Official Hermes Belt Thread

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  1. So what thicker belt did you end up getting for your jeans ?
  2. Generally, with the availability not that difficult, it is not really a good idea buying second hand H belt kits or components, because sellers often want a price so close to buying new that the anxiety of authenticity is not worth it.
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  3. ITA. I have been on a search for this size for two years. H never has the 32mm. The search will continue. Thanks!
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  4. Hi -- I am now officially obsessed with this belt forum thread! I've been looking through many of the posts and I have a question for everyone: how do you store your belts/buckles in your closet and what do you do/how do you store the little orange box?! I've seen several with beautiful drawer/accessory trays & inserts where they keep the dust bag under each belt with the strap rolled up sitting on top, but am also wondering where everyone keeps the little orange box? I've also seen that Elypro Belt Organizer (I bought one but haven't used it yet!) but not sure how to keep the dust bag/box for that solution? Would love to see pics of how everyone takes care of their investment(s)!
  5. No asking for or giving authentication on this thread please, TY
  6. Check the mens belt section of There are quite a few 32mm.
  7. Sharing my newly found love for kelly belts ️‍♀️ IMG_1095.JPG
  8. I hunted close to 1 year for this buckle as my local store doesn't have stock.
    Glad that I finally found it! 20190212_170455.jpg
  9. I bought the exact combination a year ago too. :smile:
  10. Just saw the same color combo in store today, and wondering would it be difficult for man to match?
  11. does anyone know if the 24mm size discontinued? i'm having trouble finding it at
  12. I just got one from my local boutique last month
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  14. Has anyone heard of the women’s belt straps going away (the ones with the straight edge)? My SA said they are shifting to the men’s straps and making them unisex. It makes sense, but I’m curious if anyone else has heard this?
  15. Yes, Carrierae, I heard this from my SA about 18 months ago and it makes sense from a business point of view.
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