity, ect, so I passed. Goggled the shop when I got home and found it was a "destination" shop for vintage bags. Of course it was gone when I called the next day. I still can't get over it. So smart to put money down on your beautiful ring. Enjoy!
  7. omg what a find! i would also have been disappointed. to pass up $1200 for a vintage birkin omg!!! oh well, live and learn right.

    i checked out the certificate of authenticity and the ring extremely well. honestly if it didn't have it i'd be very skeptical to its authenticity as well, so i empathize with your hesitation with the birkin. since i had a lot of experience before buying my bangle, i knew exactly what the red flags would be. everything checked out and the only issue is when i pick it up it will need to be polished. otherwise it's in excellent condition. i can't wait to pick it up and i've been very tempted to pick it up now but i know it's best if i wait a month or so. which is fine—i can wait.

    i just can't wait to wear it with my bangle. it's gonna look so cool together.
  8. Seriously? Cartier? You lucky woman, you!

    I think I may start checking out the pawn shops here. I doubt they will have anything high end but maybe I'll find a hidden gem.

    Wonder if any here have iPads. I think I might call around.
  9. omg you have no idea. i live in a college town, so finding anything cartier—especially from the LOVE collection—was a pure shock for me. believe me, people here have no idea the significance of what my LOVE bangle is or means. heck, i'm lucky if they've ever even heard of cartier lol.

    you literally never know what you'll find, and this pawn shop was always my LAST destination because of the crappy finds. so you just never know. keep plugging away.

    p.s. i have seen several ipads around many different pawn shops here. i have to believe that's a top seller/buyer.
  10. I visit pawn shops occasionally. My best story involves an almost toe ring.

    I stopped in a little shop in the middle of nowhere about two hours from home and saw a cute old art-carved wedding band in yellow gold. It was a size 5.5 which is my size. For some silly reason I didn't buy it right away. I wanted to think about it. I waited a week and decided to go back for it. It was GONE! The sold it just two days prior!

    But as I was looking around the store a woman comes in to exchange a "toe ring" she bought because it was too big for her little toe and would rather get a different one instead of sizing it (the cost of sizing was the same or more than what she paid). She was debating sizing it down to a 3 or so.

    Lo and behold it is the ring I came back for!! I am so glad it didn't get sized. The pattern goes all the way around. And now it will not be a toe ring while I have it. I did have to clean it before I would wear it since it was briefly on her toe!
  11. Beautiful!
  12. wow what a great story. like it was meant to be for you as well. the odds of you being right there when she returned it are so amazing. you should post a pic of it so we can all see :smile:
  13. Those diamond and emerald chandelier earrings are gorgeous!
    What would one expect to pay for such earrings?

  14. OMG. only $800 for a RG love ring. Can't wait to see your photo.
  15. i know, i almost fainted when i saw it. add to that, it has the pink sapphire as well. i mean, even if it was just the RG without the stone it's a steal.

    trust me, i will post photos for sure.