pawn shop finds - photos of your pawn shop treasures

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  1. oh i have heard a lot of good things about that store. you're so lucky to be in close proximity to many amazing stores!
  2. Haha the problem with NYC vintage stores is that a) you've gotta be fast to snatch up good stuff, and b) things aren't very cheap. I'd love to go to pawn shops and see what I can find though.
  3. bump

    Nobody been to the pawn shop lately?
  4. Pawn Stars on the History Channel? Love that show! I love the grandfather--he comes out with the best insults or sayings.

    I also sometimes buy gold and silver jewelry, if I stumble across a good deal, and I have the cash to spare, even though I have no intention of wearing it (of course, I always have that option). I keep it for a rainy day, just for the same reason as the lady you mentioned.
  5. Yay, I LOVE Pawn Stars TV show too!!! Yes, the grandfather is brilliant :smile:
  6. LOL it's like watching a comedic version of Antiques Roadshow - I love it. It makes me want to start combing pawn shops now!
  7. OMG I too am obsessed with that show. My dh even gets a kick out of it. I saw an older episode where a woman came in with a Faberge brooch and had no idea it was worth $$$.
  8. I love Pawn Shops........
    So far I've purchased
    Tiffany SS 1837 Ring $50
    Tiffany SS and 18k Gold Gatelink Ring $80.
    Tiffany SS Elsi Peretti medium open heart pendant with 18 inch chain. $65.
    Tiffany SS Somerset Mesh Bracelet $123.00

    14k Gold 1/2 carat solitaire.. $125.00.:yahoo:
    1 carat total weight diamond ring for $325.00.:yahoo:
  9. Oh I'd love to see photos!!
  10. 18Kt white gold wedding band with .50 ct diamonds-$140
    14kt white gold 3 stone with .50ct diamonds-$120

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  11. Really nice!

  12. Price of gold is rising so fast that the pawn shop in our area doesn't have a chance to re-ticket items before the weight of the gold is actually more than the asking price. I wonder if this is happening anywhere else?

    The pawn shop is like the only place I'll buy gold now, because if regular jewelry stores in my area even HAVE it, the markup added to the price the scrap would be makes it unaffordable. Many jewellers in my area now only have gold in wedding sets. Everything else in the store is silver or else one of the new metals like palladium or even stainless steel or something.

    Gold was quite a bit over $1400 this morning and is rising, they say because of all the problems in the Middle East. Some are saying it will be $2000/oz by 2012. Who knows? But at the pawn shop, you can still pick it up, especially yellow gold, which as someone was remarking on another thread keeps being supposed to be coming back in style but never does. I think at this point, it's not going to come in style because of price!
    However, I prefer YG anyway, for everything but things set with lots of diamonds.
  13. nice to see this thread is still going.

    i haven't been to a pawn shop in a while, unfortunately. i've been so busy with my daughter's soccer and other stuff that i just haven't thought about it. but seeing this thread back in circulation again, i may just have to head on over and check a few places out.

    thanks for keeping it alive!
  14. Can't post pictures until later (I'm supposed to be grading papers) but I bought one of those illusion set rings at the pawn shop the other day for $38. I looked online afterwards and found that the price of the scrap gold alone should have been $68. Of course you can't actually find a 14K white gold setting for $68--especially one as pretty as this (it's quite detailed)

    Then I went to a jeweller today and he tells me the little diamond in it is a D or E VS or VVS (He can't tell entirely because its in a setting). The diamond is REALLY little, like a .05, but even at that size, that quality of diamond sells for over $100, normally.

    And its a really pretty ring.
  15. I got my wedding ring from a pawn shop....LOL!! 768.00. I think its absolutely lovely.

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