Official Hermes Belt Thread

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  1. I searched and didn't find a thread on Hermes belts. I thought it would be beneficial to post pics of your belts here, esp the H and Constance belts. There are so many colors and variations and it would be nice to see them all.

    Here is mine: Gold and Black reversible with the diamond like silver patter buckle.

  2. I will just blow up a picture of the belt for you.............

    jandoe89 's belt..............

    H belt1.jpg
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  3. here is my small collection of H belts..........




    and a LE H buckle..........

    H belts.jpg new belts.jpg rough garrange belt strap.jpg H buckel.jpg
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  4. nice i love the natural color one. anyone have the bright red?
  5. I do. Swift in vermillion and chamonix in chocolat reversible with Constance buckle in 24mm.

    Thoroughly love this belt.

    Pic quality not so good though.
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  6. nice love the color. is that particular buckle womans only? ive never seen that before on men.
  7. Black/gold togo strap with a gold brushed buckle.

  8. This is mine:

    Black box/Gold Togo and silver buckle.
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  9. Lovely belt
    the colour is yummy.:smile:
  10. Great Idea for a thread , I will try to take some pics of mine
    I hope some vintage owners post there are so many belts
  11. Love my constance belts--one of my favorite H items! I have a black box/chocolate togo strap, a PH brushed buckle and a gold "striped' buckle!
  12. Thanks so much for this thread! I have been wanting an H belt for quite awhile now. I think I may get one soon!
  13. Constance buckle comes in a larger size and with matching belt thickness as well. It is "unisex" depending on how you wear it.
  14. oh ic. does anyone know where i can find a mens constance belt in red and black leather? silver buckle
  15. i love hermes belts.