Official Hermes Belt Thread

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  1. That’s a very good question .
    For the money I would spend on a tourareg , I could buy a new (or used) fender for a car I’m restoring .
    But then I’d be taking a grinder to that fender and modifying it anyway to fit my car .
    Why spend all this money on a car when any old beater would get me from a-to-b ??
  2. I don’t know yet .
    I sent pics to buy shopping advisor and she replied “the second one) .
    But the 2nd photo I sent her was a feregamo belt ...
    The 2nd Hermès pic was the tourareg which is only in 32mm.
    I’m waiting on a further reply .

    She went to Hermes for me last week to look at belts and was gushing over the tourareg so presume she means that but I’m not too sure as it was her that suggested I look at ferregamo
  3. Can you please measure the hieght of your 32mm buckle please ?
    I like the width of the 42mm belt , but the buckle is huge ...
    Maybe 10mm higher than the belt .
    The difference between 38 and 42 is only 2mm either side (Einstein I am) but the buckle is smaller on the 38mm as well .

    The idea of buying a 2nd belt for use everyday at work was so that i could keep the one that came with the buckle for weekend use etc.
  4. Although the Constance H and the standard H, which I believe has a number I can't remember, are very similar in size, there is something about the Constance style that is more assertive and makes it less look large by comparison.
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  5. I compared the tourareg to a brushed 32 buckle .
    The tourareg is a different shape . Subtle , but different enough to make it seems smaller still

    Btw , she got back to me and she was advising on the tourareg and wants to go with me next weekend to buy it when she’s back in town .
    Unfortunately I told the sales guy I was going back yesterday , so now I may have to risk going to the mall again to explain and find out when he’s working next weekend :sad:
  6. As you own the belt in question , could you say What is the answer then ?
    Did you go as far as getting any quotes for a larger strap , or did you give up on the idea ?
  7. Might be a decent price increase coming. I recommend purchasing items you are sure about asap.
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    Do you think it will come in the next 7 days ?
    I read something on here about increases last week , but didn’t pay much attention....
    Do they normally increase the first of the year ?

    I’m sure I’m buying myself a new belt , I’m also sure I’m not spending 2k in the Hermès store .
    That’s all I’m sure about right now .:biggrin:
    So if I buy the tourareg it will definately be a lone purchase , and if I buy a brushed version or a non-hermes I might buy a card holder as well .
  9. The height on my 32 H buckle is 36 mm (1.45 in); however, it is 34 mm at the back where the belt goes in. Belt itself is 30 mm. For the 42 Constance buckle, it is 45 mm to the belt’s 40mm.
    I also have a ferragamo gancini buckle that can be worn with the 42 but its stud is bigger than the Hermes one, so there is a possibility that it will make the hole bigger in time making the Hermes buckle loose.
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  10. Thanks for that .
    It was hard to judge in the store , but I was thinking the 32 buckle was the same size as a 42mm belt , hence starting to think about altering a bigger strap to fit the smaller buckle without the buckle looking smaller than the strap .
    I’m now wondering on the width of a 38mm leather .....

  11. Bluntly the answer is: This is the wrong line of enquiry. Hermes just does not make the belt that fits all the requirements you have outlined over the past weeks.
    (Scratch/wear resistant; suitable for wear on a construction site and hold up your trousers and support your phone/radio/torch; continue to be smart and unblemished for casual wear over the next ten years)
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  12. I was asking you why you wear a Hermès belt if it is not exactly what you want , and is nothing to do with quality and workmanship ?

    Thanks for the advice again .
    I’m going to follow your earlier advice via pm and buy a belt and wear it at a construction project once or twice and see if If gets scratched .
    If it doesn’t , I might follow up on your idea of getting a wider strap made for it or might go with my original idea of a strap to be used just for work .
    If it does , it will be worn outside work only and I’ll look at buying a different belt for work .
  13. As well as the 32mm there are some times when I want to wear a belt with a wider strap.
    It is not that I am wearing a belt that does not meet my requirements.
  14. So you are not going to get a wider strap made for your Hermès buckle ?
  15. No. It was a passing thought