pawn shop finds - photos of your pawn shop treasures

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  1. So...yeah. I just got paid and I think I'm going pawn shopping this weekend. LOL Hopefully there will be some good finds since I live in Houston.

    When DF and I were looking for my engagement ring I made him go check out pawn shops with me. I adore thrift and outlet shopping and hoped we'd get a good deal. He was very against it because he didn't want the stigma of having gotten my ring at a pawn shop, I think he thought that would make him cheap or something. In my mind, it's getting the biggest bang for your buck, who doesn't want that??

    We found a couple gorgeous rings while we were searching. Unfortunately they were out of our budget at the time but they sure were pretty.
  2. How exciting!! Keep us updated on your finds. Are you looking for anything particular?
  3. I definitely will! I will be looking for antique/estate style rings. They are my passion. It's my favorite kind of jewelry ever. :smile:
  4. My 10kt white gold Tanzanite and diamond ring from the pawn shop for $49!:biggrin:

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  5. What a find!!! It's beautiful on your hand. Congrats!
  6. Bump! :nuts:

    I really wish I'd find a good pawn shop in my area :hysteric:
  7. So I ended up not going shopping and bought another purse instead. *LOL* Darn my addiction!
  8. I am in NJ, can anyone recommend a good pawn shop?
  9. Well, I guess this is where these pics belong! LOL!

    My 1.02 ct emerald cut diamond wedding set. Paid $1500, worth a heck of a lot more! LOL!

    Not sure how much those little tiny stones weigh. But the center stone is 1.02 cts.

    I'm in loooooove!!


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  10. Wow... What a great find! I think I am heading to prawn shop tomorrow to see watch they got.

  11. OMG I love tanzanite!!! Congrats on your ring!
  12. I just got back from Pawn shops. I went to two different stores. I got myself into trouble. I will get the pics up later today. I bought pair full diamond hoops 3 rows paves for $300. I love time. I got 2 rings (half eternity band for $53 and solitaire yellow stone 3ct $60), and pair of red stone studs $25.

    Eternity is present to my sister
    Studs for my mom
    Diamond hoops and yellow solitaire.
  13. Here is the pics of my hoops

  14. What a great finds baglady! This is big trouble indeed. Your diamond hoops are soooo lovely! It looks great in your ears.

    Do I really see 3ct? Or do you mean 0,3ct?
  15. Thank you Monica. The yellow stone solitiare is 3ct. I don't know what type of stone. My dream is to have yellow fancy diamond someday.