pawn shop finds - photos of your pawn shop treasures

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  1. You've made some remarkable deals!! Will you post pics of your other items as well?
  2. Oh, BLS...LOVE your new hoops!
  3. Thanks Monica and Skyqueen! I will use my dh camera with a macro lens to take pics.
  4. Oh I did some research on the yellow color gems stone. I think it's citrine and it happens to be that Citrine is my birthstone. I never know that cir tine is my birthstone, LOL. I like what I found so far.
  5. Here are the pics of the citrine solitaire and half eternity.

    Citrine Solitaire for $60. Yea! It's my birthstone. It's size 7, i have to resize down to 4.75.


    Here is the 14kt WG half eternity that bought for my sister, size 7.5. Inside the ring there is no label 14kt. Should I be concern?
  6. hey everyone! I went to a pawn shop today and I found a 1/2 carat old mine cut diamond. the owner suspects its half carat but it looks heavier to me because of the small table and it has a lot of depth on the bottom of the stone. it is set in 18k white gold antique art deco setting. it used to have sapphire triangle shaped stones on each side but it they we removed before trading. the pawn broker says he can do 500 with tax. its price tag is 700. im trying to get him down to 450 with taxes.

    its really pretty!!
  7. Pics please! This is my new fave thread!! I would say 98% of what I buy is used...why not my jewelry too?? LOL! I'm a thrift store queen! I wish you guys could check out this pawn shop here (or maybe that's a bad idea :P)...she has something amazing things and the best part???? She doesn't even know it!! LOL!
  8. haha thats toronto and greater toronto area you really have to hunt! If i go baak i'll take a pic.. :biggrin:
  9. Oh wow, ditto on the pics! I adore old mine cut stones, they're so beautiful. Good luck on it, I hope you get it for what you're wanting to pay!
  10. thanks stophle, i'm going to check back today and see what we can do :biggrin: he said that it has been there forever because people are only interested in modern cuts so hopefully we can work something out...
  11. I went pick up the diamond hoops last Thursday. Here are better pics of it. I am in love w/ my hoops.

  12. i live in boston, any pawn shop around here? thanks!
  13. same here! i did some googling and found suffolk pawn shop, only that it closed quite a while ago. would love to know of any diamond steals around the boston area.
  14. Wow.. :coolpics: these hoops are so incredible! Great find!! Even the insides are paved... From where I am, the pawn shops sell very limited stuff :sad:..
  15. We have 4 in my area, but one store has more than the other.