pawn shop finds - photos of your pawn shop treasures

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  1. In my view, pawn shopping means:
    a) you save money and are being financially responsible
    b) you are helping to save the earth--as it is recycling on a grand scale. Instead of mining for more diamonds/gold ones that are already mined are getting reused, which is a good thing. If anyone annoys you about a 'blood diamond', you can tell them that yours is actually re-cycled.
    c) It' s ideal as a source for custom jewelry. If you find a good jeweller who remakes pieces and you know a good pawn shop, you are set. A lot of the jewelry in pawn shops is there because its not the latest style. There's a lot of yellow gold there right now and lot of marquise diamonds. If you think of the pieces as raw material to take apart and make new things, you can REALLY get deals. I'm thinking, for instance, of buying one of those old five stone rings, the ones with five marquise diamonds (they are really cheap in pawn shops) and making another pendant, using the five marquise diamonds as petals and putting a little round in the center. Or you could make an eternity ring with the marquise stones bezel set going all around, and little round in between.

    and I happen to like yellow gold anyway.

    d) It's also a good source for antiques. My pawn shop has a whole case full of little OEC diamonds because people around here haven't realized yet that they are back in style and are still giving away what grandma left them.
    As a matter of fact, I keep hearing that yellow gold is back, too.

  2. Sorry for my ignorance, but what are 'OEC diamonds'?

  3. Could it be 'old European cut' diamonds? I only wear yellow gold, so I should really check out the pawn shops. Now, if I could just find the time. LOL
  4. What a lovely and sparkling ring! You made some really good deals:nuts: Congratulations! Will you also post some action pics of your other goodies?
  5. HOLY and Miss Monica could really do some damage together!!!
  6. I don't have a photo of my bracelet. I did post the necklace somewhere else on this site--I think on a thread where people were showing pendants? I'll try to post another. I'll also try to get a photo of my bracelet.

    I'm arguing with myself right now. I've seen another ring that I really like. Keep telling myself I have enough rings, but I really like this one. It has a large marquise diamond--I know they aren't the most popular shape,but I like them a lot. I'm trying to at least wait until the beginning of the month before putting it on layaway, thinking that if it's gone by then, I wasn't meant to have it. But I really want to go out and put a deposit on it right now and am fighting myself.
  7. Ooooh! This sounds irresistable! Does it add value within your ring collection? If yes, then you could decide to buy one more ring:graucho:
    I feel what your dillema is; if you love rings, you a tendency to buy too much rings. I am a ring-addict myself. I felt better when I sold some if my rings.. I felt free to buy... More rings!!
  8. Will let you know if I succumb.
    I've been pricing out comparable rings and the diamond alone usually more than this ring, which is a thick gold ring with other diamonds. It also has an EGL-USA cert, which appeals to me--usually pawn shop rings are uncerted.

    Its nice to hear that there are other ring addicts, too.

    when I was young, you used to see the big marquise rings on the older wealthy ladies--I know they are out of style now but for some reason a ring like that still says to me, ''arrived". Silly, I know, but there it is.
  9. :nuts:When I was a student, I worked for an exclusive fashion enterprise. The owner had a long pearl necklace and a HUGE marquise ring. She used to wear no other jewelry. For me, that look is pure elegance. I don't think that marquise cuts can be out of style!
  10. LOL. You summed it up.

    The shape of them suits my hand, also, better than many other styles. There's nothing like a marquise for elongating your fingers visually. I find that the square cuts in style for the past 9 or 10 years (princess, asscher) make my fingers look stubby, and also that the curves of a marquise are graceful looking.
  11. I've put the marquise on hold.
  12. :graucho: uh oh... That sounds like a 'future purchase'. How exciting!! How many days can you put it on hold? Hope you can take a few days to return to earth... If you are still longing for it, than go for it! :biggrin:
  13. OH LA LA...Listen to Ms Monica, she knows her stuff!!!
    So excited for you, black jade...personally i LOVE a marquis cut. Very chic!
  14. can't wait to see the pics
  15. LOVE this thread. I need to find me a pawn shop here in rhode island...