pawn shop finds - photos of your pawn shop treasures

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  1. Las Vegas is a great place for pawn shop bargains, like the solid 18k yellow gold spiral emerald & diamond earrings in the picture below. I paid $165. They are custom, one-of-a-kind signature pieces...

  2. wow what a steal!
  3. The is not a pawn shop but is a lot of fun to go through sometimes. It does get treasures, real gold and real designer items. It gets its listings from Good Will stores all over the country.
  4. I've been mooning over some your jewelry steals, very pretty stuff ladies.

    Now I have a trip to NYC coming up in spring and I wanted to ask if any of you may had any idea bout some pawn shops there that maybe have some antique or vintage stuff too?
    Thankful for any suggestions :smile:
  5. Let me guess, you work there and that's why this is your first post.
  6. does any know of any good online pawn shops? :smile:
  7. Good question. This is something I'd like answered too. I've been looking, but haven't found anything worthy of note yet.
  8. I found these two items... I am new to this blog and still navigating my way around.. If there is another place to help identify pieces let me know... But i did just pick these up at a flea market. my guesses are jade charm and a Italian glass brooch.

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  9. I have bought quite a few rings at pawn shops. I started buying about ten years ago but realized just wasn't wearing any of it anymore because it was yellow gold. I just sold it and got about $1,600.00. I am going back out to hit the pawn shops again to see what else I can find.
  10. The first ring my hubby bought me was an 18k topaz ring in a pawnshop. He told me he trust them better when it comes to gold than mall bought jewelry... Hehehe
  11. Toally agree with you! You will never know peoples reason of pawning... I just wish any pawnshop wouldn't accept stolen jewelry and from minors. It happened with my mom. Her niece stole some of her jewelry and pawned it. My mom was able to track down the pawnshop because there was just few of them in the province. In our country its prohibited to accept jewelry from anyone below 16 so my mom called the police and reprimanded them. I think they returned the bangles but it just wasnt the same. It was 22k and i think they rushly produce one that was so thin it look like tin mom cant do anything anymore. It used to be so thick! Come on a kid that keeps coming back to pawn what seem like an older womans jewelry???
  12. Love pawn shops never buy retail!
  13. Hey Guys!!!! Look what I found.. 18k Tacori diamond ring. It's the ribbon band with 2 band attached. For a cooooool $1200.00. What a steal!!!!

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