Official Hermes Belt Thread

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  1. Here is another pic that has the serial number and maybe measurement in CM.

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  2. The 65 is the notional length in cm
    Strap width in mm could be 32
    It's the Constance style buckle
    Worth getting a new strap - you might need a little patience to get the reversible combination you want.
    The onlIne store is a guide to the options available - walk in boutiques have different stock.
    Straps available separately, Buckles are not.

    Obviously your daughter could use any strap that would fit, but it would not be the same and she might feel a fraud.
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  3. p.s. the nominal length is between the single buckle hole and the middle hole of the three at the other end
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  4. If it is an inch, that is the 24mm size, which is still sold. The buckles are not sold separately, but the straps are, so she can buy a new strap.
    It might be best for her to go into a store to try on a belt for the correct length if possible.
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  5. Hi, I'm quite new to TPF and I hope you can help me with my question. I found this official Hermes belt thread and think it should suit my question, however if it doesn't belong here, please let me know and tell me where else I should search :smile:

    I have 2 hermes 32 leather straps and the H constance buckle, however I was wondering if there are alternative buckles from other brands or even etsy that fit the 32 straps. I sometimes find that the H is too flashy and would like to have something more understated. I know there are other buckles from Hermes, which I love, but they are not in my budget right now. Therefore I'm looking for non-replica alternatives.

    Thank you in advance :smile:
  6. Hi, sorry I am new with Hermes and wondering if the CDC belt is still in production or whether it has been discontinued?
    If it has bern discontinued, anyone knows when?
    I fall in love with the belt only to find out it's no where to be found but an alligator CDC belt is still available online hence the question.

  7. I was aware of the CDC belt few months ago. Went to my SA and asked to purchase it. Was told it’s not in production for about a year now :sad:
    They said there may be one or two left over; if so Paris would have it.
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  8. Hey! I’m wondering if there’s anywhere I can source a new belt strap for my buckle. It’s a screw on and just want something with some texture to the leather as this is a bit too smooth and “formal” for my tastes.
    0A03BD29-A91A-409F-808F-CD9B5E20F16A.jpeg 62F11619-857A-4F68-B864-D9BB2BDDAAD3.jpeg
  9. Sorry if this has been asked before but has anyone tried using 24mm strap with 32mm buckle? There aren’t much color or size options in 32 and I do like the rose sakura/etoupe combo which is available in 13mm and 24mm only. Thanks
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  10. Hi! I'm not sure if this is the forum to post in (so sorry in case it isn't) but how do you guys store your belts?? I just got a 24 MM mini Constance and I'm not sure if I should store it rolled up or hanging?
  11. I have stored all of my belts in the box they came in for years when not in use and have not had a problem. I store the Kelly belt in its dust bag.

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  12. Thank you!! :smile:
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  13. Oh no! This is terrible news. I've been trying a get a white CDC belt with GHW. If it's not even in production, then it'll probably remain a dream, as my size is very hard to find and I've had no luck on the secondary market
  14. Take it to Hermes as it is and ask them to replace it with a grained or stamped leather. It will cost you the price of the strap. They should also be able to attach it.
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  15. One of the few items I keep stored curled in their boxes. Obviously, just hang if you're going to wear everyday.
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