Official Hermes Belt Thread

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  1. Never heard of such a thing. Sounds too good to be true.. You might want to call your SM directly.
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    i did it before, years ago. i scratched my H buckle then I brought it in Madison boutique. They gave me a new buckle in exchange of the old one and I paid around $200. but these was like 10 years ago so I'm not sure if they still allow it. Here's also an old thread I found.

  3. I've heard of exchanging buckles a few years ago, maybe 2 years ago. I think it depends on the store and/or the store manager.
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  4. You still can. I was told you can buy the buckle on it’s own
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  5. i was told you can take your old buckle in and they will buff it and re-plate it..ONCE in the lifetime of you owning it (from the boutique you purchased)
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  6. So I bought a 95 cm belt. The first hole is to loose and the second hole is ok but will be tight if I tuck in my shirt. Will Hermès add an extra hole between the first and second hole at the store?
  7. Unlikely. The last time I had mine added additional holes (the belt was too big), they said they would add max of 2 holes each side with equal distance to existing holes. I would never leave a belt with uneven holes but if that's what you really want, it never hurts to ask.
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  8. You might try a good shoemaker, but I would suggest returning the belt or leaving it alone.
  9. Sounds like the strap size is too small for you, why don’t you bring it back and exchange for bigger size? H will add additional holes at the end of the holes but not sure if they are willing to do it in between. My suggestion is to contact your SA and see if they are willing to break the rules for you. Other option is taking it to a cobbler but you are risking of damaging the belt plus not be able to have it “service” at H if needed. Best is to return or exchange. Good luck.
  10. You may want to try exchanging the belt for a size 100. The last hole on the size 100 may be somewhere in between the first and second hole on the size 95.
  11. I am new to Hermes belts and I am very excited I got my first one yesterday! However, I was expecting a black belt and buckle holder in the box. Did Hermes stop giving them? I’d like to have one to keep its shape inside. I ordered the item online but I’m unsure how they’re packaged now:

    (Photo is credited to another online image)
    Mine when I received it:
  12. I’m afraid so. When I started buying belts that’s how they were packaged but not anymore, I’ve bought new ones for my DH from 3 different stores and that’s how they’re packaged now.
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  13. Thank you for letting me know :flowers:
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  14. Thank you for posting pics. I really like the linen pouches. I don’t use the boxes for storing my belts, unless exotic.
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  15. Hi!
    Question to guys and gals who have white belts: please share how you keep your belts looking pristine. I avoid color transfer but it’s starting to look dingy. I was told at Rodeo Dr. that H does not clean belts. TIA