Official Hermes Belt Thread

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  1. My very small belt collection both are in noir and gold/Rose gold hardware

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  2. Has anyone seen / tried on the royal belt 32mm? I was hoping for a Gamma Belt style, but looks like online there isn’t a 32mm width gamma belt and the Royal Belt looked similar (though more of an H than a horsebit).

    What do y’all think of the style?

  3. I think it looks cool, too 'busy' for my taste but cool.
  4. I have been so happy with my rouge de coeur/mauve sylvestre 24mm with medor buckle that I went back today and bought the other strap that had caught my eye! It's jaune de naples swift / gold epsom. The gold will be a practical neutral and I've been obsessing over jaune de naples since I first saw it as it's a wonderfully bright and cheerful color. So happy to have something in this tone. Can't wait to wear this belt :heart: And as a bonus, the gold side has yellow contrast stitch and vice versa.

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  5. Can I be that super annoying person that ask for your vote on ghw vs rghw on a black Kelly belt?

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  6. Not at all! Rhhw gets my vote. Ghw sometimes looks harsh, depends on outfit. Both are lovely
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  7. What color hardware does your bag have? hahahahaha
    My preference is always rose gold. i just love it...
  8. Thank you for your input, my outfits could really go either way!

    Hahah well my b is RGHW and my C is ghw, my future Kelly is unknown but more likely to be ghw given it’s more available
  9. I’d go classic - black with gold. Would maybe prefer RGHW with a cool-toned belt. More versatile for me personally.
  10. I'm thinking of picking up an adjustable belt with Kelly or Rivale buckle. For those with more experience, is this belt too thin to be worn with jeans for a casual look?

    Also, which one do you prefer between Rivale and Kelly? Tia!!
  11. Hello.... I’ve own the Constance belt in brushed silver forever and last Wednesday I randomly went in and bought another one with shiny Gold hardware. What’s your experience with this? Does it scratch too easily? Should I have gotten brushed Gold Hardware instead? I haven’t worn it so I can take it back to exchange it. Just curious what are your experiences with brushed hardware vs shiny. I definitely want the Gold to really pop.
  12. i have only bag hardware experience with brushed gold but it does scratch more than shiny. scratches are a lot more prominent also. hope this helps
  13. It does help a lot. Thanks! I know everything will be scratches but I was thinking shiny my me worse so that’s why I asked.
  14. My first belt, loved the rose gold and this is the perfect width for light summer dresses

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  15. does hermes still allow you to replace your old H buckle for a new one? i did this before and i only paid around $200. i haven't buying belts for a long time time and i'm not sure if hermes still allows this, thanks.