pawn shop finds - photos of your pawn shop treasures

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  1. Love love love that show. I wouldnt want to work there though! :smile:
  2. My husband loves that show and I watch it with him sometimes.
    Nothing like that ever happens at the pawn shop I go to.
    The most drama I ever saw was once when a guy came in looking for his stolen jewelry (stolen by his nephew, apparently). A lot of the jewelry was there. The nephew had pawned it there and at the other pawnshop in town within the last couple of days and when they saw the photos the pawn shop personnel recognized and went in the back or wherever they keep the things recently pawned or sold, which they can't sell, they have to hold them for a certain amount of time to clear with the police that they aren't stolen (and if they are pawned even if its legit, which it usually is, of course they can't sell them at all unless the person who pawned them does not pay on time.)

    The guy wanted his jewelry back but he couldn't have it--the police took it to hold for evidence in the case against the nephew. I never saw anybody look so steamed. The nephew was probably lucky to be in jail where the uncle couldn't get at him.

    I think the pawn shop had to take the loss. that is, I don't think they get reimbursed when it turns out stuff was stolen.

    It was all very polite, though. The pawn shop personnel were polite and cooperative, the police were polite, the uncle was even polite (though his eyes were on fire).

    That's the only time anything remotely exciting ever happened there.

    I never heard anyone there getting mad that they didn't get more money offered, or pulling down their pants or any of the odd things that happen on Hardcore Pawn. There are no bodyguards that kick people bodily out there. If you're shopping, it's just like being at a jewelry store, except with more personal attention (and you're able to bargain. I usually get 20% off). Of course the lights are worse than the jewelry store. People come in quietly to pay some money on the things they have pawned so that they can keep them, and you hear the personnel discussing with people what they can give them on their merchandise, also and for how long.

    There are also never any wonderful antiques with fascinating histories bought in, like in Pawn Stars. Besides jewelry, there's a lot of guitars and other musical instuments (I saw a harp once); there's a whole lot of stuff like tvs and and dvd players and dvds and computer parts and laptops (my husband likes to go look at those), there are bicycles and a lot of tools (seasonal workmen bring their tools in when they don't need them in the winter and then redeem in the summer when they need to work again.) The clientele is white and black and hispanic and middle class and working to lower class. YOu can't tell from what someone looks like or dressed like whether they are a buyer or seller though. Sometimes they are both. I have seen people come in to redeem something they left and buy something else at the same time.

    The jewelry is gold, silver and diamonds and some sapphires and a lot of brand name watches. The diamonds range from chips and what is frankly, frozen spit, to really beautiful diamonds one carat or more with certs (usually EGL certs. I've never seen GiA or AGS certs there). The periods range from around the 1920's to absolutely contemporary. There's a lot from the late 1930's through the 1980's right now. I would guess that the last of people's mothers and grandmothers who were born 1915 to 1920 and had art deco jewelry are passing away and their heirs are pawning or selling their stuff for whatever they can get; I don't think too many ladies born around 1960 (my generation) are shuffling off this mortal coil ath this point, but I think a lot of them have decided to rid themselves of their yellow gold tennis bracelets and marquise diamond rings that they haven't been wearing, either because the price of gold is high or just because it's all so out of style at the moment. But there's always endless kinds of engagement rings. I don't know if it's upgraders or people who divorced of what but you can find anything from a 1940's illusion ring to a an up to the minute princess cut in white gold, especiallly in the sizes between .40 and .75 carats. And endless diamond stud earrings of all kinds of qualities; pendants (a lot of journey pendants coming in right now, they must be out of style), eternity rings and half eternity rings, in 10k, 14k, 18k and platinum.
    Although most rings are under .75 carat, there are quite a few rings of 1 carat or somewhat more, I'd say 1 carat to 1.25 carat. Never much above that. I have seen 2 carat solitaires but they flew out of the shop FAST. You can find round brilliants easily, marquises VERY easily, old cuts (in smaller sizes) without too much problem; princess cuts quite often now and occasionally a pear or heart cut. I've never seen an emerald cut diamond there or an asscher (I have seen asscher cut other stones). the vast majority is not certed and I'd guess color range I-J. Clarity really ranges but the vast majority are eyeclean, through a loupe you'll usually see something so I think Si1 or Si2. My friend just got a G VVVS2 1 carat though there (she had it independently appraised after she bought it within the return time). The certed things tend to be G, H, VS (but EGL certs,as I said before). You never have any idea of cut quality from the cert but of course since you are there in person you can see if the thing sparkles or not. If it sparkles in the terrible lighting that they have, you can be sure it will REALLY sparkle once you get it home, of course. My marquise is honestly a crazy sparkler, that's why I was so attracted to it. I brought it to two jewellers and one independent appraise to check out and they all said it was a very beautiful stone, that the inclusion did not harm the integrity at all and that it was definitely a keeper. (It was still in the return period at that time). It's easy to find a marquise, because they are not in style at the moment, but it's not all that easy to find a beautifully cut marquise, so I was happy. Just like with princesses recently, marquises were so stylish about 30 years ago that there are great many crappy ones with terrible cuts floating around on the resale market and that's what you usually see, in fact.

    I'm surprised mine is in 14k white. The whole style of the ring screams, 1985, and white gold was not popular at all then so that's surprising.

    Sorry to have written a book here.
  3. Fascinating post! Thank you!
  4. that was very interesting, black jade. thanks!
  5. I was on vacation in Vegas last spring and had to stop in Gold & Silver (Pawn Stars) Pawn Shop. It was my first pawn shop experience. I found this pendant that matches a ring I already have. I feel like I got a decent price on it.

  6. Pretty!

  7. I love looking at all the great bargains on this thread. Everyone has gotten some great finds! As a result, I was inspired to venture into the local pawn shop today for the first time and I had a great time with the girl working there! It was such a blast trying on all the rings! :biggrin: I left with this little sparkler to nestle along side of my wedding band. Two tone white and yellow gold,(which I love!) & there are 5 little diamonds (which is my lucky number!) and they are sooo sparkly!

    Has anyone heard of this name, which is inscribed inside? "Chatlin" or "Chatln"?


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  8. The only thing I could find is this site, but the stuff doesn't look like yours--much different style:

    Could "Chatlin" or "Chatln" be the name of the former owner? People often have rings engraved on the inside with some special quote, date, name, etc.
  9. n/t
  10. I was thinking too, that perhaps it was someones name. Thanks for looking anyway, Ratnapur.:smile:
  11. I don't have any problem going into a pawnshop to shop. I actually think about it like a treasure hunt. The people who sell to pawn stores have so many options now to sell that it is their choice to take what money is offered. About the bad luck with used jewelry- what about looking for pieces that have good stones and resetting them? Wouldn't that make it a new piece?
    I have bought other items in pawn stores, but so far only 1 piece of jewelry. It was a small flower ring with a diamond chips and white gold head made to made to look like a solitare on top. I thought it was cute and paid $25 for it. I wore it that way for awhile. Then, I had the chance to upgrade my original engagement stone. I felt sentimental about the diamond and didn't know what to do with it. Then, I got the idea to put the stone on the flower ring. That cost maybe 15. I get tons of compliments on my ring!
  12. here it is-pawn store ring with my original diamond in it

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  13. Love your ring! It is so different!
  14. LOL! :P Me neither. Some interesting characters find their way there, don't they?!!?
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