H belt buckle polishing?

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  1. I just scratch my new belt with my cuff links :crybaby:

    Can someone tell me if Hermes can polish out a scratch on the H buckle on the constance belt? When I bought the belt my SA told me that you can't polish the buckle if it get scratch but I thought I read somewhere on here that you can get it polish in Paris.

  2. Well, I really hope so because mine looks like it's been through Hell-fire and back! I can't tell you how many scratches this baby has....I was NOT careful and i should have been... I did read on here that you can bring the buckle in and they'll send it for polishing. I'm thinking I might have to break down and do it, Cxyr.
  3. Thanks shopmom. I thought I read the same thing too. Pls tell me what they say when you bring it in.

    Do you have the shinny H?How did you scratch your belt anyways? I thought I was the only one that manages to scratch up a belt buckle that doesn't usually come in contact with anything.
  4. oh I hope they can polish metals because the clips on my evelyne are beat up after 2 weeks of usage.....(because I carry it with a twilly and the 2 clips always rub into each other)....

    Actually has anyone confirmed if the buckles can be polished?
  5. My SA told me when I bought the Constance belt that when it gets scratched up I can come in and they'll replace it with a new buckle for $80.
  6. One of my first Hermes purchases was an H belt. The first day I wore it with a leather jacket with a zip closure....the zip started right about the level of the H - and I totally scratched it! I was upset at first - but it eventually relaxed me about the fragility of all Hermes items. The only one who can notice the scratches is me, because no one gets close enough to see that kind of detail. The fact is that Hermes items always look good - they are just so perfect that the owners notice every little flaw.
  7. that is exactly how I feel. No one can really see the scratch except for me but it just bugs me. I have scratched my watch and car which cost more than the belt but it just bugs me to see my H items with a flaw:confused1: .

  8. thank you Croissant. I just call H nyc and they told me I can either replace(if they have it in-stock) or send it to paris to replate it for 85.00. I feel much better now.

    Shopmom- I hope you caught this post so you can replace your buckle too.
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